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[tips and tricks] Backup your important data



Jul 1, 2014
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Backup your important data

Does fear of losing your important data haunts you? If yes, you must read and follow this post.
You can take a backup of important documents on a regular basis. This is also helpful in case there is some need of carrying your data from one computer to another.
The windows backup utility is simple to use. Lets see a hands on how to take the backup for your important data.
Step 1. Open My Computer. Right Click on C drive and click properties. Go to tools tab and click Backup now, this will open Backup Utility.
Step 2. Click the Backup tab, set the Backup destination path for Backup file by pressing the Browse button at the left bottom.
Step 3. Select the files and folders which you want to backup.
Step 4. Press button Start Backup.
Step 5. After finish of backup go to the Backup destination path which you select in Step 2. There you can see a backup file "backup.bkf" (without the quote)
You can use this file to extract the backed up data on the same computer or other computer in case of data loss. Store your backup file in some external media and keep it safe. Hope it will give you some peace of mind!
You might be thinking as of how to restore the backup data in case you need it right? Then follow this steps to restore your backup data.
Step 1. Double click on the Backup.bkf file, it will launch the Backup Utility.
Step 2. Select Restore and Manage Media tab.
Step 3. Select the file from which you want to extract the backup. Also select the path at which you want to restore the data.
Step 4. Press Start Restore. It will show a pop-up screen to Confirm restore. Press Ok. This will initiate the restore, wait for it to complete the restore and Press Close when its done.
Thats it! Done! Now simply go to the Restore path you have selected in step 3 and verify that all the backup files are restored correctly. I hope this somehow helped you. You can hit thanks if it did.
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