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Lithuanian Course For Complete Beginners: Learn The Basics!

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Oct 3, 2022
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Lithuanian Course For Complete Beginners: Learn The Basics!
Last updated 9/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 552.17 MB | Duration: 1h 47m

Start speaking real, grammatically correct Lithuanian fluently and effortlessly today!​

What you'll learn
You will learn the main structures and grammar of Lithuanian language, so to speak confidently and correctly;
You will learn how to understand and pronounce commonly used phrases and words in Lithuanian;
No previous Lithuanian knowledge is required - the course is designed for beginners, and is recommended to anyone who wants to learn/improve Lithuanian;
The course is in English;
Lithuanian Course For Complete Beginners: Learn The Basics!Overview:The course is structured for the complete beginners and offers a great explanatory material presented by a native Lithuanian tutor. In very simple steps and easy-to-follow exercises, you will learn the words and phrases you need to communicate with Your Lithuanian friends or colleagues. High-quality basic Lithuanian structures, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation videos are made at an appropriate pace to make it easy to follow and learn the given information without any difficulties!Each subject is explained clearly with examples, making it ideal for beginners.You will also get extras such as quizzes and exercises to download that will make your progress visible quickly.Learn Lithuanian language and achieve your personal and professional goalsIf your partner or relatives speak Lithuanian, learning this language will help you to understand them better and show your respect and love. Your closest ones will be amazed when you try to understand and know the most important Lithuanian words!Knowing the basics of this language can make your visit to Lithuania more enjoyable as you will feel confident and well-prepared to make a good impression on your business partners.This course is great for You if you want to:get strong basics of the Lithuanian language;learn the pronunciation;know many everyday phrases and key expressions for your social interactions;be able to understand better your Lithuanian partner/friends in a short period of time;be confident when traveling to Lithuania for work or holidays;remember the basics of this language(for the advanced learners)
Section 1: Alphabet
Lecture 1 Alphabet: letters, difficult sounds, pronunciation
Section 2: Pronouns
Lecture 2 Pronouns
Section 3: Useful phrases for daily use
Lecture 3 Phrases
Section 4: How to introduce yourself?
Lecture 4 Introducing Yourself
Section 5: Colours
Lecture 5 Colours
Section 6: Numbers 1-100
Lecture 6 Masculine/feminine numbers; 1-20
Lecture 7 Numbers 20-100/ Dozens + units
Section 7: Time
Lecture 8 How To Say The Time?
Lecture 9 Time-related words
Section 8: Nouns and Adjectives
Lecture 10 Essential nouns: masculine/feminine; pronunciation
Lecture 11 Adjectives: masculine/feminine/neuter; pronunciation
Section 9: Verbs
Lecture 12 Verbs: how to make the present tense?
Section 10: The structure of a sentence
Lecture 13 The structure?
Section 11: How to make a Lithuanian question?
Lecture 14 Question words + the structure of a question
Section 12: Summary
Lecture 15 Part One: ABC, pronouns, numbers, time, nouns....
Lecture 16 Part Two: verbs, adjectives, sentences, questions,...
Section 13: CHRISTMAS!
Lecture 17 Words
Lecture 18 Phrases
Lecture 19 Christmas Eve
Lecture 20 Christmas And New Year
People who want to start learning Lithuanian - beginners;,People who are already familiar with the language, but want to revise few topics;


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Jan 17, 2022
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