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Medical Terminology And Medical Abbreviations

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Nov 24, 2022
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Medical Terminology And Medical Abbreviations
Last updated 2/2023
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Language: English | Size: 1.12 GB | Duration: 2h 18m

Enhance your career in the Healthcare Ecosystem. Learn Medical Terminologies, Medical compounded words and Human systems​

What you'll learn
In this course student will be able to learn Medical terminologies and abbreviations and also know the names of important hospital and surgical equipment.
Medical Terminology


I am Dr. Humaira Kay, I am a registered medical practitioner in the United Kingdom. I have put my best effort to formulate this course for you. It will definitely help you to improve your knowledge of medical terminologies in the shortest possible time.You will be awarded a certificate on completion of this course. This certificate will help in improving your CV and your future job prospects. Salient Features:This course is :Focussed Short Robust Not BoringTo The Point Less Time ConsumingWhat Makes This Course Different From Other Courses:First of all, in this course, I have discussed the basics of medical terminology. Then using a systematic approach I have covered all the important terminologies of each and every system. I have also added names of important hospital equipment and names of important surgical instruments. Then there is a chapter added describing the names of important drugs and a separate chapter is provided describing the names of important microbes. Midwives will find a chapter on Obstetrics very useful. My experience of working in Obstetrics will help you a lot in understanding these terms. I have tried to teach various terminologies with the help of drawing various pictures. There are also some common trade names of different medicines that have been added. You also see a short chapter on Common bacteria and Viruses and some most common abbreviations that are used in NHS Hospitals. To make it interesting and keep you focussed I have added some cartoon videos wherever possible. You will definitely laugh and learn at the same time.I have also emphasized techniques to learn terminologies while on the go.Just click on the link to enroll. I wish you good health.Jobs Which You Can Apply After Completion of this Course: Medical Transcriptionist and Typist: If your typing speed is good then you can definitely apply for this job. This job can be in hospitals or in specific companies that pay you per hour rate for typing. It's excellent for medical students and for nursing students as a part-time job. Carers In Care Homes: In addition to your diploma in healthcare this little course can improve your chances of securing your job. Medical Secretary Jobs: After getting a basic knowledge of medical terms You can apply for this job provided your typing speed, your personality, and your organization skills are good. Medical Article Editors:You can apply for this job after this course.By taking this course, you'll gain a strong foundation in medical terminology that will help you communicate more effectively with colleagues and patients. Improve your medical vocabulary and make your work in the healthcare field more efficient. Enroll now and take the first step toward advancing your career!Who this course is for:Medical studentsPatientsCaregiversDoctorsMedical traineesThose nurses and doctors who are joining after a big professional gapNursesPhysical therapistsOccupational therapistsPhysician assistantsDentistsChiropractorsMedical writers, editors, and copyeditorsMedical receptionistsMedical transcription or transcriptionist Medical assistantMedical coding and billingMedical SecretaryMedical directorsMidwives#medical terminology course

Section 1: Medical Prefixes and Suffixes

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Medical Prefixes

Lecture 3 Medical Suffixes

Section 2: Introduction to Medical Terminology

Lecture 4 Chapter 1:- Digestive System

Lecture 5 Chapter 2.1:- Urinary System

Lecture 6 Chapter 2.2:-Urinary System

Lecture 7 Chapter 3:- Cardiovascular System

Lecture 8 Chapter 4:- Endocrinology System

Lecture 9 Chapter 5:- Respiratory System

Lecture 10 Chapter 6:- Reproductive System

Lecture 11 Cartoon Movie About Gynaecology Terms

Lecture 12 Chapter 7:- Dermatology

Lecture 13 Common Dermatological Conditions With Pictures

Lecture 14 Chapter 8:- Important Eye Condition

Lecture 15 Chapter 9:- Neurology

Lecture 16 Chapter 10:- Psychiatry Important Terminologies

Lecture 17 Chapter 11.1 :- Main Muscles of Human Body

Lecture 18 Chapter 11.2:- Important Bones of Human Body

Lecture 19 A Cartoon Video About Bones

Lecture 20 Important Joints Movie

Lecture 21 Chapter 12.1:- Important Hospital equipment names

Lecture 22 Chapter 12.2:- Important Hospital Equipment Names part 2

Lecture 23 Chapter 13:- Important Terminologies Of Obstetrics

Lecture 24 Medical Abbreviation part 1

Lecture 25 Medical Abbreviation part 2

Lecture 26 Bonus Video 1:- Important NHS Abbreviations

Lecture 27 Bonus Video 2:- Name of Important Drugs

Lecture 28 Important Brands Of Commonly Used Medicines

Lecture 29 Bonus Video 3:- Important Micro-organisms

Lecture 30 Important Terms Of Radiology

Lecture 31 Cartoon Movie About Allergy

Lecture 32 Common Drug Names

Section 3: Crazy Dr Walter And Anna

Lecture 33 In Love With Syndromes

Lecture 34 What Is Sildenafil? Crazy Dr Walter Series

Lecture 35 Pelvic Floor Muscles Levator Ani And Pubococygeus

Lecture 36 Few Medical Abbreviations With Dr Walter

Section 4: Quiz

Medical Students, Patients, Caregivers, Doctors, Medical trainees, Those nurses and doctors who are joining after a big professional gap Nurses, Physical therapist, Physician assistants, Dentists, Chiropractors, Medical writers ,editors and copyeditors, Medical receptionists, Medical transcription or transcriptionist, Medical assistant, Medical coding and billing, Medical secretary, Medical directors, Midwives

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