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Questions About Ethics In Carding

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Aug 20, 2014
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Disclaimer : I dont know if Im on the right section. If not, please move accordingly. Many thanks.

Question About Ethics

First off, this is a carding forum. Hindi ko na naman siguro kailangan pang idefine kung ano ang carding. By the fact the youre here, reading this post, you probably know what this is about. Although mainly, carding ang subject na tinatackle ng karamihan dito, we encompass a lot of subjects. Some, youll commonly find in a lot of forums, while most are trivial things.

This post is my personal opinion. It doesnt, in any way, represent the views of any of the moderators, staff, LIA members, or any other members of the site. Tis mine, and mine alone.

I stumbled upon a lot of newbies na nagsasabing masama ang ginagawa namin, na kesyo ganito, ganyan. Let me just state one obvious thing. The subject of whether something is good or bad is very subjective. Mainly, this is brought by culture, society, government, race, and a lot of other factors. For one, ang pagpatay pag may nagawa kang mabigat na kasalanan, commonly referred to as death penalty, ay taboo sa maraming mga bansa. Pero normal ito sa iba. Another thing we can look at is the legality of abortion and its ethical equivalent. Dahil tayong mga Pinoy eh likas na makapamilya, bawal ito satin. But I can cite a lot of other countries that view abortion as a part of a larger moral norm wherein kapag hindi kayang buhayin ng mga magulang ang batang nasa tiyan ng nanay, its just right to abort the baby.

Now, this is not a topic of worldly differences, nor am I saying that one view is better than the other. Im citing these examples to point out a few vital things na dapat mong isipin bago ka makihalubilo sa mga tao sa forum na ito.

1.) Carding is stealing. We steal other peoples money from their accounts.
- Yes, that is very much accurate. Lahat ng tao dito iniiwasan ang taboo topic na ito dahil may kurot. But again, reality, my friend, is subjective. Ang masama para sa isa ay pwedeng okay lang para sa iba. Again, this is my view. I think that the world works in a used-or-be-used manner. Its either lalamangan ka or ikaw ang malalamangan at kung Pinoy ka, alam mo ang sinasabi ko, given the level of corruption our country has. Im definitely a carder and you can label me as a thief. But are you any better? Can you face me and tell me na sa buong buhay mo, kahit minsan, hindi ka nagnakaw? If you knew about this stuff and you know how this works, are you confident enough na sabihin sa akin na hindi mo to gagawin?

2.) Carding is a crime and it is punishable by law.
- Indeed, this is credit card fraud were talking about. I dont want to go deep about laws and such dahil wala naman talaga akong pakialam sa batas. My point is, carding, as much as jaywalking, is a crime. Although both are different in nature, but both share the same description -- CRIME. So again, are you any better than me? Kapag umihi ka sa pader ng kapitbahay mo, I think, its very much like carding. Alam mong mali, pero ginagawa mo. Magkaiba man ng motibo, parehas lang na mali. This also serves as a reminder for all fellow carders out there that if this is a crime and it is punishable, and still, you began doing this, then your safety is your own concern. The community can only help you up to a certain extent. Outside that, youre all by yourself.

Wala lang. Naisip ko lang isulat to for all those na nagtatanong sa sarili nila. The best advice I can offer, if you feel guilty in using other peoples information for your own advantage, then walk away. This is not for you. Maggantsilyo ka na lang sa bahay nyo. But if youre like me, and a lot other people, who feels thrill and adrenaline rush in doing this, then youre probably one of us.

Lucidians are "TAKERS". We "TAKE" for a living. We feel joy in taking. It is what fuels us.

For those who will stay and live the life, youre in for one hell of a ride.

My 2 cents. Much respect.
~Harpocrates/Dildocrates(gaga ka kasi baklang rain ka eh)
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Jun 22, 2014
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