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Tapping Into Massive Money & Abundance

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Nov 24, 2022
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Tapping Into Massive Money & Abundance
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.45 GB | Duration: 1h 57m

7 days to a MASSIVE Money Breakthrough!​

What you'll learn
How to finally release limiting blocks for good.
Reprogram your subconscious mind to fully receive abundance.
Begin attracting prosperity into every area of your life in a far more effortless way.
Have the tools to process, release and shift limiting beliefs in an instant.
Clear out the obstacles that are preventing you from achieving what you want.
Address, eliminate and rewire the deeply rooted, unconscious limiting beliefs that are preventing you from tapping into your own potential.
There are no prerequisites, this course is highly recommended for ANYONE!
This program is an ABSOLUTE GAME-CHANGER. This course is going to fully reprogram your limiting beliefs and rewire your old money paradigm as we shift into the upgraded new. Using EFT Energy "tapping" we recondition your thought patterns around wealth so that your subconscious mind and your body believes that you are worthy of all the money in the world that you desire. You ARE worthy of all the freedom and abundance that you are so desperately desiring. It is YOUR TIME to claim this reality for yourself now. With this incredibly easy and very affordable course, I'm going to help give you the tools to finally make your wildest dreams a reality! If you are ready to get out of your own way, and remove some of the biggest money blocks, then this course is for you and you're going to want to grab it right away!~Because here's the thing...Big DreamsWe all have them, right? But no matter how hard we hope, or no matter how hard we work, or how long you keep working at it, things just never seem to change like you want them to. Does this sound familiar?Things used to be that way for me too...I grew up in a home with entrepreneurs as parents, successful ones at that. But trust me, it did not mean that things were always easy. There were still tough times with tough budgets, and LONG work hours that never seemed to slow down. My dad was usually gone working before I woke up and getting home just in time for or after I was already in bed. And because a HUGE chunk of our beliefs are formed before the age of 8, this left me with some pretty solid inner child wounding (I'm not worthy of time, love & attention. THATS not good for a relationship with money! Can anyone relate??) On top of that, I'm pretty sure I heard the phrase "In order to be successful you have to work extremely hard, and it's never going to be easy", ONE MILLION TIMES. And truthfully, I believed this for a VERY long time, and I worked myself to the bone just like my parents had because of it. But no matter how much effort I put out, I just felt like my "tires were stuck in the mud" you know what I'm saying? On paper, success was a given. But the time, effort and headache that was being put into this was SOUL SUCKING. And then I thought, there has to be another way....Not long later I began a deep healing journey and began learning many, many healing modalities in order to help myself and others. And one of the incredible tools I came across was EFT Energy "tapping". This teaching has helped me tremendously in all aspects of my life, and I've been able to address & transform all of my money limiting beliefs, completely changing my life! But the thing was that I became aware of how much the collective majority of people are struggling with their own limiting beliefs and poor money stories. And that's when this course was born! If you're ready to completely dissolve the negative patterns and subconscious blocks which are controlling and limiting your money destiny and ability to live the wealthy life you desire, then do not wait another second to start this Masterclass.Maybe you've heard or believe a couple of these:"You must be born into money to be rich".This couldn't be farther than the truth, and this is one of the many beliefs were going to deconstruct!It takes too much work to be rich.This ties into a belief I spoke about above, we'll get rid of this one too!Rich people are bad.I've heard this one a lot, and actually money is just a tool. One you could do A LOT of good with if you had!Stop waiting & decide today is THE day.The life of your wildest dreams and beyond are waiting for you. Because the truth is, if you can dream it, it's literally already available to you. I know that may sound crazy, but if you're ready to make them a reality then this 7 day fully guided course, is exactly where you want to start!
Section 1: Intro & Overview
Lecture 1 Tapping Intro
Lecture 2 Sue Scale
Lecture 3 Order
Lecture 4 The Process
Lecture 5 Heart Opening Meditation
Section 2: Day 1
Lecture 6 Day 1 Lesson
Section 3: Day 2
Lecture 7 Day 2 Lesson
Section 4: Day 3
Lecture 8 Day 3 Lesson
Section 5: Day 4
Lecture 9 Day 4 Lesson
Section 6: Day 5
Lecture 10 Day 5 Lesson
Section 7: Day 6
Lecture 11 Day 6 Lesson
Section 8: Day 7
Lecture 12 Day 7 Lesson
Section 9: What's next?
Lecture 13 Ways To Stay Connected
This course is for anyone who wants to remove limiting money beliefs that are keeping you from attaining wealth and all around abundance!


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Jan 17, 2022
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oaxino salamat sa pag contribute. Next time always upload your files sa
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