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Ecommerce Boost Course

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Nov 24, 2022
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Ecommerce Boost Course
Published 2/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 4.05 GB | Duration: 3h 37m

Maximizing Your Online Sales Through Effective Growth Marketing Strategies​

What you'll learn
Learn the correct way to structure your site for sales
Learn how to boost the conversion rate of your site
Improve your product pages with tried and tested methods
See how eCommerce businesses automate their sales
Implement winning landing pages for instant conversions
Find out how to get qualified traffic to your site
Take advantage of the highest ROI marketing channels
Upgrade your email journey's to earn whilst you sleep
Develop an understanding of eCommerce automation tools and their benefits for business growth
Implement strategies to streamline sales processes and improve customer experience
Analyze and optimize eCommerce marketing tactics to drive traffic and increase conversions
Utilize data and metrics to make informed decisions and continuously evaluate the effectiveness of eCommerce sales strategies
You should be competent at setting up your own eCommerce site and a basic understanding of how to set up core marketing channels. You don't need to have a site already built but this will help to follow along with the course in real-time
The eCommerce Boost Course is a comprehensive training program aimed at providing online business owners and marketing professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to drive growth and maximize online sales. Led by a seasoned Growth Marketing Manager with extensive experience in the eCommerce industry, this course offers a wealth of practical, actionable insights and strategies that can be immediately applied to your business.Whether you're just getting started in eCommerce or looking to take your business to the next level, this course has something for everyone. From market analysis and customer acquisition to conversion rate optimization and beyond, this course covers all the essential topics you need to know to succeed in the competitive online marketplace. You'll learn how to identify your target audience, craft compelling messaging, and implement effective marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.This course is designed to be hands-on and interactive, with plenty of opportunities for you to apply what you've learned to your own business. You'll have access to real-world examples, case studies, and best practices from successful eCommerce companies, as well as interactive exercises and group discussions to help reinforce your understanding of the material.By the end of this course, you'll have a solid understanding of the latest eCommerce trends and best practices, and be equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to create and execute a successful growth marketing strategy for your business. Whether you're looking to increase your customer base, improve your conversion rates, or simply boost your overall online sales, this course will provide you with the tools and insights you need to succeed.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Welcome
Lecture 2 Who am I?
Lecture 3 What this course will give you
Lecture 4 What I assume about you
Lecture 5 What we'll achieve
Lecture 6 The structure
Section 2: eCommerce Site Basics
Lecture 7 Intro - why this is important
Lecture 8 Intro - what you'll learn
Lecture 9 Intro - what I expect you to achieve
Lecture 10 Site structure - key pages
Lecture 11 Site structure - miscellaneous
Lecture 12 Homepage
Lecture 13 Homepage - extra lesson
Lecture 14 Landing page
Lecture 15 Product page - descriptions
Lecture 16 Product page - images
Lecture 17 Product page - call to action
Lecture 18 Product page - pricing
Lecture 19 Product page - reviews
Lecture 20 Product page - shipping & returns
Lecture 21 Product page - extra lesson
Lecture 22 Extra lesson
Lecture 23 Conclusion - what you've learnt
Lecture 24 Conclusion - what you should achieve
Section 3: Marketing Channels
Lecture 25 Intro - why this is important
Lecture 26 Intro - what you'll learn
Lecture 27 Intro - what I expect you to achieve
Lecture 28 PPC - what is pay per click?
Lecture 29 PPC - google shopping
Lecture 30 PPC - google search
Lecture 31 PPC - google performance max
Lecture 32 PPC - bing
Lecture 33 PPC - facebook
Lecture 34 PPC - instagram
Lecture 35 PPC - extra lesson
Lecture 36 Organic
Lecture 37 Social media - facebook
Lecture 38 Social media - pinterest
Lecture 39 Social media - tiktok
Lecture 40 Sales channels - amazon
Lecture 41 Sales channels - etsy
Lecture 42 Sales channels - ebay
Lecture 43 Conclusion
Section 4: Marketing Strategies
Lecture 44 Intro - why this is important
Lecture 45 Intro - what you'll learn
Lecture 46 Intro - what I expect you to achieve
Lecture 47 Promotions
Lecture 48 Email - lists
Lecture 49 Email - segments
Lecture 50 Email - abandoned cart
Lecture 51 Email - newsletter
Lecture 52 Influencers
Lecture 53 Content marketing
Lecture 54 Personalisation
Lecture 55 CRO - why this is important
Lecture 56 CRO - the three steps
Lecture 57 Conclusion
Section 5: Conclusion
Lecture 58 Extra lesson
Lecture 59 Conclusion
eCommerce business owners who are struggling to make consistent sales


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KatzSec DevOps

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Jan 17, 2022
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