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The Channing Tatum of Toyota: The FJ Cruiser

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Jun 28, 2014
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The Channing Tatum of Toyota: The FJ Cruiser

By Carlo Pamintuan | Wheels of the Week - Thu, Jul 3, 2014


The sheer thrill of driving the Toyota FJ Cruiser is an experienced to be cherished. I just drove it around the village a couple of times. I didn't even go fast. I didn’t use it off-road. I barely s***tched the surface of what the FJ Cruiser is capable of. Yet, for the entire duration of the short joy ride, I had wide smile on my face; that’s the kind of effect that the FJ Cruiser brings.

Getting inside a Toyota FJ Cruiser would bring a smile to any face. Had a long day? Hop on it and drive a couple of rounds around the block. Stressed with work? Take it to a long drive and escape.

When I first hopped inside the driver’s seat of the FJ Cruiser, I imagined that would be the feeling of getting inside a tank. The square and rectangular features give it a retro look but with modern comfort.


If you like bells and whistles on your interior, you might find the FJ Cruiser wanting. It has a basic stereo and no GPS. It has Bluetooth capabilities but not USB. It is however equipped with a rear view camera and parking sensor, which makes parking the wide-bodied vehicle a little less stressful.

Looking past the thirst

Priced at 1,798,000 pesos, getting an FJ Cruiser won’t come cheap. Also, you’ve already probably heard that this big boy is thirsty.

With a 4.0 liter VVT-i V6 engine and a five-speed automatic transmission carrying almost two tons of good-looking metal, there will be drawbacks when it comes to fuel consumption. However, if you’re able to shell out almost 1.8 million for the FJ Cruiser, it should mean you’re also capable of satiating its thirst.

While city driving could only take you to around seven kilometers per liter, highway driving could get it up in the 10 to 11 range. Driving it on the highway on cruise control also gives you better mileage for your gas.

The Channing Tatum of Toyota

The wide body of the FJ Cruiser could make running around the side streets of Metro Manila a problem. However, it’s an absolute joy on the highway. Driving it along the North Luzon Expressway, it’s easy to look past the fact that you’re already going over the speed limit at 100 kilometers per hour does not feel like it because of the FJ Cruiser’s big body. It does have a warning when you hit 120 kph. However, you could simply turn on its cruise control to limit your speed and enjoy driving it without worrying about getting an overspeeding ticket.

The size and the design of the automobile are its main appeals. I drove it through the streets of Angeles City, Pampanga and I could literally see necks ***nking to get a better view. When you’re driving the Channing Tatum of Toyota cars, this is expected because it’s really a looker.

The white top, the round throwback headlights, the gray accents, and the army green all work together for an awesome visual effect. The only minor problem with the exterior is its fuel door. The FJ Cruiser features one that could be opened from outside which might be a little too inviting for people who are hating on you for having a nicer car.


Getting in and out of the car could also prove troublesome for vertically challenged individuals such as myself as it does not have a side step board to help you prop yourself up. Although the reverse-opening rear doors look cool, it means that the driver or the passenger in front needs to unbuckle his or her seatbelt and open the door before those in the backseat could exit.

Although this is a minor issue, it would cost you a bit of time specially when picking up or unloading passengers on the go.

Surprising pricing

What’s interesting about the FJ Cruiser is the pricing. It’s only 33,000 pesos more expensive than the top of the line Fortuner and it’s much cheaper than the RAV4, which retails at 1,963,000 pesos. If you plan to get one for yourself, you better head out to a Toyota dealer now. Last I heard is that these bad boys could make you wait for as long as six months.

Overall, the FJ Cruiser is two tons of pure unadulterated fun.

Toyota FJ Cruiser High Five:

1. Looks
2. Stability
3. Power
4. Handling
5. Rear camera and sensor

Toyota FJ Cruiser Low Five:

1. Fuel consumption
2. Fuel door
3. No navigation
4. No side step board
5. Limited rear visibility

Source: Yahoo! Philippines
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Aug 25, 2023
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Hehe nice it is collector’s item indeed
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