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The Complete Software Testing Bootcamp 2023

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Nov 24, 2022
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The Complete Software Testing Bootcamp 2023
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.29 GB | Duration: 2h 1m

The Complete Software Testing Bootcamp : Zero to Hero in Software Testing​

What you'll learn
Fundamentals of software testing, including testing types, testing levels, and testing techniques.
The software testing process, from planning to test execution and reporting.
Techniques for designing effective test cases and test plans.
How to use testing tools and automation frameworks, such as Selenium and Appium.
How to perform various types of testing, including functional, performance, and security testing

Basic computer skills, including proficiency in using a Windows or Mac operating system.
Familiarity with at least one programming language, such as Java or Python, though this is not mandatory.
A willingness to learn and dedication to completing the course assignments and projects.
Access to a computer with an internet connection to access the course material and complete the assignments.

The Complete Software Testing Bootcamp is an online course designed to teach students how to become proficient in software testing. The course is geared towards individuals with little to no prior knowledge of software testing, and it aims to take students from zero to hero in the field.The course covers a wide range of topics related to software testing, including test planning, test design, test execution, and test reporting. Students will learn how to create effective test cases, how to use various testing techniques such as boundary value analysis and equivalence partitioning, and how to work with different testing tools such as JIRA and Selenium.The course is structured in a way that allows students to learn at their own pace. It is divided into various sections, each of which focuses on a specific topic. Each section includes video lectures, written content, and quizzes to help reinforce learning. Additionally, there are practical exercises that students can complete to apply what they have learned.By the end of the course, students will have a strong understanding of software testing principles and techniques, and they will be able to apply this knowledge to real-world scenarios. They will also have a portfolio of work that demonstrates their testing skills, which they can use to showcase their abilities to potential employers.Overall, The Complete Software Testing Bootcamp is an excellent course for anyone who wants to learn software testing from scratch and become proficient in this field.Course Content1. The Big PictureWhat is software? Why should it be tested?What is Quality? How important is it?What exactly does a software tester do?What makes a good tester?Guidelines for new testers2. IntroductionSoftware Life CycleVarious Life Cycle ModelsSoftware Testing Life CycleWhat is a bug? Why do bugs occur?Bug Life CycleCost of fixing bugsWhen can testing be stopped/reduced?3. Software Testing Levels, Types, Terms, and DefinitionsTesting Levels and TypesTesting TermsMost common software errorsTypes of errors with examples4. The Test Planning ProcessWhat is a Test Strategy? What are its Components?Test Planning - Sample StructureMajor Test Planning Tasks5. Test Case DevelopmentGeneral GuidelinesTest Case - Sample StructureTest Case Design TechniquesWhat is a Use Case?6. Defect TrackingWhat is a defect?What are the defect categories?How is a defect reported?How descriptive should your bug/defect report be?What does the tester do when the defect is fixed?7. Types of Test Reports8. Software Test AutomationApproaches to AutomationChoosing the right toolTop Ten Challenges of Software Test Automation9. Introduction to Software StandardsSix SigmaISO10. Software Testing Certifications11. Facts about Software Engineering

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: The Big Picture

Lecture 2 The Big Picture

Lecture 3 What is software

Lecture 4 What is Quality

Lecture 5 What exactly does a software tester do

Lecture 6 What makes a good tester

Lecture 7 Guidelines for new testers

Lecture 8 Guidelines for new testers -II

Lecture 9 Guidelines for new testers -III

Section 3: Software Life Cycle

Lecture 10 Software Life Cycle

Lecture 11 Various Life Cycle Models

Lecture 12 Software Testing Life Cycle

Lecture 13 Design Phase

Lecture 14 What is Bug

Section 4: Software Testing Levels, Types, Terms and Definitions

Lecture 15 Testing Levels and Types

Lecture 16 Unit Testing tools

Lecture 17 Stress Testing

Lecture 18 Testing Levels and Types

Lecture 19 Testing Terms

Lecture 20 Most common software errors

Section 5: The Test Planning Process

Lecture 21 What is a Test Strategy What are its Components

Lecture 22 Test Planning - Sample Structure

Section 6: Test Case Development

Lecture 23 General Guidelines

Lecture 24 Test Case Design Techniques

Lecture 25 What is a Use Case?

Section 7: Defect Tracking

Lecture 26 What are the defect categories

Lecture 27 How is a defect reported

Section 8: Types of Test Reports

Lecture 28 Test Case Development

Section 9: Software Test Automation

Lecture 29 Software Test Automation

Lecture 30 Partial Automation

Section 10: Introduction to Software Standards

Lecture 31 Capability Maturity Model

Lecture 32 ISO

Section 11: Software Testing Certifications

Lecture 33 Software Testing Certifications

Section 12: Facts about Software Engineering

Lecture 34 Facts about Software Engineering

Lecture 35 Facts about Software Engineering Part-II

Students who are interested in a career in software testing and want to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed.,Software developers who want to expand their knowledge of testing and gain a more well-rounded understanding of the software development lifecycle.,Quality assurance professionals who want to improve their skills and knowledge of software testing.,Anyone who wants to learn new skills and explore a career in the software industry.

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