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English Grammar: English Irregular Verbs

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Nov 24, 2022
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English Grammar: English Irregular Verbs
Published 2/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.17 GB | Duration: 4h 3m

300 English Irregular Verb Forms (level: Beginner to Advanced)​

What you'll learn
Master 300 English irregular verbs and their past simple and past participle forms.
Learn the difference between British and American irregular verb forms.
Overcome the difficulties that most students have with irregular verbs.
Gain an advanced knowledge of the correct usage of irregular verbs.
Improve and enlarge your vocabulary.
Improve writing and speaking skills in English.
Minimum pre-intermediate level of English.
Recommended an access to a good English dictionary.
A passionate commitment to grammar is desired.
This course has been written for people learning English at different levels and who want to consolidate or supplement their knowledge of irregular verb forms. In fact, English regular verbs generally do not pose much of a problem to learners as long as they know the basic rules about how they function and how to form past simple and past participle forms.Irregular verbs forms, however, must be learnt by heart, as they have their own rules. The 300 English irregular verbs discussed in this course are divided into three groups. The first contains those irregular verbs where the infinitive form, the past simple form and the past participle form are different, as well as those irregular verbs where the past tense form or the past participle form is the same as the infinitive. The second group contains irregular verbs where the past simple and the past participle forms are the same, and the third group contains irregular verbs where the infinitive, past simple and past participle forms are identical in spelling, though in a few cases they do differ in pronunciation.The use of each irregular verb and its forms is illustrated by several example sentences, making it much easier to remember the forms in context.The topic on irregular verbs presented in the course will help to enrich and expand both the practical and correct use of them.
Section 1: Getting Started
Lecture 1 Welcome & Course Introduction
Lecture 2 The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
Section 2: In Brief - a bit of theory
Lecture 3 What Is a Verb?
Lecture 4 Classification of Verbs
Section 3: Regular Verbs
Lecture 5 Forms of Regular Verbs
Lecture 6 The Present Simple Tense
Lecture 7 Pronunciation of final "s"
Lecture 8 The Past Simple Tense
Lecture 9 Pronunciation of -ed Ending
Lecture 10 The Past Participle
Section 4: Irregular Verbs
Lecture 11 Irregular Verb Forms
Section 5: Irregular Verb Forms - part 1
Lecture 12 Verbs 1-25
Lecture 13 Verbs 26-50
Section 6: Irregular Verb Forms - part 2
Lecture 14 Verbs 51-75
Lecture 15 Verbs 76-100
Section 7: Irregular Verb Forms - part 3
Lecture 16 Verbs 101-125
Lecture 17 Verbs 126-150
Section 8: Irregular Verb Forms - part 4
Lecture 18 Verbs 151-175
Lecture 19 Verbs 176-200
Section 9: Irregular Verb Forms - part 5
Lecture 20 Verbs 201-225
Lecture 21 Verbs 226-250
Section 10: Irregular Verb Forms - part 6
Lecture 22 Verbs 251-275
Lecture 23 Verbs 276-300
Section 11: Assignment 1 & 2
Section 12: Final Test
This course is aimed at English learners of all levels who want to consolidate or expand their knowledge of English irregular verbs.,The course is also suitable for use by English language teachers as an additional resource to support or complement English teaching on the specific subject matter it contains.


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