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Sketchup Free - From Floor Plan To 3D Model

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Nov 24, 2022
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Sketchup Free - From Floor Plan To 3D Model
Published 3/2023
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Language: English | Size: 751.06 MB | Duration: 1h 25m

Kitchen, apartment or tiny house - plan, develop and visualize your ideas in SketchUp!​

What you'll learn
Basic tools for working in SketchUp
Import and scale an existing floor plan
Create a 2D plan in SketchUp
Build a 3D model from a 2D floor plan
Customize the model with objects from the 3D Warehouse
Make your model appealing with colors and textures
Visualize and present your kitchen, apartment or house in an engaging way

Basic knowledge of SketchUp is helpful but not a must!

Would you like to remodel your apartment, redesign your kitchen, or build your dream home? Then this is the course for you: Using SketchUp Free, the web-based and free version of the popular 3D modeling tool, we will recreate a realistic living situation from scratch in just under 1.5 hours.This is not a complete SketchUp course, but a comprehensive exercise to get to know how to work quickly with the simple CAD program on a concrete example, so that you can start your own projects with it. Instead of a lot of theory, we will start immediately with a practical approach and import an existing floor plan as a template (you are also welcome to work with your own floor plan) and bring it to the right scale. On top of that we will build our 2D plan, including furniture, dimensions and labels. We will also work with tags to bring order and clarity to the plan. From the finished 2D plan, we'll move on to building our 3D model. Here we will mainly practice working quickly in SketchUp: How we build different layers in minutes, from the walls to the furniture, and how you can save yourself a lot of work with the pre-built models from the 3D library and customize them as you like. Last but not least, you want the model to look good: You'll learn how to use colors and textures, and different ways to present your model in different styles in an appealing way.This course is for you if you have little or no SketchUp knowledge and want to get some hands-on practice with floor plans and modeling. What are the benefits of SketchUp?No other software allows you to build impressive 3D models so quickly that instantly convey the spatial impact of your project. The advantages of SketchUp:there is a free, web-based versionit's probably the easiest of all CAD programs to useyou are immediately in 3D and see your resultsThere is a huge library of pre-built 3D modelsyou can do a lot with it - nothing you can't design with it!What do you need?Not much! With the following tools you can start 3D modeling right away:a computer mouse with clickable mouse wheel (trackpad works too, but mouse is easier and faster ;)not a must, but handy: a big screenHave fun ;-)

Section 1: Introduction and first steps

Lecture 1 How to get to SketchUp Free

Lecture 2 Setting Up SketchUp

Lecture 3 A Short Introduction to SketchUp

Lecture 4 Bonus: Essential Shortcuts

Section 2: Creating a 2D Floorplan

Lecture 5 Importing a Floor Plan

Lecture 6 Perspective and Shortcuts

Lecture 7 Drawing the Floor Plan

Lecture 8 Import 2D Symbols

Lecture 9 Working with 3D Text

Lecture 10 Drawing 2D Furniture

Lecture 11 Adding Text and Dimensions

Lecture 12 Exporting the Floor Plan

Section 3: Building the 3D Model

Lecture 13 Introduction

Lecture 14 Drawing the Walls

Lecture 15 Building the Kitchen

Lecture 16 Importing more Furniture

Lecture 17 Adding Colors and Textures

Lecture 18 Creating a Technical Drawing

Lecture 19 Using the Section Plane Tool

Lecture 20 Apply a Style and Export Images

Anyone who wants to plan a room, apartment or house starting from the floor plan,Anyone who wants to quickly model and visualize their own four walls or an interior design project in 3D,Anyone who wants to gain first, practical (free) SketchUp experiences on an architectural example

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Jan 17, 2022
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