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Nail The Product Management Case Interview

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Nov 24, 2022
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Nail The Product Management Case Interview
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 771.80 MB | Duration: 1h 32m

Build a product case study that will actually get you hired at software startups​

What you'll learn
Understand what startups are looking for in product hires
Examine the typical assignments given during startup product interviews
Learn 3 product frameworks to help structure your case assignment
Defend your case study with frameworks for making product decisions
Check out 3 successful PM case presentations
Build your own case study utilizing a product framework and product decision frameworks
Pre-existing knowledge about what the Product Management role entails
Landing a startup product job is hard. Nailing the case study can get you there.You'll learn how to structure your case assignments, watch a few successful product case studies and create your own case study showcasing your process, communication and defense. You can use it as a template for all product interviews moving forward, increasing your chances of getting hired as a PM at a startup.What you'll get out of the course:Understand what startups are looking for in product hires: Startups are looking to get clarity on your process, communication, and how you defend your case.Examine the typical assignments given during startup product interviews: The prompts for product assignments fall into only a handful of possibilities. They will let you choose a product of your own or give you a specific product or they might ask about a product you've already worked on. They want to see how you analyze the existing product and how you would improve it. Watch successful case presentations: You will see me present 3 case presentations that were successful in landing me the job that fall into the 3 types of product assignments that are typically given out. Build a case study utilizing a product framework: You'll learn how to use product frameworks to create a presentation for a common product case study given as a take-home assignment. Defend your case study with frameworks for making product decisions: You will learn frameworks for prioritization, market segmentation, validation, and measuring success. What people are saying:This course is excellent. Marwa provided the necessary structure & frameworks to effectively form, communicate and defend product decisions. They were easy to learn and put into practice with our case assignment. I recommend this course to every current or aspiring product manager who has not already consistently nailed interview case assignments. - Eugene L.Marwa has provided immense support and a strategic approach in helping me navigate Product Management interview assignments. Without doubt, she has a clear and laser-focused understanding of what start-ups are looking for in Product Managers. I would 110% suggest Marwa's course and can assure you that her guidance is very much on-point. - Mitali GuptaIt was an amazing course loaded with very useful information, tips, and tricks. I loved the way Marwa conducted the course. She shared every detail she could from her experience & expertise. The topic was made very simple and supported with a lot of live examples. I would highly recommend this course to anyone planning to prepare for PM interviews. - AnonymousInterviewing for the first time in over a decade and transitioning back to being a PM after almost 7 years being a founder, I was feeling overwhelmed and lost on how to get back into interviewing. Marwa was incredibly helpful in providing clear frameworks on how to tackle the case interview. - Amal A.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Case studies: What they look like and what companies are looking for
Lecture 2 What case assignments look like
Lecture 3 What case assignments are looking for
Lecture 4 What format to submit
Section 3: Product frameworks
Lecture 5 What is a product framework
Lecture 6 Double diamond framework
Lecture 7 CIRCLES method
Lecture 8 Jobs to be done framework
Lecture 9 Additional resources for frameworks and interviewing
Section 4: Defending your case assignment
Lecture 10 What decisions require defending
Lecture 11 Defending your problem, persona, market focus
Lecture 12 Defending your solution with prioritization models
Lecture 13 Measure success with AARRR model
Lecture 14 Additional resources for product decision frameworks
Section 5: Sample case presentations
Lecture 15 Case 1: Product of my choice
Lecture 16 Case 2: Product of their choice
Lecture 17 Case 3: Product I've worked on in the past
Lecture 18 Summary of the case presentations
Section 6: Put it into practice
Lecture 19 Summary and your case assignment
You've been a PM at the same company for a long time and haven't interviewed in a while, feeling overwhelmed on how to approach it,You're looking to become a PM for the first time and don't know what is expected of you in take-home case assignments,You're a founder transitioning to an official product role for the first time and don't know how to structure your interviews effectively,You've spent days on a product case study assignment only to find out you haven't moved to the next round and don't know why


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Jan 17, 2022
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oaxino salamat sa pag contribute. Next time always upload your files sa
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