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Strategic Goal Setting For New And Existing Businesses

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Alpha and Omega
Oct 3, 2022
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Strategic Goal Setting For New And Existing Businesses
Published 10/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.40 GB | Duration: 2h 30m

Breakthrough Goal setting​

What you'll learn
Understand goal setting
understand vision and mission statement
Develop a comprehensive strategic goal setting document for your company
Free excel document on how to develop your company's strategic goal document
Use the document as a guide for your company's long term, medium term and short term growth
Understand breakthrough goals, current goals, content KPIs and Process KPI for your company's growth
Understand why goals fail to avoid such mistakes
No skill needed except positive and determined mindset
Are you ready to take your business and career to the next level for a sustainable growth? This course will practically teach everything you need to know about setting your business goals from the top level to the lower level capturing all aspect of the business. The final document will be a comprehensive business guide for performance and benchmarking against actual results on ground. The business model for long term, medium term and short time will all be strategized in this goal setting document. This course covers all of the important topics you will learn from top consulting DBA schools & real life practical business contents that will make your business more successful!This course is taught by an experienced scholar and entrepreneur with significant real world experience from Middle East and Africa.The content of the course are based on practical concepts that works based on surveys conducted on why goal and business fail. The content and final document to be generated will solve also organisational behaviour issues which revolves around the agency cost theory at the shareholder, CEO level down to the middle and lower level workers. Customer satisfaction index, revenue generation strategy, expected profit level etc for long term, medium term and the short term with processes of how to achieve them will be taught.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Welcome lecture
Lecture 2 Objectives of the course
Lecture 3 Why your company needs a goal system?
Section 2: Concept: Goal Setting
Lecture 4 What are goals, SMART goals, Example of SMART & Importance
Section 3: Mission and Vision
Lecture 5 Mission of a company
Lecture 6 Vision of a company
Lecture 7 Example of mission and vision statement
Section 4: Goals Vrs Mission
Lecture 8 Understanding Goals Vrs Mission of a company
Section 5: Goal system
Lecture 9 Structure of the goal system
Lecture 10 Resolving the Agency problem
Lecture 11 Understanding the terms
Section 6: Practical: Designing the goal system for your company
Lecture 12 Developing the main vision
Lecture 13 Understanding the CSI, ROA & ROE ratios in the Breakthrough goals
Lecture 14 Developing the breakthrough goals
Lecture 15 Developing the current goals, Q task KPI & process KPI
Section 7: Three Scenario concept
Lecture 16 Developing a three scenario goal setting system
Section 8: SMARTER
Lecture 17 SMARTER
Section 9: Reasons why companies fail to achieve their goals.
Lecture 18 Six reasons why goals fail
Section 10: Final section
Lecture 19 Believe in yourself. Conclusion
Anyone interested in learning about how to set a strategic goal for their business growth and sustainability. Practical concepts that you can use and no common sense business approach


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Jan 17, 2022
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