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Versioning Microservices

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Nov 24, 2022
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Versioning Microservices
Published 3/2023
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Complete guide to build enterprise edition application end to end​

What you'll learn
Learn how to create Microservices using .Net Core
Learn how to stitch multiple technologies together
Learn how to version apis via routing parameter
Learn how to version apis via query string
Learn how to version apis via header
Learn how to support multiple versions of the same api
Learn how to deprecate older version of api
Learn how to configure swagger to support different versions

Basics of C#

Microservices are a design pattern in which applications are composed of independent modules that communicate with each other within well defined boundaries. This makes it easier to develop, test, and deploy isolated parts of your application. If you are coming on this course directly, I suggest follow the Learning path as mentioned below to understand the entire picture.1. Getting Started with Microservices using Clean Architecture2. Securing Microservices using Identity Server 43. Implementing Cross Cutting Concerns 4. Versioning Microservices (Current Course)5. Building Angular Application for MicroServices6. Deploying Microservices to Kubernetes and AKSIn the earlier section, you would have already learnt plethora of technologies while designing Microservices and implementing Identity Server. During that learning journey you must have designed Microservices module using clean architecture. While doing so, You would have also implemented CQRS design pattern in order to implement the clean architecture design. Here, you will learn how to apply all the industry best practices together. This series is designed using .Net Core 6 and Angular 15. Angular is used in the client application. For that there is a separate dedicate course for that. This course is part of Microservices series where in you will learn all minute details related to Microservices. During this learning path, you will learn how to connect the dots using different technologies and tooling. This course "Versioning Microservices" is the fourth edition of the series. In this course you will learn all different types of versioning strategy in depth. At the same time you will understand how to keep clients backward compatible with the support of different versions. In this course, you will be implementing following things:IntroductionIntroductionArchitecture OverviewVersioning StrategyBranching StrategyImplementing API VersioningLet's understand what to changeImplementing Basket Checkout V2 VersionGetting 400 Validation Error with CheckoutCreating V2 Version of Basket ControllerConfigure Swagger OptionsApplying Swagger Default ValuesCustom Swagger Configuration in StartupTesting new version of SwaggerCreating new version of Basket Checkout methodCreating V2 version of Basket Ordering ConsumerConfiguring new Receive EndPoint for Checkout V2Checkout Order Command Fluent Validation FailingFixing Checkout IssueWhat's NextWhat's Next

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Architecture Overview

Lecture 3 Versioning Strategy

Lecture 4 Branching Strategy

Section 2: Implementing API Versioning

Lecture 5 Let's understand what to change

Lecture 6 Implementing Basket Checkout V2 Version

Lecture 7 Getting 400 Validation Error with Checkout

Lecture 8 Creating V2 Version of Basket Controller

Lecture 9 Configure Swagger Options

Lecture 10 Applying Swagger Default Values

Lecture 11 Custom Swagger Configuration in Startup

Lecture 12 Testing new version of Swagger

Lecture 13 Creating new version of Basket Checkout method

Lecture 14 Creating V2 version of Basket Ordering Consumer

Lecture 15 Configuring new Receive EndPoint for Checkout V2

Lecture 16 Checkout Order Command Fluent Validation Failing

Lecture 17 Fixing Checkout Issue

Lecture 18 Implementing Header Api Version Reader

Lecture 19 Implementing other API Versions Strategy

Lecture 20 Combining different API Versioning Strategy

Lecture 21 URL Based Routing

Section 3: What's Next

Lecture 22 What's Next

Beginners, Intermediate or even Advanced level candidates who wanted to refine their Microservices knowledge using .Net core and other tons of different technologies

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Jan 17, 2022
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