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[TUT] OC your Monitor! Increase to a Resolution higher than your Monitor Supports!



Jul 1, 2014
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[TUT] OC your Monitor! Increase to a Resolution higher than your Monitor Supports!


Force Resolution - Monitor Overclock

Vista and NVidia are very restrictive about EDID and restrict available Monitor Resolutions, While ATI and NVidia have made options available for over-riding available resolution values...Some may find this resets or your real maximum resolution is completely unavailable

My "PnP Monitor" would get reset to 1024x768 every so often and was a pain in the *** to get the NVidia panel to force the proper resolution even though the NVidia control panel recognizes the display and names ir correctly...I found this Overclockers Article about removing two pins to remove EDID transmitted information...

I was shocked to find it does exactly what you want, It will allow you to set any resolution/refreshrate you want!

I dont recommend doing this on your monitor cable encase you permanently destroy your monitor cable!!!!!!

Go out and buy some DVI adapters... there less than $5!!

How to: Set whatever res I want to my monitor? (Disable Edid) - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net

Ok, the idea is if you isolate and remove the wires used for edid you will be able to set any res that your monitor can handle. (Edid: That annoying firmware in your monitor that tells your comp whether or not you can set a res. (To bypass it you usually need to be set manually in control center.))

What the mod does:
When you go to set a res your monitor it will no longer have a say in whether or not it wants to be set to that res...

Example: My monitor can easily do 2048x1536 but according to edid it is only supposed to go as high as 1856x1392.

Its kinda like overclocking your monitor.

Pull pins straight out with needle nose pliers

I am not responsible for any damages, you do this at your own risk.
Works best on vga crts.


Reference: http://www.vistax64.com/overclocking...overclock.html


I have a 15" VGA Monitor, Max @ 1024x768...kinaya nya hanggang 1440x900....


Do this at your OWN RISK!!!!
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