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Self Motivation & Professional Development With 6Qs

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Nov 24, 2022
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Self Motivation & Professional Development With 6Qs
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.73 GB | Duration: 1h 57m

Best learning material on Personal development & Self-motivation.​

What you'll learn
Learn 6 Important Quotients of Ladership to become a good leader
Wolfgang Kohler's Experiments on Apes for Learning & Experience
How to test and Increase your IQ (Intelligence Quotient) Level
How to reduce your demotivators.
Tips to become more self motivated.
Cope up with Staleness syndrome.
How to use Technology for Personal & Professional development
Learn Importance and impact of IOTs on your life
Learn the impact of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning on your personality and business.
How to find your patterns to analyze your slumps.
Learn ways to become a high CXQ performer.
Testify your relationship with people with the help of People Quotient (PQ).
How to fight your inner demons.
How Can You Increase Your Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ).
How to learn from your Learning instincts & Experience.

Not any prior Knowledge, experience or qualifications.
You just need an Internet connection and a device to watch this cource.

What are the key benefits of this course?This self-motivation course may be beneficial for individuals who want to improve their personal and professional lives, such as students, professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, and anyone who wants to achieve their full potential. The course can help individuals become more proactive, confident, focused, resilient, and productive, and to overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that may be holding them back.What will participants learn from this course?The course typically begins with an introduction to the concept of self-motivation and its importance in achieving success. Participants will learn about the different types of motivation, including intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, and how they impact behavior and performance.The course will then delve into the various skills and techniques that can be used to develop and enhance self-motivation. This may include goal-setting strategies, time management techniques, self-discipline, and mindset training.The course may also incorporate content designed to help participants identify their values, strengths, and weaknesses, and develop a personal action plan for achieving their goals.Throughout the course, listeners will have opportunities to apply their newly acquired skills through real-life scenarios. By the end of the course, participants should have a better understanding of their own motivations and how to use them to achieve their personal and professional goals. They should also have a toolbox of strategies and techniques to draw from when faced with challenges or setbacks in their journey towards success.Self-Motivation & Professional development with 6 Quotients: Unlocking the Power WithinSelf-motivation is the driving force behind our actions, decisions, and achievements. It's the inner voice that keeps us going even when we face obstacles, setbacks, and failures. Whether we want to pursue our dreams, achieve our goals, or overcome our fears, self-motivation is the key to success.The following keywords describe the traits of self-motivated individuals:A self-motivated person has a clear vision of what they want to achieve and how they plan to get there. They set realistic, measurable, and specific goals that are aligned with their values, interests, and strengths.A self-motivated person is resilient and persistent. They have a strong desire to succeed, and they are willing to put in the effort, time, and energy required to achieve their goals. They don't give up easily, and they learn from their mistakes.Self motivated people are able to prioritize their tasks, manage their time, and stay focused on their goals. They don't get distracted by distractions, procrastination, or temptations.A self-motivated person has the ability to adapt to change, overcome adversity, and bounce back from setbacks. They have a positive attitude, a growth mindset, and a belief in their ability to learn, improve, and succeed. They have the determination, perseverance, and grit to stay the course and achieve their goals. They have a clear sense of purpose, direction, and priorities. They know what they want, and they stay focused on achieving it.A self-motivated person is dedicated to their goals and values. They are willing to make sacrifices, overcome obstacles, and work hard to achieve what they want having a sense of responsibility, accountability, and integrity. A self-motivated person takes initiative and makes things happen. They don't wait for opportunities to come to them; they create their own opportunities. They are proactive, resourceful, and creative.A self-motivated person has the ability to control impulses, emotions, and behaviors with a strong willpower, and able to delay gratification, resist temptation, and stay on track. Such a person doesn't need external motivation or supervision to get things done. They have an internal drive and passion that fuels their actions. They take responsibility for their own success and take action without being told.This motivation course is going to enhance your personal abilities and professional traits, and you can prove your worth in your organization.

Section 1: Motivational Quotient (MQ)

Lecture 1 What is MQ & Self-motivation

Lecture 2 How to reduce your demotivators?

Lecture 3 Tips to become more self motivated

Lecture 4 How to cope up with Staleness syndrome

Lecture 5 Find your patterns to analyze your slumps

Lecture 6 Some common causes of Slumps

Lecture 7 Grandma's law & Priority scheduling of tasks

Lecture 8 Does your organization identify high Pros

Section 2: People Quotient (PQ)

Lecture 9 What is PQ People quotient & its effect on motivation?

Lecture 10 Testify yourself!

Lecture 11 The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Lecture 12 How to fight your inner demons to increase motivation?

Lecture 13 How to icrease your Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ)

Section 3: Learning Quotient (LQ)

Lecture 14 What is Learning Quotient?

Lecture 15 Personality Building through Experience and Learning

Lecture 16 Business & Darwin's Biological world

Lecture 17 Kohlers experiments of Learning

Lecture 18 What people with higher "Learning Quotient" do?

Section 4: Technology Quotient (TQ)

Lecture 19 What is Technolgy Quotient?

Lecture 20 Why IQ and EQ are Not Enough for personal development?

Lecture 21 Technology trends likely to influence your job in 2023

Lecture 22 Importance of TQ for today's business environment

Lecture 23 Smart offices & improved employee productivity

Lecture 24 Role of Chief Information Officers and AI on businesses

Lecture 25 Future Businesses and Technology Quotient's Role

Lecture 26 Internet Of Things (IOT) & Cloud based Technology

Lecture 27 Wearable technology & Tracking of Daily activities

Lecture 28 Geo-fencing & safety of Business owners' property assets

Lecture 29 Chatbots and Local businesses

Lecture 30 Impact of Machine learning on Leadership Success

Lecture 31 Role of Augmented Reality (AR) on Entertainment business

Lecture 32 How can project managers improve TQ for teams?

Section 5: Experience Quotient (XQ)

Lecture 33 Relation b/w Experience quotient and Operational Leadership

Lecture 34 What's your Customer Experience Quotient

Lecture 35 What defines a high CXQ marketer?

Lecture 36 Understand your client or Customers' decision journey

Lecture 37 Ways to become a high CXQ performer

Section 6: Inteligence Quotient (IQ)

Lecture 38 IQs associated with real-life accomplishments

Lecture 39 A Breakdown of IQ Scores at different levels

Lecture 40 How to increase your IQ level?

Lecture 41 Online tests to test your IQ

The course is for both men/women/others of any age, race, religion, and ethnicity.,This course is for those who want to enhance their skills and learning.,This course is for those who want to fight their inner demons,Students who have psychology as their major subject will find this course helpful and interesting.,This learning material is helpful in developing yourself either professionally or personally.

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