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Servicenow It Service Management Masterclass

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Nov 24, 2022
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Servicenow It Service Management Masterclass
Published 2/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.52 GB | Duration: 3h 35m

Learn the processes and capabilities of ServiceNow IT Service Management. Pass the ServiceNow ITSM CIS exam.​

What you'll learn
Understand ServiceNow ITSM processes
Learn how to administer the ServiceNow ITSM module
Prepare for the ServiceNow ITSM CIS exam.
Gain hands on experience in ServiceNow ITSM modules
ITIL foundation
ServiceNow CSA
This course will get you up to speed with ServiceNow IT Service Management and will also help you pass the ServiceNow IT Service Management Certified Implementation Specialist exam to obtain this sought after certification.The course includes multiple quizzes, hands on labs and several hours of training videos.The course covers all the requirements for the ServiceNow ITSM CIS exam which includes the following modules:Incident ManagementProblem ManagementChange & Release ManagementKnowledge ManagementService Catalog and Request ManagementConfiguration Management DatabaseAll of the above module are covered in detailed in terms of how it is used and configured. So this course are ideal for users of the systems as well as administrators.The course will guide you through creating your own ServiceNow instance which will be used for hand on labs throughout the course.A practice test is included at the end of the course.This course does not replace the official ServiceNow training course, but is supplementary to the official curriculum.If you want to write the exam, you still need to do the official ServiceNow course and use this course to improve your chances of success.If you are not interested in writing the exam, this course will be very beneficial to get you up to speed in the workplace with ServiceNow ITSM without the need for conducting the official ServiceNow curriculum.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Incident Management
Lecture 2 Introduction to Incident Management
Lecture 3 Understanding the Incident Management process steps.
Lecture 4 Logging an Incident
Lecture 5 Handling and Incident on the backend
Lecture 6 Actions on the Incident form
Lecture 7 Major Incident Management
Lecture 8 Configuring Incident Management
Section 3: Problem Management
Lecture 9 Introduction to Problem Management in ServiceNow
Lecture 10 Create and confirm a Problem
Lecture 11 Root cause analysis and Problem resolution
Lecture 12 Configuring ServiceNow Problem Management
Section 4: Change Management
Lecture 13 Introduction to Change Management
Lecture 14 Change Request State Progression
Lecture 15 Creating a Change Request
Lecture 16 Assess Change Request and submit for approval
Lecture 17 Working with the CAB process
Lecture 18 Working with Change Schedules
Lecture 19 Change Request Templates and Assignment Rules
Lecture 20 Managing Standard Changes
Section 5: Release Management
Lecture 21 Introduction to Release Management
Lecture 22 Starting with Release Management
Lecture 23 Working with Release Management
Section 6: Knowledge Management
Lecture 24 Introduction to ServiceNow Knowledge Management
Lecture 25 Searching the Knowledge Base
Lecture 26 Setup Knowledge Management Part 1
Lecture 27 Setup Knowledge Management Part 2
Lecture 28 Create and Approve a Knowledge Base Article
Lecture 29 Create Knowledge Articles using the MS Word plugin
Lecture 30 More Knowledge Management capabilities you need to be aware of.
Section 7: Service Catalog and Request Management
Lecture 31 Introduction to Service Catalog and Request Managemenet
Lecture 32 Walkthrough of the Service Catalog
Lecture 33 Setup a Service Catalog
Lecture 34 Creating Service Catalog Items and Record Producers
Lecture 35 Configuring Execution Plans and Order Guides
Lecture 36 Managing Service Requests using Agent Workspace
Section 8: Configuration Management Database
Lecture 37 Introduction to ServiceNow's CMDB
Lecture 38 Populating the CMDB
Lecture 39 Working with CMDB Baselines
Lecture 40 Understanding CI Relationships in the CMDB.
Lecture 41 Understanding the CMDB Health Dashboard
Lecture 42 Working with the CMDB Data Manager
ServiceNow platform administrators and developers,Anyone who wants to advance their career by becoming a ServiceNow ITSM certified implementation specialist,Anyone who want to understand the ServiceNow ITSM processes in more detail


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Jan 17, 2022
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oaxino salamat sa pag contribute. Next time always upload your files sa
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