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Learn How To Do Energy + Chakra Healing

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Nov 24, 2022
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Learn How To Do Energy + Chakra Healing
Published 2/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 3.38 GB | Duration: 3h 3m

Learn how to combine energy healing and chakra healing so you can perform healings on friends, family, or loved ones.​

What you'll learn
Learn about energy and chakra healing.
Learn how to use either a pendulum or your hand to asses the chakras.
Learn how to perform a complete energy healing session from start to finish.
Learn how to incorporate sound healing, crystal healing, essential oils, and angel healing into a session.
No previous experience needed. You will be taught everything that you need to know to complete a session.
In this course, Veianya guides you through her method of combining energy and chakra healing. A variety of other topics are touched on as well including crystal healing, essential oils, angel healing, sound healing, using a pendulum, grounding, and protection, awakening one's intuition, and more.Veianya takes the time to provide videos on safety. For both you the practitioner, and for your clients or participants.This course is aimed towards beginners, but the more experienced practitioner may find bits and pieces to take away as well.The majority of the course is video lectures. There are also some resources and quizzes to keep you engaged throughout your learning. In the end, there is an optional assignment that will give you the opportunity to earn a certificate of completion from Veianya.There is also the option to join a student group on Facebook where those enrolled in the course can ask questions, share, socialize, and learn from one another.This course will prepare you to do energy healing sessions with your friends, family, or loved ones. This course doesn't cover much of the business side of things, but it's another option to consider once you've completed your learning.Thank you for taking the time to consider this course. I hope you have a great day and many blessings.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 About the course
Lecture 3 What the course isn't
Lecture 4 How to contact me
Lecture 5 A word about supplies
Section 2: Intuition
Lecture 6 About intuition
Lecture 7 Intuition meditation
Section 3: Grounding and protection
Lecture 8 Grounding
Lecture 9 Protection
Section 4: Chakras
Lecture 10 Chakras
Lecture 11 About the chakras
Lecture 12 Advanced chakra healing
Section 5: Energy healing
Lecture 13 Energy exercise
Lecture 14 What if I didn't feel anything?
Lecture 15 Energy healing
Lecture 16 Using energy healing on the chakras
Lecture 17 Permission
Lecture 18 Safety before a session
Lecture 19 Consent
Lecture 20 Spiritual detox
Section 6: Pendulums
Lecture 21 Pendulums
Lecture 22 Assessing chakras with a pendulum
Lecture 23 Scanning the energy with our hand
Lecture 24 Choosing our words carefully
Section 7: Sound Healing
Lecture 25 Sound healing
Lecture 26 Tuning Forks
Lecture 27 Rattle
Lecture 28 Tingsha bells
Lecture 29 Koshi chime
Lecture 30 Tibetan singing bowl
Lecture 31 Crystal pyramid
Lecture 32 A word about safety
Section 8: Crystals
Lecture 33 Crystals
Lecture 34 How to use crystals in a session
Section 9: Essential oils
Lecture 35 How I use essential oils
Lecture 36 Essential oil mists and sprays
Section 10: Angels
Lecture 37 Angels
Lecture 38 How I invite the Angels during sessions
Lecture 39 Angel healing supplies
Section 11: Other
Lecture 40 Focus symbol
Lecture 41 Note on the focus symbol
Lecture 42 Oracle cards
Lecture 43 Distance sessions
Lecture 44 Reiki
Lecture 45 Last bit about Reiki
Lecture 46 First Aid / CPR
Lecture 47 Music
Section 12: Steps for doing a session
Lecture 48 Steps for doing a session
Section 13: Demonstration
Lecture 49 Setting Up
Lecture 50 About the demonstration video
Lecture 51 Demonstration
Lecture 52 Ending a session
Lecture 53 Let me know
Section 14: Final assignment (optional)
Lecture 54 Instructions
Section 15: Thank you and goodbye
Lecture 55 Thank you and goodbye
Lecture 56 How to receive your official certificate
Lecture 57 What next?
Those interested in learning more about energy healing and/or the chakras.,Those who are interested in performing energy healing sessions on others.,Those with previous Reiki experience who would like to see other ways of utilizing that knowledge.


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Jan 18, 2024
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maganda talaga ang chakra healing.
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