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Vietnamese Pronunciation : Northern Dialect

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Nov 24, 2022
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Vietnamese Pronunciation : Northern Dialect
Last updated 10/2019
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.93 GB | Duration: 2h 3m

It's all about Northern Dialect - Standardized Vietnamese​

What you'll learn
Understand and be able to produce every Vietnamese sound with a Northern accent
Pronounce every word in Vietnamese based on its spelling
Build foundations for next level
Understand how dialects varies
Practice makes perfect". Because this is a Self-study course, students are encouraged to spend time practicing outside class.
Students have to join every lesson
Taking quizzes in every lesson are required
Pronunciation is one of the biggest obstacles that most learners of Vietnamese encounter. That is why we spent nearly 9 months working on this project to help our learners to have a clear view about Vietnamese pronunciation and apply it while speaking Vietnamese.In this course, you will learn:- 6 tones of Northern accent- 12 Vowels- Diphthongs- 17 Consonants- Rhythm to say sentences naturally The course is life time access. You can learn and review anytime anywhere you want.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Unit 1
Lecture 2 Unit 1: Vowels : i, ê, e
Lecture 3 Unit 1 : Four initial consonants : m, n, b, đ
Lecture 4 Unit 1: Two tones : mid-level tone (dấu ngang) and low-falling tone (dấu huyền)
Lecture 5 Unit 1 Review
Lecture 6 Unit 1 Quiz
Section 3: Unit 2
Lecture 7 Unit 2: Three nuclear vowels: u, o, ô
Lecture 8 Unit 2 : Three initial consonants: ng, nh, /k/
Lecture 9 Unit 2: High-rising tone (dấu sắc) and low-falling-rising tone (dấu hỏi)
Lecture 10 Unit 2: Review
Lecture 11 Unit 2: Quiz
Section 4: Unit 3
Lecture 12 Unit 3: Three nuclear vowels: a, ơ, ư
Lecture 13 Unit 3: Three initial consonants: h, kh, /g/
Lecture 14 Unit 3: low-falling-broken tone (dấu nặng) & high-rising broken tone (dấu ngã)
Lecture 15 Unit 3: Review
Lecture 16 Unit 3: Quiz
Section 5: Unit 4
Lecture 17 Unit 4: Three diphthongs: ia, ưa, ua
Lecture 18 Unit 4: Four initial consonants: ph - v, l -r
Lecture 19 Unit 4 Review
Lecture 20 Unit 4: Quiz
Section 6: Unit 5
Lecture 21 Unit 5: Initial consonant: qu
Lecture 22 Unit 5: Labialization
Lecture 23 Unit 5: Four initial consonants: t - th, ch - tr
Lecture 24 Unit 5: Review
Lecture 25 Unit 5: Quiz
Section 7: Unit 6
Lecture 26 Unit 6: Final semi-vowels: y/i, u/o
Lecture 27 Unit 6: Four initial consonants: d - gi, s - x
Lecture 28 Unit 6: Review
Lecture 29 Unit 6 Quiz
Section 8: Unit 7
Lecture 30 Unit 7: Short vowels: ă, â
Lecture 31 Unit 7: Four final consonants: m, n, ng, nh
Lecture 32 Unit 7 Review
Lecture 33 Unit 7 Quiz
Section 9: Unit 8
Lecture 34 Unit 8: Three diphthongs: iê, ươ, uô
Lecture 35 Unit 8: Four final consonants: p, t, ch, c
Lecture 36 Unit 8 Review
Lecture 37 Unit 8 Quiz
Section 10: Unit 9
Lecture 38 Tone combination Practice
Beginners,Southern learner want to learn Northern dialect


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Jan 17, 2022
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