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Welcome sa bago nating tambayan. I explain ko lang mga features ng tahanan natin. Sabi pa nga ng karamihan. The next generation of mobilarian daw. Pero wala padin tatalo sa mobi. Sa lahat po ng gusto magbigay ng mensahe sa mobilarian na dati nating tahanan. Post lang po kayo sa official mobilarian thread natin Click ka dito.
Sa mga bago naman kindly Introduce Yourself.

Our community is getting bigger and bigger everyday and will continue to grow in the next couple of weeks. That's why we will be looking for the next staff dito sa forum. We have openings for contributor, designer, shoutbox moderator, forum moderator and global moderator. You need to be active and be atleast LIA to apply. P.S. Pwedi po mag apply kahit wala pong experience mag moderate as long you're active then we will guide you. If you are a moderator from another forum, kindly send me a PM.

Para po sa kaalam ng lahat. Wala pong ads yung Lucidire unlike other forums at di po kami nanghihingi ng kahit anong donasyon. Tinayo po itong site na to para meron tayong tambayan. Mananatili pong free from ads and hindi po manghihingi ng donasyon ang lucidire. Let's keep this forum neat and friendly for everyone.

What is grants and how can I earn it?
grants? - eto po ang currency ng lucidire. Hindi po ito totoong pera. Maiipon niyo ang grants kada magpopost kayo ng thread, kada magrereply kayo, kada magbibisita sa site and etc.

You can also join the lottery here

Hide your content to earn faster grants. using this

Please, Log in or Register to view codes content!

Where can i use it?
Saan po magagamit yung grants? - magagamit po ito sa maraming bagay. pwedi ito pang upgrade ng account niyo to a higher rank. pwedi niyo to gamitin para i sticky yung post niyo, i bump or highlight yung thread niyo (useful ito kung meron kayong binebenta sa weboffers), pwedi din bumili ng immunity para di maban at marami pang iba. Makikita niyo complete list sa Lucidire Shop

Ano po pagkakaiba kung mag upgrade?
Main reason bakit nag upgrade is to access the Forbidden section.

Pano makita mga download links?

Just click like in the first post then reply. Once you refresh the page you will see the download link.

Ano po mga features ng lucidire?

1. Meron po tayong live stream. di niyo na kelangan pumunta pa sa twitch, youtube and many other site or kung ano pang site. you can stream all of them live dito sa lucid without logging in to the source site.

2. We have shop where you can buy membership upgrades, social groups, thread highlight, thread bumps, sticky thread, forum, immunity and etc.

3. Vanity profile - where you can customized your profile link like katz.to/securer

4. Spotify in profile - Allow your users to connect their Spotify account and show what they're listening to.

5. Scheduling posting - if you want your thread to be posted in the later day and not right away.

6. Lottery system where everyone can buy a ticket and win grants.

7. Verification badge - where a verified badge will appear on your username and is visible on every post you make.

8. Giphy support - so you can put giphy in your profile or threads.

9. Lucidchatroom - where you can chat, create a private room, upload image, create a password protected chatroom and many more features to mention.

10. Referral content - Where you can refer members and when they post atleast 10 posts then they will be counted as your referral. If the user you referred doesnt have enough post then they will not be credited under you.

11. Question and Answer forum - In this forum people will ask question and you can answer. Once the thread starter choose your answer as the solution. That will give you grants and a recognition and trophy will be awarded if you keep on answering people's questions.

Lucidire's short rules:

1. No SPAM thread of reply. SPAM threads are like reply or like this thread to see content and then there is nothing inside. SPAM reply like 1-3 letters reply, smiley and just quote without message and etc. (you will be banned for couple days for the first offense and if you do it again, you will banned permanently including your IP)
2. No Child porn of any kind.
3. Do not advertise or promote any website without proper consent from the staff. You will be banned permanently right away including your IP.
4. Be friendly,No Scamming other people and no trash talking. Let's make this community as friendly as possible.

Please obey those rules and if you have any suggestion or recommendations. Kindly post them in our suggestion/recommendation section.
Salamat po


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