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Ten-year gap? Billy and Coleen don't care

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Jun 28, 2014
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Ten-year gap? Billy and Coleen don't care

By Karen Valeza | Yahoo Southeast Asia Newsroom - Fri, Jul 11, 2014 12:11 PM PHT


Yahoo Southeast Asia Newsroom - Billy ***wford and Coleen Garcia: Actions speak louder than words/NPPA Images

Age doesn't matter for special friends Coleen Garcia and Billy ***wford, who have a ten-year gap between them.

Coleen, who is turning 22 in September, shared that she and Billy, 32, get along because she has a mature, serious outlook.

Serious and headstrong

“It's something that I had been needing. Things didn't work out before in the past (relationships) because I was very serious and headstrong,” Coleen said at the press conference of the Cinemalaya Film Festival last July 9.

While 21 is still relatively young, Coleen said she matured early and “always wanted to be serious” in life and relationships.

“You know how they say na girls usually mature earlier? I never really got along well with people my age. My friends kasi are usually older than I am, at least the closest ones. I get along well with people who are older than me.”


Coleen said she knows how to take care of herself, even when she was younger. So her parents are not bothered if she seems to be taking relationships too seriously at a young age

“I've been living alone since I was a teenager. I've been supporting myself as a teenager. My parents separated, so at the age of 9, medyo inaalagaan ko na ang sarili ko. My mom is very confident of how I am. I'm very behaved naman.”

The “It’s Showtime” co-hosts are not yet officially together, but they’re “getting there.” Their respective families get along and Coleen’s parents approve of Billy.

Showbiz and love

“That's something that's new. They hang out and it's a relief in a way because we can all be in one room and have a good time.”

Mixing a showbiz career and a relationship can be tough, so Coleen and Billy make sure they balance their time and support each other.

“Sa amin kasi, if we're not comfortable, we let each other know. But at the same time, we adjust to each other but not in the way (that) we get in the way of each other's work.”

In the Cinemalaya entry “#Y,” Coleen shed her sweet image and took on a daring role.

“It's good because I'm stepping out of the box. I want to try different things. It's stepping that out of that image. I'm not changing naman myself, my views, my values, it's just being a different person with my role.”

Supportive Billy

What does Billy think of her daring role?

“He's very supportive naman, as long as it's what I want. Siguro may mga reklamo siya, pero wala siyang magagawa,” she said in jest.

“Y,” directed by Gino Santos, also stars Elmo Magalona, Slater Young, Sophie Albert and Keith Thompson.

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