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What Do YOU Do? How To Ace Your Elevator Pitch and Story?

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Nov 24, 2022
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What Do YOU Do? How To Ace Your Elevator Pitch and Story?
Last updated 02/2023
Duration: 1h 3m | Video: .MP4, 1280x720 30 fps | Audio: AAC, 48 kHz, 2ch | Size: 721 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English[Auto]

Intrigue Your Audience With Your Clear Elevator Pitch​

What you'll learn
Analyze your target customer and market opportunity
Apply the Magic Story Formula to your elevator pitch
Expand your elevator pitch to your overall brand message
Integrate the elevator pitch into our overall marketing
Passion for what you do and a desire to communicate its value
What Do YOU Do? How To Ace Your Elevator Pitch and Story?
This course is about how to grab your audience's attention at hello and intrigue them enough that they ask you to tell them more about you or your business!
Getting them curious to find out more about your startup, business, product offering or idea is the first magical formula for winning their attention.
But how do you do this? How can you tell them something that grabs their attention so well?
The secret is in how fast you can help them visualize your target customer, the customer's pain points and then how you swoop in to save these customers from their difficult situation and make life better for them. And the larger opportunity, the more exciting and potentially rewarding it is going to be for others in similar situations to get to work on it with you and enjoy the benefits of the solutions you provide.
And you do this by telling them a fast and catchy pitch of your solution by using our magic pitch story formula.
This is the same formula I have trained startup founders and innovation teams at Cisco, and Hyundai.
In this course, I show you how.
And we keep it simple!
Your audience will tell you: I understand clearly what you do, for whom and why.
If you're thinking, but Ash I don't really know what it is I do or what to pitch yet! That's absolutely ok,!
The formula you learn here can be used as a vetting tool whether you have selected a promising and rewarding market/business/innovation opportunity or not.
The tension index will help you assess the potential for the idea and the size of the market.
About me
I am Ash Seddeek, a speaker, bestselling author, and executive coach, and your instructor for this course.
Over the past 25 years, I have worked for Fortune 500 companies which were the best environment to fail and succeed and learn from others along the way. These companies include Charles Schwab, Deloitte & Touche, Oracle Corporation, Cisco Systems, BroadVision Corporation, Salesforce, and many others, and ran my 7-figure business providing services to high-tech firms. As an executive coach, I work with leaders on how they can become chief excitement officers, develop inspiring visions for their companies and teams, communicate with impact, and tap into the power of business storytelling to inspire audiences and drive successful business transformations.
In this course, I teach you the magic story formula I used to train startup founders, and innovation teams at Cisco, Hyundai in pitch training sessions, 1/1 and team coaching sessions and design thinking workshops.
The distance between you and success may depend largely on how clear you are on what it is that you do, how you do it, for whom and why. The problem is many of us are still trying to figure this out; after leaving Cisco in 2015, it took me 2-3 years to 'relaunch' my career and articulate exactly what it is I do.
To be honest, it is oftentimes work in progress because market opportunities and end client situations change and your ability to tell your story and deliver an intriguing elevator pitch has to continue to adapt and evolve as well.
Maybe there is a core skill or passion that you use to pivot and adapt to several opportunities and environments, but at the heart of these moves is your ability to articulate your message clearly and help your audience understand why and what it is they need to do to take action and work with you.
The best gifts you'll find in this course are
1) how to get excited about what you do and
2) how to talk to others with this excitement and getting 'others' excited with you as well and seeing them asking to work with you because you've appealed to their top careabouts.
In this course, you will
Analyze your target customer and market opportunity
Apply the Magic Story Formula to your elevator pitch
Action Learning: Bring your elevator pitch together
Action Learning: Infuse your story into your brand, your business culture, sales and marketing
Design a content accordion: Adjust your content based on audience, duration and purpose
Action Learning: Adjust for the audience
Activate your passion and belief in your service offering into your pitch delivery
I encourage you to tap into the activities, worksheets, tools, and action steps available for you in this course to put these powerful game-changer ideas into practice.
Reach out to me as needed.
Just imagine what it would mean to your career and business, when you're able to connect with your audience and get them excited and interested in working with you, supporting your ideas and projects, buying your services, supporting your cause and increasing your impact.
Who is this course for?
Business professionals
Startup founders
Business owners
Marketing professionals
Communications professionals
Finance professionals
Accounting professionals
Management consultants
High-tech sales professionals
High-tech channel professionals
High-tech services professionals
For all those in the 'services' and 'product/offering' sales professions
And most of all for all storytellers
Course Outline
Section 1
- Introduction
- Target customer
- The story behind the tension index
Section 2:
- The magic story formula
- The fastest path to your elevator pitch
Section 3:
Action Learning: Create your elevator pitch
Section 4:
Action Learning:
Expand into your brand story
Section 5:
Adjust your elevator pitch for your audience
Section 6:
Chief excitement officers are not born: How to fire yourself up
Section 7:
Remember one thing
Who this course is for
All levels


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