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The Natural Medicine And Herbalism Guide For Healthy Living

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Nov 24, 2022
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The Natural Medicine And Herbalism Guide For Healthy Living
Last updated 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.05 GB | Duration: 1h 57m

Natural medicine, Alternative medicine,Complementary medicine, Integrative medicine ,Traditional medicine, Naturopathy​

What you'll learn
Identify and explain the types of natural medicine practices available
Help determine which natural medicine practice is suitable for a client and there circumstances
Learn to create your own herbal solutions
Learn about the different types of herbs
Learn to create body butter
Learn to create medicinal oil
Learn to create a herbal extract
Basic understanding of English.
You will learn about all the different natural alternatives to contemporary medicine which are available for you to use in your life. You will also learn about the origins of some of the forms of natural medicine such as any one of these:Overall Health using: YogaHerbalismReikiMeditation, Healing Crystals AyurvedaPhysical ExerciseHerbalism AromatherapyMassage Therapy Diets and more!I have undertaken university level study on human anatomy, chemistry, high school physics and have had the pleasure of using natural therapies in my day to day life!**This course has quizzes you must undertake after the completion of each module.This course was created to teach people about the different types of natural medicine available as opposed to contemporary medicine. It's important for people to understand the different types because many have been around for a very very long time such as Ayurveda as it was used in Ancient India; Not to mention healing crystals which have also been used in Ancient Egypt to ward of evil spirits! These methods can be used to help you manage certain health conditions. There is also a Herbalism Volume 1 & Volume 2 Video Guides which shows the different types of Plants & herbs and there uses throughout modern and historical times for health improvement which you will be getting for free!This course provides an overview of each of the types of natural medicine available and provides you with a simple guide that you can keep in hand at times when you need it.
Section 1: Roots and Remedies: An Introduction to Herbalism
Lecture 1 Herbalism Introduction
Lecture 2 Properties of Herbs
Lecture 3 Constituents Found in Herbs
Lecture 4 What is a Herbal Poultice?
Lecture 5 Easy Herbal Oils w/ Herbal Blends Reading
Lecture 6 What is a Herbal Salve?
Lecture 7 What is a Herbal Tincture?
Lecture 8 What is a Herbal Capsule?
Lecture 9 Add Herbs to your Bath! The Wonders of Herbal Bath's
Lecture 10 Alternatives to Maple Syrup and Honey? Try "Herbal Syrups"!!
Lecture 11 Picking Herbs/Plants - "Celery Stalks & Leaf"!
Lecture 12 Picking Herbs/Plants - "Sweet Violet"!
Lecture 13 Medicinal Plants & Herbs Guide Volume 1
Lecture 14 Medicinal Plants & Herbs Guide Volume 2
Lecture 15 Make Calendula Medicinal Oil
Lecture 16 Make Body Butter with Essential Oil
Lecture 17 Make Yarrow Herbal Extract with a Long-Shelf Life
Lecture 18 Natural Ingredients for Herbalism & Cosmetic Science
Lecture 19 Herbal Precautions
Lecture 20 Using iNaturalist to find Herbs
Section 2: Body Talk: An Introduction to Human Anatomy
Lecture 21 What are Tissues?
Lecture 22 What are Organs?
Lecture 23 Introduction to the Human Body
Lecture 24 What is Homeostasis?
Lecture 25 How to Heal from Trauma?
Section 3: Food for Thought: An Introduction to Nutritional Therapy
Lecture 26 What is a "Food Pyramid"?
Lecture 27 What are Vitamins?
Lecture 28 What are Minerals?
Lecture 29 Super Foods for SuperHero's!
Lecture 30 Sports Drinks Benefits
Lecture 31 How "STEAMING" your food can improve your quality of life?
Lecture 32 Water (H2O)
Section 4: Uncovering the Benefits of Acupuncture: An Introduction
Lecture 33 Acupuncture Introduction
Lecture 34 Acupuncture Lecture
Section 5: Healing with Sound: An Introduction to Sound Therapy
Lecture 35 Sound Therapy
Section 6: Aromatherapy and Essential Oils
Lecture 36 Essential Oils Introduction
Section 7: Meditation
Lecture 37 Meditation Introduction
Section 8: Exploring the World of Healing Crystals: An Introduction to Crystal Energy
Lecture 38 Crystal Healing
Lecture 39 Types of Healing Crystals
Section 9: Physical Exercise for Health Improvement
Lecture 40 Physical Exercise Introduction
Lecture 41 Understanding Body Mass Index (BMI)
Lecture 42 How "Sitting" affects your Health!
Lecture 43 5 minute Wonders of "Stretching"
Section 10: Discovering Ayurveda: An Introduction to the Ancient Indian System of Health
Lecture 44 Ayurveda Introduction
Section 11: Introduction to Reiki: Healing with Universal Energy
Lecture 45 Reiki
Section 12: Foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Lecture 46 TCM Introduction
Section 13: Yoga
Lecture 47 Yoga Introduction
Section 14: The Art of Touch: An Introduction to Massage Therapy
Lecture 48 Massage Therapy Introduction
Section 15: Homeopathy
Lecture 49 Homeopathy Introduction
Section 16: Course Conclusion
Lecture 50 Thank you!
Section 17: *How to Rate this Course*
Lecture 51 How to leave a review?
Students undertaking studies in alternative forms of medicine,Individuals interested in natural alternatives to medicine as opposed to contemporary medicine.,Teachers in the health field who wish to use this course as a guide or refresher course to there current knowledge base.,Individuals interested in the study of Herbalism, Human Anatomy, Nutritional Therapy,Individuals interested in the study of Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Sound Therapy, Aromatherapy, Healing Crystals,Individuals interested in the study of Yoga, Meditation, Physical Exercise, Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Massage Therapy


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Jan 17, 2022
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