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Tantra Touch - Psalm Isadora

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Oct 24, 2022
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Psalm Isadora - Tantra Touch
SIZE: 14 GB​
This course is suitable for you if you're between the age of 18 and 70 years old and if.

A) You're a single - if you're looking to find a meaningful relationship, increase your attraction factor and meet the man or woman of your dreams.
B) You're in a relationship - if you're looking to go beyond the typical boundaries of intimacy & pleasure.
C) You're married - if you feel like you're now in a state where your marriage could use a renewal. This course helps take you back to that honeymoon phase.
For most people, everything we learn about relationships comes from a Hollywood romantic comedy or a teenage romance novel. We cling to the story and throw out the rest.
And so it begins.
We enter relationship after relationship looking for the knight in the shining armor or the princess waiting to be kissed - only to be disappointed by the fact that they don't exist.
And instead of turning out to be magical, relationships become a source of stress - about 40-50% of all marriages in America end in divorce and a good portion of those that are surviving run on very low levels of satisfaction.
But what if there's a better alternative?
What if there's a way to.

Discover immense joy & satisfaction in your relationships.
Experience soul-level connection with your partner.
Enjoy consciousness-altering levels of intimacy on a daily basis.
Have multiple mind-body-energy-merging sexual orgasms at will.
Use your sensuality as a powerful driving force in your life.

All with the help of a 5,000-year-old manuscript of relationships called The Tantra?
Tantra: The Path To Soulful Sexuality
Tantra is a 5,000-year-old practice of love-making that uses various mind-body-energy practices to solidify the connection and intimacy between partners which often leads to intense and enlightening multiple orgasms.
Here's how it is different than our modern model of relationship and intimacy.
While the modern model focuses solely on physical attraction and intimacy, the Tantra model emphasizes psychological and energetic bonding in addition to the physical.
The Tantra model is a way of merging between two souls with no goals to reach, whereas the modern sex and relationships look for an outcome like climax or satisfaction.
Tantra considers the external reality to be a manifestation of your internal and so a tantric relationship is as much a journey to your own soul as it is to the soul of your partner.
More importantly, Tantra's capability is to go beyond everything our past experiences, our society, our culture and our religions have conditioned us to believe sex and relationships are. And just breaking this one particular model of reality can have ripple effects on every other aspect of your life - your finances, career, life purpose, health, family, spirituality, and more.
Our Newest Program, Tantra Touch, Is The Shortest Path To Applying The Principles Of Tantra For Unparalleled Levels Of Intimacy & Ecstasy In Your Love Life
Tantra Touch is a 7-week program for taking your romantic relationship to an entirely different level - a level beyond what you can imagine.
Here are some of the benefits (more on that later) people experience towards the end of this program:

1. They fall in love with their body.
2. Many end up claiming they have some of the best sex in the world.
3. Many feel they're connected, secure and in line with their true worth as a human being.
4. And they report feeling more sexy, confident and unstoppable in life as a result of this.

Here Are Four Things That Make Tantra Touch Unique
1. The Course Integrates Mind, Body & Energy
The primary goal of Tantra is the unconditional merging of two partners. Hence all the practices, techniques and concepts are designed to penetrate all three layers of our consciousness - physical senses, mental models and your energetic blueprint. The result is deep transformation of the self that often spills into every aspect of your life. Meaning, you'll be a different person after this journey.
2. Practical Training & Exercises For The Real World
Tantra Touch is not merely a "how-to" manual. It's an initiation into the world of sensuality and sexual energy. It's a journey to overcome all your blocks and inhibitions about sex and intimacy to ignite the sexual spark for deeper pleasure and ecstasy. You'll not only learn the techniques but you'll actually embody them and imprint them in your subconscious through daily practices and rituals.
3. Amazing Results In 7 Weeks With Or Without A Partner
This program is designed with exercises, tools and methodologies to apply in your life with or without a partner in just 7 weeks. And nope, your partner does not have to participate if he/she is unwilling. By you going through this program, even just by yourself, you will be able to create that spark in your relationship. Or if you're single, your sexual magnetism will attract the right partner.
4. Complete A-Z Training; Nothing Is Held Back
Those who know Psalm's way of teaching will know that she has a no-BS approach to delivering the goods. There's no beating around the bushes or shying away from the obvious. Psalm reveals, step by step, all the Tantra techniques that have been extremely effective for thousands of years. You're getting all the materials that Psalm has shared in countless retreats and live events in the past.


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Jan 17, 2022
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