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We lose ourselves because we are more afraid of losing people around us. Yung ang kailangan lang naman niya ay “sakto lang” pero “sobra” ang ibinigay mo. Ikaw lang naman ang gusto pero pati mundo mo ibinigay mo. Pagmamahal lang naman yung gusto niya pero pati sarili mo ibinigay mo. Kaya nung nawala siya, ubos na ubos ka. Walang kahit anong natira. pero lumalaban ka parin ng palihim.. para lang sa lahat-lahat.

salamat sa iyo!..
stan8286 wrote on KatzSec DevOps's profile.
hi guys greetings and happy to be here

1. Cover each other's weaknesses
2. Celebrate each other's strengths
3. Have no topics that you cannot talk about. No judgment. Openness will open your mind to solutions
4. Consider each other's opinions and contribution
5. Be 100% in. Full commitment
6. Make incremental progress. Seek growth, not perfection
7. Develop a culture of reviewing your relationship; are we doing OK, and where can we improve?
8. Accept correction, be humble
9. Work on yourselves to be the best wife, the best husband
10. Have joint goals
11. Support each other in your individual goals
12. Keep each other as a priority even as you have friends
13. Thank God together. A thankful couple is a powerful couple
14. Don't compete with each other, accommodate each other
15. Bring whatever lessons or opportunities you learn out there into your marriage. Learn together
16. Be patient. Some wins take time
17. When you fall whether as a couple or as individuals, pick each other up
18. Protect what you have built together. It is very easy to lose it fast
19. Control your tempers. A lot of bad choices are made in moments of anger
20. Don't copy other couples. Create your testimonies.

You Feel Lonely in a Crowd​

When you’re surrounded by people, you start to feel disconnected from yourself. Crowds can make it difficult to tune into your inner dialogue, leaving you feeling lonely and stressed. You’re likely to feel like an outcast, even if you know everybody in the room.

When you do decide to socialize, you’re picky about how you do it. Intimacy and deep connections are important to you, and you’re far more willing to spend quality time with a few close friends than hang out with a large group of people.

these is INTROVERT
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