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How To Identify & Fix Business Issues - 4 Steps To Success

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Oct 3, 2022
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How To Identify & Fix Business Issues - 4 Steps To Success
Published 10/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 831.41 MB | Duration: 1h 38m

Our Step-by-Step Method Will Easily Identify Your Business Issues, Implement Effective Fixes, and Steer You to Success​

What you'll learn
Identify where the problems are in your business
Assess what the issue is and work out how to fix it (or them)
Plan the next steps after the problem is resolved (or is being resolved)
Execute the planned steps for your business's success
Be an existing entrepreneur or business owner
Be able to learn quickly
Be ready to action the tools you learn
Be prepared for success
In a real-world business, there's no time to waste. And that's true whether your business is booming or failing. However, this fast-paced course, we're aiming for those experiencing the latter.The course has been designed for those time-poor but goal-driven entrepreneurs and business owners who are already in business, but just can't seem to become profitable, or are struggling to make ends meet, or are downright frustrated with the fact that everything they do seems to back-fire.We're going to take you through a step-by-step process that is quick and easy to do and just as simple to implement to (1) identify where the 'gremlin' is in your business, then (2) assess what to do with it, followed by (3) what to do once the 'gremlin' is gone or in the process of being resolved, and finally (4) what you need to do to finally have your business succeed the way it should.You don't have to take years, months, weeks, or even days to learn good business strategies for success. You just need access to the most pertinent knowledge - and pull that trigger. And that's what this course has been designed to do.Enroll today and let's turn your business into the growth & success machine it's meant to be!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Welcome
Lecture 2 Course-taking Tips & Housekeeping Rules intro
Lecture 3 Rule #1
Lecture 4 Rule #2
Lecture 5 Rule #3
Lecture 6 Rule #4
Lecture 7 Asking Questions & Tech Support
Section 2: Step #1. Identifying the issue
Lecture 8 Introduction to Step 1
Lecture 9 The 4 Steps to Success Checklist
Lecture 10 Traffic
Lecture 11 - Are you getting enough traffic?
Lecture 12 Sales
Lecture 13 - Are you getting enough sales?
Lecture 14 Buyers
Lecture 15 Conversion Rate
Lecture 16 - Are you converting enough traffic to buyers?
Lecture 17 Buyer Value
Lecture 18 Traffic Value
Lecture 19 Profit Margin
Lecture 20 - Are making enough profit margin?
Lecture 21 Expenses & Wages
Lecture 22 - Are your expenses and wages in check?
Lecture 23 Sentiment & Feedback
Lecture 24 - Is your feedback mostly positive?
Lecture 25 Attitude
Lecture 26 - Are you still putting in the effort to be successful?
Section 3: Step 2. Dig deeper to find the sub-issue(s)
Lecture 27 Introduction to Step 2
Lecture 28 If the main issue is: not enough traffic
Lecture 29 If the main issue is: not enough sales revenue AND / OR not enough buyers
Lecture 30 If the main issue is: poor conversion rate (not converting enough traffic)
Lecture 31 If the main issue is: not making enough profit
Lecture 32 If the main issue is: expenses and wages are too high
Lecture 33 If the main issue is: getting more negative feedback than positive
Lecture 34 If the main issue is: no longer excited about the business
Section 4: Step 3. Implement the fix(es).
Lecture 35 Fix options overview: increasing traffic
Lecture 36 - Traffic fixes in more detail
Lecture 37 Fix options overview: getting more sales revenue and/or buyers
Lecture 38 - Sales and buyer fixes in more detail
Lecture 39 Fix options overview: increasing conversion
Lecture 40 - Conversion fixes in more detail
Lecture 41 Fix options overview: improving profits
Lecture 42 - Profit margin fixes in more detail
Lecture 43 Fix options overview: reducing expenses/wages
Lecture 44 - Expense/wage fixes in more detail
Lecture 45 Fix options overview: getting more positive feedback
Lecture 46 - Feedback fixes in more detail
Lecture 47 Fix options overview: getting excited again
Lecture 48 - Attitude fixes in more detail
Lecture 49 Fix timelines
Section 5: Step 4. Future-proof your fix(es).
Lecture 50 Overview on how to future-proof
Lecture 51 - Future-proofing in more detail
Lecture 52 Closing words
Entrepreneurs,Business Owners,Franchise Owners,Self-employed businesses,Business Partnerships,Incorporated Businesses,Anyone with a business who wants to succeed!


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Jan 17, 2022
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