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Learn To Read Jlpt N4 Level Kanji Fast And Easy

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Nov 24, 2022
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Learn To Read Jlpt N4 Level Kanji Fast And Easy
Published 2/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 176.24 MB | Duration: 1h 15m

The simplest and fastest way to learn JLPT N4 kanji​

What you'll learn
You will learn over 180 of the most essential JLPT N4 kanji
You will learn over 900 associated readings with the kanji
You will learn over 540 sentences with the kanji
You get to study for your JLPT N4 exam through the exercises and tests
The student must be familiar with hiragana and katakana
Are you beginner level Japanese language learner?Have you mastered hiragana and katakana and you're ready to take your studies to the next level?JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is a test organized by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES). It has become the standardized way to assess one's Japanese language ability. The test mostly focuses on listening and reading.The JLPT test was revised back in 2010, and since then there has been a total of 5 levels for the test: N5, N4, N3, N2 and N1 (in order of difficulty).This course focuses on the second JLPT level, N4. However, JLPT N4 is the framework from which this course is built, and the real focus of the course is to improve the student's Japanese language reading ability.JLPT N4 represents the stepping stone between basic (N5) and intermediate (N3) understanding of Japanese language. If you want to learn JLPT N4 kanji and how to read it, and also prepare for your JLPT N4 exam (and do it all efficiently), then this course is for you!Learning how to read all of the kanji in this course will help you catapult your Japanese learning to a whole new level.It is a beginner level course. The student should be familiar with hiragana and katakana before taking it.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Course Content Overview
Lecture 3 How To Study
Section 2: Kanji Set 1
Lecture 4 Downloadables
Lecture 5 不世主乗事
Lecture 6 Reading Practice 1
Lecture 7 京仕代以低
Lecture 8 Reading Practice 2
Lecture 9 住体作使便
Lecture 10 Reading Practice 3
Lecture 11 借働元兄光
Lecture 12 Reading Practice 4
Lecture 13 写冬切別力
Lecture 14 Reading Practice 5
Section 3: Example Conversation 1
Lecture 15 In The Restaurant
Lecture 16 Script
Section 4: Kanji Set 2
Lecture 17 Downloadables
Lecture 18 勉動区医去
Lecture 19 Reading Practice 6
Lecture 20 台合同味品
Lecture 21 Reading Practice 7
Lecture 22 員問回図地
Lecture 23 Reading Practice 8
Lecture 24 堂場声売夏
Lecture 25 Reading Practice 9
Lecture 26 夕夜太好妹
Lecture 27 Reading Practice 10
Section 5: Example Conversation 2
Lecture 28 Post Office
Lecture 29 Script
Section 6: Kanji Set 3
Lecture 30 Downloadables
Lecture 31 姉始字室家
Lecture 32 Reading Practice 11
Lecture 33 寒屋工市帰
Lecture 34 Reading Practice 12
Lecture 35 広度建引弟
Lecture 36 Reading Practice 13
Lecture 37 弱強待心思
Lecture 38 Reading Practice 14
Lecture 39 急悪意所持
Lecture 40 Reading Practice 15
Section 7: Example Conversation 3
Lecture 41 Going To The Beach
Lecture 42 Script
Section 8: Kanji Practice Test 1
Section 9: Kanji Set 4
Lecture 43 Downloadables
Lecture 44 教文料方旅
Lecture 45 Reading Practice 16
Lecture 46 族早明映春
Lecture 47 Reading Practice 17
Lecture 48 昼暑暗曜有
Lecture 49 Reading Practice 18
Lecture 50 服朝村林森
Lecture 51 Reading Practice 19
Lecture 52 業楽歌止正
Lecture 53 Reading Practice 20
Section 10: Example Conversation 4
Lecture 54 Library
Lecture 55 Script
Section 11: Kanji Set 5
Lecture 56 Downloadables
Lecture 57 歩死民池注
Lecture 58 Reading Practice 21
Lecture 59 洋洗海漢牛
Lecture 60 Reading Practice 22
Lecture 61 物特犬理産
Lecture 62 Reading Practice 23
Lecture 63 用田町画界
Lecture 64 Reading Practice 24
Lecture 65 病発県真着
Lecture 66 Reading Practice 25
Section 12: Example Conversation 5
Lecture 67 Fireworks Festival
Lecture 68 Script
Section 13: Kanji Set 6
Lecture 69 Downloadables
Lecture 70 知短研私秋
Lecture 71 Reading Practice 26
Lecture 72 究答紙終習
Lecture 73 Reading Practice 27
Lecture 74 考者肉自色
Lecture 75 Reading Practice 28
Lecture 76 英茶菜薬親
Lecture 77 Reading Practice 29
Lecture 78 計試説貸質
Lecture 79 Reading Practice 30
Section 14: Example Conversation 6
Lecture 80 Bank
Lecture 81 Script
Section 15: Kanji Set 7
Lecture 82 Downloadables
Lecture 83 赤走起転軽
Lecture 84 Reading Practice 31
Lecture 85 近送通進運
Lecture 86 Reading Practice 32
Lecture 87 遠都重野銀
Lecture 88 Reading Practice 33
Lecture 89 門開院集青
Lecture 90 Reading Practice 34
Lecture 91 音頭題顔風
Lecture 92 Reading Practice 35
Lecture 93 飯館首験鳥黒
Lecture 94 Reading Practice 36
Section 16: Example Conversation 7
Lecture 95 New Year's Celebration
Lecture 96 Script
Section 17: Kanji Practice Test 2
Beginner Japanese language learners


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Jan 17, 2022
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oaxino salamat sa pag contribute. Next time always upload your files sa
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