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Mastering Adfs (Active Directory Federation Services)

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Nov 24, 2022
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Mastering Adfs (Active Directory Federation Services)
Published 3/2023
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Language: English | Size: 735.16 MB | Duration: 1h 38m

Learn Microsoft ADFS from scratch including Benefits, Best Practices, Claims, Tokens, Protocols, Backup & much more​

What you'll learn
What is ADFS & its benefits
How To Deploy complete Identity Federation Infra including Active Directory, ADFS, WAP
Understanding Claims & Tokens in detail
What are Relying Party Trust & Why do we need them
What are Claims Provider Trust
How To Get Free Publicly Trusted Certificates for Our Testing Labs
How To Get Free Virtual Machines for Deploying our Testing Lab for ADFS Infra
How to Generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request) in The easiest way
How to establish federation relationship with Microsoft 365
How to use Fidler for Troubleshooting ADFS deployment
How to use Microsoft provided Tools like X-Ray

None! We start from scratch!
Will and Interest to Learn new Skill
Not necessary but better if you have Computer to practice Labs about ADFS

If you want to Master Microsoft ADFS from scratch and understand Federated Identity Management, then this course is for you.In this comprehensive course, you'll learn how to set up and configure ADFS, from the basics of authentication and authorization to more advanced topics like Claims, Tokens, SAML, OAuth, OIDC, WS-Trust, ADFS Best Practices, Backup, Restore, Certificates, Relying Party Trusts, Claims provider Trust, Federation Metadata, Capturing ADFS traffic & issued Tokens using Fiddler for troubleshooting purposes, Using Microsoft Tool claims X-Ray for troubleshooting, ADFS Endpoints, Establishing federation relationship with Microsoft 365 Services & much more.You'll see live Implementation of ADFS Infra in a lab environment, so you'll be fully prepared & confident to implement it in your own organization.The most Important, If you want to perform labs along with me but you don't have sufficient resources & infra, Don't worry. I will tell you about -How to get Free VMs for Lab to implement Active Directory, ADFS Farm & Web Application ProxyHow to Get Free Public IPs to create A record on Public DNS to access you Lab ADFS environment from InternetHow to get a Free Publicly trusted certificate for performing our LabsToday, more than 90% of the organizations use Federated or Claim Based Identity Model to secure their network & provide a better user experience when accessing any internal or external applications.Microsoft ADFS is a powerful & Trusted option for securing your organization's data and resources. With ADFS, you can -Improve User Experience in so many waySecure your network by limiting Network Exposure to Public Network*******************************************In this Course we start from scratch, So absolute Beginners are also most welcome !!*******************************************COURSE OVERVIEWIn this course, you get a detailed learning about Microsoft ADFS, that includes (but not limited to) -Getting Started with ADFSUnderstanding Limitations of Traditional Way of AuthenticationWhat is ADFSBenefits of Using ADFSWhat is Claim based Identity Model & basic terminologies related to itPreparing to Deploy ADFS InfrastructureOverview of ADFS workingChoosing the right AD FS farm deployment TypePrerequisites for ADFS InstallationUsing easy way for creating CSR (Certificate Signing Request)Getting publicly Trusted Certificate for FreeDeploying ADFS InfrastructureUnderstanding Our ADFS Infra on DiagramInstalling Active Directory from scratchInstalling First Node in Our ADFS FarmTesting Successful Installation using Inbuilt tools like IDPInitiatedSignOnPageValidating functionality of ADFS Server using Microsoft's X-Ray ToolPre-Requisites for Installing Web Application Proxy (WAP)Installing Web Application Proxy (WAP)Understanding ADFS Components & TerminologiesFederation ProtocolsUnderstanding Claims & TokenActive Directory Kerberos Ticket Vs ADFS TokensRelying Party TrustCertificatesClaim Provider TrustADFS EndpointsUnderstanding Federation MetadataEstablishing Federation with Microsoft 365 ServicesOverview of federation between ADFS & Microsoft 365 ServicesAdding Custom Domain to Azure Active DirectoryInstalling Azure AD Connect Cloud SyncSyncing User Objects from On-prem To Azure ADInstalling Azure AD PowerShell ModuleConverting Managed Domain to Federated Domain & Establishing Federation Relationship between On-prem & Azure ADTesting the Federation between Azure AD & On-prem Organization*******************************************By the end of this course -You'll have a deep understanding about Microsoft ADFS and how it can benefit your organization along with your personnel career growth. You'll be able to confidently set up and manage ADFS, and you'll have the skills to secure your organization's data and resources like never before. So why wait? Sign up for this Microsoft ADFS course today and take your organization's security & your career to the next level!*******************************************Don't wait for others to encourage you to learn this Skill.Try to identify the need and demand of Today's time, and Grab this opportunity to Learn this most demanded Skill to match pace with Trending Time and Technologies.I am sure, As soon as you complete this course, You will be very efficient in Microsoft ADFS.All the best :)

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Understanding Limitations of Traditional Way of Authentication

Section 2: Getting Started with ADFS

Lecture 2 What is ADFS & Benefits of Using ADFS

Section 3: Preparing to Deploy ADFS Infrastructure

Lecture 3 Overview of ADFS working

Lecture 4 Creating CSR (Certificate Signing Request) in a very easy & Simple way

Lecture 5 Getting publicly Trusted Certificate for Free

Section 4: Deploying ADFS Infrastructure

Lecture 6 Installing Active Directory from scratch

Lecture 7 Installing First Node in Our ADFS Farm

Lecture 8 Testing Successful Installation using Inbuilt tools

Lecture 9 Installing Web Application Proxy (WAP)

Section 5: Establishing Federation with Microsoft 365 Services

Lecture 10 Understanding The federation flow between ADFS & Microsoft 365 Services

Lecture 11 Adding Custom Domain to Azure Active Directory

Lecture 12 Installing Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync Agent

Lecture 13 Syncing User Objects from On-prem To Azure AD

Lecture 14 Installing Azure AD PowerShell Module

Lecture 15 Establishing & Testing Federation Relationship between On-Prem & Azure AD

Techies who want to learn ADFS (Active Directory Federation),Techies who want to understand Federated Identity Management,IT People who want understand ADFS in a very detailed & practical way

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Jan 17, 2022
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