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Swiftui Ultimate Bootcamp

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Nov 24, 2022
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Swiftui Ultimate Bootcamp
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.13 GB | Duration: 5h 6m

Learn SwiftUI like a Pro​

What you'll learn
Learn SwiftUI
Learn how to create the User Interface Skeleton for Twitter
Learn how to create User Interface Skeleton for BeReal
Learn how to create the User Interface Skeleton for Instagram
Learn how to make a Custom Search Bar UI
Learn everything to do with Text, Images, Padding, Spacing
Learn Alerts, ContextMenu, ConfirmationDialog
Learn everything to do with Buttons
Learn how to create a TabView
Learn everything to do with NavigationView, NavigationLink, Toolbar
Learn Sheets and FullScreenCover
Learn how to make Apps suitable for Dark MODE
Learn how to make Lists, Sections, and Groups
Learn how to make a Scrollview
SF Symbols
Basic understanding of Swift
In this course you will be taught virtually all the fundamentals of SwiftUI needed to construct beautiful user interfaces for IOS applications all over a 5 hour time span. It builds on my last course tremendously. These fundamentals will be utilized to later construct the user interface skeleton clones of Twitter, BeReal, and Instagram. When constructing the interfaces you will learn a lot and see all the skills you have learned truly come together. This course assumes that you have a basic understanding of Swift. There will not be any functionality, just user interfaces, although some times there will be a small usage of Swift. If you do not know Swift, it is also okay, you will learn some fundamentals in this course. The course requires a few things before starting. You must have a Mac or MacBook with Xcode, SF Symbols, and Bakery downloaded. These can all be found on the App Store on your Mac or MacBook and they are all free! In this course we will utilize all of them and you will become extremely familiar with them all. At the end of this course I hope you all have a great understanding of SwiftUI and I hope you guys can go on and create beautiful user interfaces by yourself. Enjoy the course you guys!.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Curriculum
Lecture 2 Texts, Images, Padding, Spacing
Lecture 3 Stacks - Zstack, Vstack, Hstack
Lecture 4 Buttons
Lecture 5 NavigationView, NavigationLink, Toolbar
Lecture 6 Sheets & Full Screen Cover
Section 3: Curriculum 2
Lecture 7 Alert, ContextMenu, ConfirmationDialog
Lecture 8 TabView
Lecture 9 Lists
Lecture 10 Sections & Groups
Lecture 11 Scrollview
Section 4: Twitter UI Skeleton
Lecture 12 Intro/MainTab Set Up
Lecture 13 Post Cell UI
Lecture 14 Feed Views / Floating Button UI
Lecture 15 Feed Filter Button UI
Lecture 16 Finishing Home Page UI
Lecture 17 Profile Page UI
Lecture 18 Custom Search Bar and Search Page UI
Lecture 19 Upload Post View UI
Lecture 20 App Icon and Wrap Up
Section 5: BeReal UI Skeleton
Lecture 21 Intro & NavigationBar UI
Lecture 22 Post Cell UI
Lecture 23 ScrollView UI
Lecture 24 Profile Page UI
Lecture 25 Custom Search Bar UI
Lecture 26 User Cell and Search Page UI
Lecture 27 Current User Post UI
Lecture 28 Comment View UI
Lecture 29 Displaying Profile From Post
Lecture 30 Dark Mode Support
Lecture 31 App Icon and Wrap Up
Section 6: Instagram UI Skelelton
Lecture 32 Introduction & MainTab Set Up
Lecture 33 PostCell View UI
Lecture 34 Feed View UI
Lecture 35 Comments View UI
Lecture 36 Custom Back Button UI
Lecture 37 Notification Cell & Page UI
Lecture 38 Comment Input View UI
Lecture 39 Post Grid View & Profile Filter Button UI
Lecture 40 Creating the Profile Page UI
Lecture 41 Upload Post UI
Lecture 42 Custom Search Bar
Lecture 43 User List View & Finishing Search Page
Lecture 44 App Icon and Course Wrap Up
Beginner level SwiftUI/Swift developers


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Jan 17, 2022
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oaxino salamat sa pag contribute. Next time always upload your files sa
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