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Explore Shamanic Ritual To Heal Family Lineage

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Nov 24, 2022
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Explore Shamanic Ritual To Heal Family Lineage
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 536.91 MB | Duration: 1h 14m

Use Spiritual Healing Methods To Heal Family Trauma and Transform Your Future​

What you'll learn
Learn Basic Genealogy and Family Research
Learn About A Soul Purpose
Learn About Forgiveness
Learn About Troubled Spirits and How To Help Them
Learn How to Connect with Ancestral Guides for Guidance
Heal Intergenerational Patterns of Pain
Learn About Ancestral Reverence
Learn To Value Life and Consider Death
Learn How to Grieve After a Death
a computer and internet access
Are you ready to discover and heal the patterns in your ancestral line? Join Crystal Tummala, the founder of Pursuing Wisdom Academy, and unlock the power of your ancestors. With over 80,000 students in 188 countries, Crystal is the world's leading expert in ancestral lineage healing. This course covers Shamanic rituals, genealogy research, spiritual communication, healing ancestral trauma, and more. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion from Udemy. Unlock the power of your ancestors today!Are past traumas affecting your own self esteem? This is a course on ancestral lineage healing and making the important connection to your supportive ancestral guides. This course covers who our ancestors are and why we would benefit from ancestral lineage healing. We will learn Shamanic rituals & practices to Transform unresolved patterns We will learn to request blessing, hope and sacred medicine from our ancestral guide We learn about basic genealogy and family tree research We learn about identifying our ancestors and communicating with them We learn about dreams, symbols and synchronicities and methods of spiritual communication We learn how to connect with our ancestral guide for guidance and support We learn about ancestral trauma. We learn we are a soul with a purpose We learn to heal personal and ancestral trauma We learn to dig into the past, locate emotional physical and mental traumas in our lineage and attempt to heal them We will explore exercises to sever karmic cords We learn about the reality of death and making plans to join our ancestors We learn about how to go through the grief process of losing a family member Upon completion of all lectures, Udemy will issue a certificate of completion of the course.
Section 1: Introduction To Ancestral Lineage Healing Medicine
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 What Is Ancestral Healing and Why Is It Important to Learn About It?
Lecture 3 Generational Healing, Self-Care & Traumas DNA imprints of unresolved issues
Lecture 4 How Do Ancestral Contacts Take Place?
Lecture 5 Genealogy Research Aids Ancestral Lineage Healing
Section 2: Communications Between the Living and The Deceased
Lecture 6 Identifying Potential Barriers to Ancestral Communication
Lecture 7 Communications Between the Living and The Deceased
Lecture 8 Conscious Communication with Deceased Family Member Experience
Lecture 9 Personal Story of Conscious Communication with the Deceased
Lecture 10 Dream Communication with Ancestral Spirits
Lecture 11 Personal Example Of a Dream Communication with Ancestral Spirit
Lecture 12 Dream Journal Exercise
Lecture 13 Carl Jung; Ancestors Communicate with Symbols and Synchronicity
Lecture 14 Story About Synchronicity and A Symbol
Lecture 15 Ancestral Wisdom What is Your Destiny and Purpose for Your Soul?
Lecture 16 The Ancestor Altar or Shrine
Lecture 17 Shrine Cultivation ;Altar or Family Shrine Idea
Lecture 18 Ancestor Veneration
Lecture 19 Troubled Souls & Timing of Ancestral Rituals
Lecture 20 katz Dreaming For Ancestral Spirit Communication
Lecture 21 Entering Right Relationship Contacting Your Ancestral Spirit for Wisdom
Section 3: Carl Jung Shadow Work and Shadow Work
Lecture 22 Carl Jung and Shadow Work
Lecture 23 Ancestral Lineage Shadow Work
Lecture 24 Example Of Ancestral Shadow
Lecture 25 Signs Where Shadow Work Is Needed
Lecture 26 Shadow Work Exercise Energy Healing: Clear stagnant unresolved energies
Lecture 27 Positive Affirmations & Shadow Work Meditation
Lecture 28 Ancestral Healing - Cutting Cords With Negative Energy Personal Experience
Section 4: Troubled Dead
Lecture 29 Working With the Living Family Through Pendulum Exercises
Lecture 30 Living Family Forgiveness Exercise
Lecture 31 Forgiveness Exercise
Lecture 32 Course Conclusion: Thank You!
Anyone Looking to Connect with Their Ancestors,Anyone Interested in Spiritual Healing,Anyone Interested in Energy Healing,Anyone Who Wants To Work Through Family Trauma,Anyone Who Wants to Make a Connection with Their Ancestral Guide


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Jan 17, 2022
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oaxino salamat sa pag contribute. Next time always upload your files sa
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