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Lock Out And Tag Out Safety

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Nov 24, 2022
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Lock Out And Tag Out Safety
Published 4/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 375.73 MB | Duration: 0h 40m

Introduction of Lock out and tag out, steps in achieving safe lock & tag out, sequence of isolation, practical methods​

What you'll learn
The definition and the purpose of lock out & tag out (LOTO) in any process industries
The steps and methods of achieving safety from the system to be worked on
The sequence of isolation and normalization of equipment in process industires
Practical means for achieving safety from the system to be worked on
Roles and responsibilities of the personnel involved in LOTO
General rules to be followed in achieving safety from the system
Safe removal of locks and tags after the work is completed
Basic industrial knowledge, in relation to energy sources in process industry
Basic knowledge on industrial safety
Preferably some technical knowledge on process industries
Chapter-1 gives an introduction of the session on lock and tag out. In chapter-2, I have explained where exactly the lockout and tag out falls in the hierarchy of safety controls. Also I explained about the purpose of lock and tag out.Chapter-3 describes about the definition of lock and tag out, sequence of achieving lock and tag out, some of the hazards that are prevailing in industries.In chapter-4, the contents of an isolation tag, release of residual stored energy and typical risks due to a hazard are explained.Chapter-5 elaborates about the energy isolation process.Chapter-6 talks about the importance of sequence of isolation and normalisation and few sequence of isolation commonly followed in industriesChapter-7 illustrates about some more sequence of isolation used in industries.Chapter-8, explains about sequence of normalization, ways to confirm zero energy importance of verification of isolation, procedure for test and re- commissioning.In Chapter-9 , the practical ways and means of achieving safety from pipelines electrical isolation and procedures for bypassing safety systems are explainedIn chapter-10, some of the positive isolation devices that are used , where there is no provision of lock is there. In chapter-11, the personnel involved in lock and tag out procedures are defined with their roles and responsibilities.In chapter-12, steps involved in Energy isolation are mentioned. Also the chapter explains how to confirm safe isolation. Why lock out/ tag out fails is also mentioned.In chapter-13, some of the general rules in lock out and tag out are elaborated.Chapter-14 discusses safe removal of lockout, restoration of energy and conditions for special removal.Chapter-15 summarises the lessons learned from all sessions and adds a conclusion.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction on Lock out and tag out
Lecture 2 Lock and tag out and Hierarchy of controls
Lecture 3 Definition and Sequence of Lock & tag out
Lecture 4 Release of stored energy and contents of isolation tag
Lecture 5 Process of energy isolation
Lecture 6 Sequence of isolation and normalization procedure
Lecture 7 More on sequence of isolation
Lecture 8 Sequence of Normalization and confirming Zero energy
Lecture 9 Practical ways for achieving safe isolation
Lecture 10 Positive isolation devices- Illustration
Lecture 11 Roles and responsibilities of key personnel in LOTO
Lecture 12 Steps involved in achieving safe isolation and ways to confirm safe isolation
Lecture 13 General rules commonly adopted in LOTO process
Lecture 14 Safe removal of Lock & tags and restoration of energy
Lecture 15 Summary and conclusion of the LOTO lessons
This LOTO course can help for both beginners and also at intermediate levels as a fresher or refresher course on LOTO


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Jan 17, 2022
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