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Iclone Film School Animating In Hollywood Format

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Nov 24, 2022
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Iclone Film School Animating In Hollywood Format
Last updated 9/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 874.02 MB | Duration: 0h 58m

Learn How To Write and Structure Animations in the Hollywood TV and Film Format​

What you'll learn
Writing An Animation For Television Vs FILM Format
Directing An Animation For Television Vs FILM Format
The First 5 Minutes In Film Production - Why this is very important
The First 1 Minute and 30 Seconds of Your TV Series - Learning Hollywood TV Format
How to Write and Direct a Great Opening Scene For Your Animation
Making a Toon Style Animation vs Photorealistic Renders
How To Properly Light Various Skin Tones when Creating a Toon Style Render
Photorealistic Cinematic Filmmaking vs non photorealistic Cinematic Filmmaking

You can apply the knowledge you learn here to any animation software of your choice.

Hi, Welcome to the ICLONE FILM SCHOOL 2022 Edition! Animating In The Hollywood Format!!In this course, we will, in detail, go over how to WRITE and STRUCTURE your animations in the professional way you see animations done on Television. You will learn the importance of the first 1 minute and 30 seconds of a TV series. You will learn how to make a TV series Intro and how many seconds your TV intro should be, according to Hollywood standards.You will learn the importance of the opening scene and how to animate a great opening scene to set up the story. You will learn the importance of the first 5 minutes and how to set up the next 15 minutes of your story.You will learn difference between creating a 30 minutes TV series taking into account commercial breaks. Vs. Creating a 1 hour long TV formatted series.You will also learn the difference between writing an animation for TV vs. Film. Structuring the first 5 minutes of a film. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WHAT THIS COURSE IS NOT:- I will be providing you with a lot of examples teaching you HOLLYWOOD formatting. - This is an advanced course intended for those who already know how to animate. This course will not teach you how to animate step by step. If you are looking for an animation course, please purchase my other Film Course which goes over How to PRE-VIZ in ICLONE 7 step by step. SOFTWARE INTERACTION:- Using Iclone 7, I will show you photorealistic cinematic film making vs non photorealistic cinematic film making- In this course, we will be using Iclone 7 as our primary animation tool when we get to the section on creating non photorealistic toon animations instead of using a photorealistic render style. - I will teach you all the techniques i use to achieve a beautiful toon look in iclone 7. - I will also teach you how to light your toon renders in iclone 7 when working with characters of different complexions.

Section 1: Introduction To The Hollywood Filmmaking Format

Lecture 1 Welcome To Hollywood Film & TV Format

Lecture 2 About The Instructor (The Stephanie Michaels Software Company)

Lecture 3 Example 1: Animating In The Hollywood Film Format (First 5 Minutes)

Lecture 4 Example 2: Making A Good Trailer For Your Film

Lecture 5 Example 3: Structuring + Formatting Your Animations like a TV Series

Section 2: Step 1: Make Professional Artwork, Posters and Test Renders For Your Film

Lecture 6 Creating Hollywood Style Posters For Your Film

Lecture 7 Creating An Intro for Film Vs Television Format

Lecture 8 Tips for achieving Cinematic Quality through Cameras

Section 3: TOON RENDERING and Cinematic Quality

Lecture 9 Creating Toon Style Animations In Hollywood Format

Aspiring Film Makers and 3D animators

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Jan 17, 2022
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