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How To Validate An Idea Market Research For Business Owners

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Nov 24, 2022
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How To Validate An Idea: Market Research For Business Owners
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.99 GB | Duration: 2h 53m

2 weeks to accelerating clarity and confidence in a new market​

What you'll learn
How to estimate the size of your market, identify market segmentation and trends
How to estimate the potential cost and ROI of any business before starting up
How to identify your competitors and analyze their offers, positioning, marketing strategy, target audience, and sales channels
How to use tools like GoogleTrends, SparkToro, AnswerThePublic, and others to understand your target customer better
How to study your target audience. What questions to ask them and how to collect data to draw valuable insights without dedicating a big budget to it
How to use tools like Zoominfo, Semrush, SimilarWeb, Crunchbase, and others to speed up this process and increase the quality of insights
How to prepare a SWOT analysis and comparison scorecards for selected markets
How to structure your research and visualize information in a clear way
How to create an effective business plan and pitch deck from scratch
Lifehacks and tools for a fast and effective google search

You don't need any qualifications to enroll in this course. The course is designed in a way for a beginner to understand the concept of market research and be able to conduct their first one right away after the completion.

About 90% of startups fail. 10% of startups fail within the first year!So the probability of success is not on your side unless you make the right decisions. And how do you know what are the right decisions to make? By carrying out comprehensive, accurate research and analysis.You need to get enough insights on every subject related to your business idea, which includes the market, your target audience, your competition and such important documents as a business plan and pitch deck.Getting accurate and relevant data to inform your decisions can be a confusing and difficult process if you don't have any experience with market research. There are 27 billion gigabytes of different information out there!This course was created to help you conduct research stress-free and create an accurate storyline of information for any business idea you come up with.Starting from the right questions to ask, ending with creating a well-structured business plan you feel confident presenting to your investors, bank, or other stakeholders.You will also receive over 10 ready-to-fill templates and cheatsheets for each piece of research you need to conduct in the initial stage of business development. We did everything to make sure you will take the most out of this course.

Section 1: Greetings

Lecture 1 Greetings

Section 2: Introduction

Lecture 2 Learning onjectives & the "WHY" of research

Lecture 3 Key definitions

Lecture 4 Types of market research

Section 3: Fundamentals of the approach

Lecture 5 Intro

Lecture 6 General approach

Lecture 7 Market size

Lecture 8 Research trends

Lecture 9 SWOT & Scorecard

Lecture 10 Revenue, cost & RoI

Section 4: Competitor analysis

Lecture 11 Intro

Lecture 12 What to analyse?

Lecture 13 Where to search for information?

Lecture 14 Competitor analysis tools overview: Crunchbase

Lecture 15 Competitor analysis tools overview: ZoomInfo

Lecture 16 Competitor analysis tools overview: G2 & Capterra

Lecture 17 Competitor analysis tools overview: Semrush & SimilarWeb

Lecture 18 Competitor analysis tools overview: Facebook Library & SpyFu

Lecture 19 Competitors mapping

Lecture 20 Practical assignment

Section 5: Target audience analysis

Lecture 21 Target audience analysis intro

Lecture 22 Target audience primary analysis

Lecture 23 Primary analysis: sample size calculation

Lecture 24 Primary analysis: data collection options & tools

Lecture 25 Secondary analysis: The "Good Study" meaning

Lecture 26 Search formula

Lecture 27 Tools for analysis

Lecture 28 Target audience analysis: conclusions

Section 6: Structuring the research for a business plan or pitch deck

Lecture 29 Intro

Lecture 30 Differences Between Business Plan and Pitch Deck

Lecture 31 Business Plan structure & tips

Lecture 32 Pitch Deck structure & required examples

Lecture 33 Basics of visualization

Lecture 34 Pitch Deck example

Lecture 35 Practice using the templetes

Lecture 36 Summary structuring lecture

Section 7: Bonus lectures: Lifehacks of google search, how to search like a GOD

Lecture 37 Intro

Lecture 38 Cloud of synonyms

Lecture 39 Theoretical & practical tips of information search

Lecture 40 Tools to lifehack google search: part 1

Lecture 41 Tools to lifehack google search: part 2

Lecture 42 Conclusions

Section 8: What's next?

Lecture 43 Thank you for taking this course

Entrepreneurs and people who are thinking about establishing a bussiness but are not sure if the product/service is viable and if there is any demand for it,Business owners who are seeking to raise investment or apply for a bank loan and need to present market data,Investors who wish to make sure their potential investment project has a good market fit,Business owners who wish to apply market research to create a strategy to foster their company growth,Digital marketing managers who strive to take their organization's marketing to the next level by implementing and using tools taught in the course,Marketing strategists,Business analysts

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