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Restaurant Management Foundation

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Oct 3, 2022
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Restaurant Management Foundation
Last updated 2/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 4.28 GB | Duration: 3h 15m

Building restaurant brand image, Running efficient restaurant kitchen, Setting up food delivery, Reduce labor turnover.​

What you'll learn
Ways to make your restaurant kitchen run more efficient
Ways to build your restaurant brand image
Tips for setting up food delivery for your restaurant
Tips for food waste management in restaurant
How to choose suppliers for your restaurant
Ways to reduce staff turnover in the restaurant
How to maintain consistent restaurant food taste
How to increase business during restaurant slow months
Factors that will affect your menu pricing strategy
How to motivate restaurant employees and increase productivity
How to improve cash flow in your restaurant business
Difference between fast food and restaurant
The most popular restaurant types
No requirements
Restaurant, establishment where refreshments or meals may be procured by the public. The public dining room that ultimately came to be known as the restaurant originated in France, and the french have continued to make major contributions to the restaurant's development.The restaurant industry is experiencing great competition, but operators must ensure that they understand the trends of the market and how thy can position their business to ensure that they stand tall in terms of competition, by providing clients with satisfactory delivery of service and good food. What l have observe in this industry is consistency specifically in the taste of the food, because customers will keep coming to the restaurant because they can easily find what they want, the environment of the restaurant speaks volumes, poor environment is a big demotivate to customers and will prevent customers from coming back to do business again with the company.Most restaurant fail to pay a close attention to the kitchen, but the kitchen can make or break the restaurant reputation, if kitchen staff are incompetent and always delay in food preparation it will put a lot of customers off, so the owners and supervisors of the kitchen must ensure that they employ competent staff who can work under pressure and deliver on time to the admiration of the customer. Managers should also listen to the feedback of their employees so that any challenges can easily be resolve in unison. The image of the restaurant is very important to the growth and development of the organization, serious restaurants should build a professional website to ensure that potential customers can find all information at a go on the site. Managers should ask customers for review as a form of social proof to enhance their image.Choosing good suppliers play a key role in the success of the restaurant business, but you should not forget that quality is a key factor in this business so make sure that your suppliers have the industry reputation for supplying products that are quality, pricing must also be taken into consideration when dealing with suppliers. Waste food management should be down, to avoid that, managers can forecast based on previous information about the average daily sales so that they will not cook more food that cannot be sold.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 The most popular restaurant types
Lecture 3 History of restaurant
Lecture 4 The difference between fast food and restaurant
Section 2: Ways To Make Your restaurant Kitchen Run More Efficiently
Lecture 5 Listen to your employees feed back
Lecture 6 Streamline your menu
Lecture 7 Create an employee manual
Lecture 8 Set up an efficient inventors system
Lecture 9 Do not discount human communication and talent
Lecture 10 Create specific work stations in the kitchen
Lecture 11 Assign daily prep to someone you trust
Lecture 12 Invest in your self
Section 3: Ways To Build Your Restaurant Brand Image
Lecture 13 Focus on employee optimization
Lecture 14 Build a website
Lecture 15 Utilize social media optimization services
Lecture 16 Implement self - optimization strategies
Lecture 17 Ask customers to leave reviews/testimonials
Lecture 18 Keep everything cutting edge
Lecture 19 Invest in online reputation management services
Section 4: Tips For Setting Up Food Delivery For Your Restaurant
Lecture 20 Upgrade your pos system
Lecture 21 Check your kitchen line
Lecture 22 Pick from delivery service options
Lecture 23 Decide who provide transportation
Lecture 24 Package food in branded wrapping
Lecture 25 Design a take out menu
Lecture 26 Don't forget the tips
Section 5: Tips For Food Waste Management In restaurant
Lecture 27 Avoid over buying -stock
Lecture 28 Temperature control
Lecture 29 Pay attention to use -by dates
Lecture 30 Donate leftover to local charity
Lecture 31 Ask if customers want to take leftover home
Lecture 32 If you have a buffet or self- service counter, do not provide tray's
Section 6: How To Choose Suppliers For Your Restaurant
Lecture 33 Quality
Lecture 34 Assortment
Lecture 35 Price
Lecture 36 Sensorial aspect
Lecture 37 Packaging
Lecture 38 Origin
Lecture 39 Logistics
Lecture 40 Finance
Section 7: Ways To Reduce Staff Turnover In The Restaurant Industry
Lecture 41 Introduction
Lecture 42 Consider future - proofing with a higher waye
Lecture 43 Create a positive work place culture
Lecture 44 Check - in with your employees
Lecture 45 Refine your hiring strategy
Lecture 46 Try to source internally
Lecture 47 Conduct exits interview
Section 8: How To Maintain Consistent Restaurant Food Taste
Lecture 48 Ace the testing ground
Lecture 49 Standardization of the recipes and maintaining the records
Lecture 50 Regular training
Section 9: How To Increase Business During Restaurant Slow Months
Lecture 51 Hidley-Ho neighborino
Lecture 52 Local loyalty program
Lecture 53 Trim the fat
Lecture 54 Online goliath
Lecture 55 Dust off your party hats
Section 10: Factors That Will Affect Your Menu Pricing Strategy
Lecture 56 Cost
Lecture 57 Appealing to your customers
Lecture 58 Market fluctuations
Lecture 59 Customization
Lecture 60 Get insight into your profits from your EPOS
Section 11: How To Motivate Restaurant Employees And Increase Productivity
Lecture 61 Train your restaurant staff
Lecture 62 Ensure good working condition
Lecture 63 Have fixed shifts and overtime policy
Lecture 64 Incentive program
Lecture 65 Set clear, defined goals
Section 12: How To Improve Cash Flow In Your Restaurant Business
Lecture 66 Stay on top of book keeping
Lecture 67 Organize changes in payroll
Lecture 68 Make frequent and informal labor decision
restaurant owners, restaurant managers, employees, customers, suppliers, restaurant associations, hotels, motels, guesthouse, event planners, food agencies, CEO, directors, consultants, supervisors, vendors, everybody etc.


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