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Linux Administrator Course From Beginner To Advanced

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Nov 24, 2022
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Linux Administrator Course From Beginner To Advanced
Published 4/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 3.22 GB | Duration: 6h 42m

Linux Administrator course which covers Linux OS Administration, security and Container technologies​

What you'll learn
Linux Administration, Server concepts, Linux security and cloud operations
Indepth knowledge on linux operating system and industry trends
Linux security and various server services
Shell scripting and automation walk through
Scenario based practical sessions
Cloud and container technologies

No prior knowledge of Linux is required
You need to have a Laptop or Desktop system
An Internet connection
Rest I will take you through the setup and get started with the Course

Linux Administrator course is designed for the students and working professionals who are aspiring to start their career as Linux system administrator or working professionals who want to have a deep dive into the various linux services, management and touching upon best practices for Linux, Linux security hardening, day to day practical examples and when you enroll for this course, when you enroll for this course, you can give the reference to this course in the email to [email protected] and be a part of our weekend students connect where we discuss on latest happenings in the field of Linux OSes and much more.Most interesting part will be to touch upon TWO or more Linux Distributions, I will be showing examples on RHEL like and Ubuntu/debian based OSes, I have added most important linux commands sections that will help to get going quickly with the linux command line, I have demonstrated the linux editors like vi and nano, this will help you to get started and feeling at ease when you will be progressing to learn the advanced linux skills and Ubuntu Operating System and Container technologies like docker and podman.Bonus addition on the course is to have an detailed overview on Cloud services and some handson on the AWS Cloud Service management.This all is not limited to what is described here, I am always reachable on email [email protected], feel free to write to me and I will get back when I get time, also, weekend connect on cloudshiksha365 and whatsapp group is another platform where you can connect to me and collaborate with my other students.

Section 1: Introduction and Course Overview

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Overview

Lecture 3 Why This Course only?

Section 2: Linux Fundamentals and basics

Lecture 4 Linux Distributions

Lecture 5 Desktop Vs Server Operating System

Lecture 6 Hardware and software explained

Section 3: Setup Lab Environments on your personal Laptop or Desktops

Lecture 7 VMWare workstation player installation on Windows

Lecture 8 Virtual Box Installation on Windows 10/11

Lecture 9 Parallels installation on Mac's M* series

Section 4: Linux Installation and Boot Process

Lecture 10 Linux Boot Process

Lecture 11 BIOS vs UEFI

Lecture 12 CentOS9 installation Step by Step

Lecture 13 Ubuntu installation on Mac's Parallels

Lecture 14 Oracle Linux installation on VMWare workstation player

Lecture 15 Answer to Exercise - Install new Debian Release

Section 5: Linux - Interesting facts, ssh tool and login tricks

Lecture 16 Root Password reset - Ubuntu

Lecture 17 Root Password reset - Fedora

Lecture 18 Options to Connect to Linux Server, tools overview

Lecture 19 SSH Connection Methods, Local and Remote with some troubleshooting

Lecture 20 Debian root password reset excercise answer

Section 6: Linux Commands, Directories, permissions and editors

Lecture 21 CLI vs GUI

Lecture 22 Protocols, Ports and Sockets

Lecture 23 Linux Directory Structure

Lecture 24 Basic Linux Commands Overview - Part1

Lecture 25 Basic Linux Commands Overview - Part2

Lecture 26 Editors in Linux

Lecture 27 Linux Shell, an overview with details and various tricks

Lecture 28 Linux Permissions

Section 7: Linux Services, Users and Disk Management

Lecture 29 Linux Run Levels

Lecture 30 Linux Services

Lecture 31 Application Tier, an overview with conceptual design

Lecture 32 Linux User Management

Lecture 33 Linux User Management - Practical Scenario

Lecture 34 Disk and Data Management

Lecture 35 Disk Management tool

Lecture 36 Disk Management - Deleting the partition

Lecture 37 Disk Management - LVM

Section 8: Linux Networking, Security and Server Hardening

Lecture 38 Network Management

Lecture 39 Networks - VLSM, example for recap

Lecture 40 Security Hardening - an Overview

Lecture 41 Security Hardening - Overview on security policy, Installation and Patching

Lecture 42 Security Hardening - Overview on Firewall, Encryption and Network

Lecture 43 Security Hardening - Zero Trust, Firewall policies and automation

Lecture 44 Security Hardening - Incident and Logs Management

This course is for Students perusing their studies in the field of computer science and Information Technology.,An ideal course for Freshers who want to start their career in Linux administration and as a System Engineer,Very good course for experienced IT professionals who want to add more knowledge or want to switch their platform

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Jan 17, 2022
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