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Docker For .Net And Angular Developers

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Nov 24, 2022
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Docker For .Net And Angular Developers
Last updated 8/2020
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.76 GB | Duration: 5h 36m

For Professionals​

What you'll learn
Build, test, debug and deploy .net and angular apps on docker while learning production-style development workflows
Create docker files for dotnet apps
create docker files for angular apps
create docker files for simple and complex html files
Containerize SQL server
Multi stage builds
Creating Docker Compose files
Volume creation
Network creation
HTTPS handling inside container
Project Tye - Microsoft tooling for containers and kubernetes
CI/CD setup with Github actions
Deploying containers on Azure container instances
Deploying containers on Azure web apps
Deploying containers on Azure container registry
Deploying containers on Dockerhub
And many more things, you will learn along.

Basic coding experience is good to start this course.

Docker is one of the key aspects of software development process. Coupon Code:- 56504237C67C562B5D45 Use the coupon code to avail the course at the best price.If you are planning to write distributed apps aka Microservices app, docker is one of the must have ingredient here. This course starts from blank slate. No prior knowledge is required. During the learning journey, you will get to learn below things:IntroductionIntroduction About MeGetting started with DockerContainer OverviewWhat are containers?Containers Vs Virtual MachinesContainers inside virtual machinesDevelopers Vs Ops TeamDocker Image vs ContainersInstallation StepsDocker OptionsHands on with DockerLearn to create Docker FilesCreating first docker filedocker builddocker rundocker run complex HTML siteDocker Commandsdocker builddocker rundocker psdocker startdocker stopdocker rmdocker rmiremoving all images and containers via scriptMore Docker Commandsdocker pulldocker pushdocker inspectdocker statsdocker logsDocker File OverviewDocker File InstructionsDocker File overview for DotNet AppDocker File overview for Angular AppRunning Dotnet and Angular projects with dockerConsole app STDIN exampleConsole app runCMD vs EntrypointRunning ASP.NET Core in containerVerifying files in containerDebugging Docker ContainerRunning Angular app in containerVerifying files in angular containerCreating Docker Compose fileRunning Docker ComposeDocker NetworkingIntroductionBridgeNoneHostListing all networksInspecting containersInspecting networksDNS ServerAssociating containers with networkCreating custom networkContainerizing SQL ServerCreating SQL Server containerConnecting Dotnet app with SQL containerAdding Docker ComposeWorking without volumeCreating VolumeVerifying data after container shutdownHTTPS SetupSample project creationDocker file creationRunning on HTTPDev Cert creationRunning the container with HTTPSProject TyeTye IntroductionTye buildTye runCreating Frontend App using Razor TemplateCreating Backend App using Web API TemplateAdding Service DiscoveryTye Run with Backend and Frontend ProjectsAdding RedisTye Run with RedisPushing Images to DockerHub and Azure Container Registry (ACR)Pushing images on DockerHubACR CreationPushing images to ACRDeploying containers to Azure Container Instances (ACI)Another way of deploying containers to ACIDeploying Angular App with ACI endpointDeploying container to web appCI/CD pipeline using Github ActionsGithub Actions introductionCreating first workfileAdding Docker login step for ACRAdding Docker build and push stepRunning the workfileSQL Server container preparationCreated SQL server container on AzurePublishing database to container instance on AzureThis is the detailed outline of the course. Also, this course will receive regular updates as and when new technology upgrade happens either on dotnet side or angular or docker side. I hope you will enjoy the course and content thoroughly. Feedback appreciated. Kindly rate me high on this. Your feedback and rating motivates me to create more enterprise friendly and polished content. Coupon Code:- 56504237C67C562B5D45 Use the coupon code to avail the course at the best price.Happy LearningThanks,Rahul Sahay

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 About Me

Section 2: Getting started with Docker

Lecture 3 Container Overview

Lecture 4 What are containers?

Lecture 5 Containers Vs Virtual Machines

Lecture 6 Containers inside virtual machines

Lecture 7 Developers Vs Ops Team

Lecture 8 Docker Image Vs Containers

Lecture 9 Installation Steps

Lecture 10 Docker Options

Lecture 11 Hands on with Docker

Section 3: Learn to create Docker Files

Lecture 12 Creating First Docker File

Lecture 13 Docker Build

Lecture 14 Docker Run

Lecture 15 Docker Run complex HTML site

Section 4: Docker Commands

Lecture 16 Docker commands like ps, ps-a, start, stop

Lecture 17 Docker containers and images cleanup

Section 5: More Docker Commands

Lecture 18 Docker Pull

Lecture 19 Docker Run

Lecture 20 Docker Logs

Lecture 21 Docker Inspect

Lecture 22 Docker Stats

Section 6: Docker File Overview

Lecture 23 Docker File Instructions

Lecture 24 Docker File overview for DotNet App

Lecture 25 Docker File overview for Angular App

Section 7: Running Dotnet and Angular Projects using DockerFile and Docker-Compose

Lecture 26 Console App example using STDIN example

Lecture 27 Running Console App using Dockerfile

Lecture 28 CMD Vs Entrypoint

Lecture 29 Running ASP.NET Core app using Dockerfile

Lecture 30 Verifying Files uploaded in docker container

Lecture 31 Debugging Docker Container

Lecture 32 Running Angular app in a container

Lecture 33 Verifying files in angular container

Lecture 34 Creating Docker Compose file

Lecture 35 Running Docker Compose

Section 8: Docker Networking

Lecture 36 Introduction

Lecture 37 Docker Network Creation

Section 9: Containerizing SQL Server

Lecture 38 Creating Container for SQL Server

Lecture 39 Connecting Dotnet app with SQL Container

Lecture 40 Adding Docker Compose

Lecture 41 Dotnet App failing to connect with SQL Server container

Lecture 42 SQL Container connected with Dotnet app

Lecture 43 Volume with SQL Container

Section 10: HTTPS Setup

Lecture 44 Project Setup

Lecture 45 Docker File Creation

Lecture 46 Running On HTTP

Lecture 47 Dev Certificate Creation

Lecture 48 Running the container

Section 11: Project Tye

Lecture 49 Introduction

Lecture 50 Tye build

Lecture 51 Tye run

Lecture 52 Creating Frontend App using Razor Template

Lecture 53 Creating Backend App using Web API Template

Lecture 54 Adding Service Discovery

Lecture 55 Tye Run with Backend and Frontend Projects

Lecture 56 Adding Redis

Lecture 57 Tye Run with Redis

Section 12: Pushing Images to DockerHub and Azure Container Registry

Lecture 58 Pushing the image on DockerHub

Lecture 59 Azure Container Registry (ACR) creation

Lecture 60 Push images to Azure Container Registry (ACR)

Lecture 61 Spinning up Azure Container Instances using Azure Container Registry Images

Lecture 62 Another way of creating Azure Container Instances

Lecture 63 Consuming ACI endpoint in angular app

Lecture 64 Deploying container to web app

Section 13: Pushing Containers via Github actions

Lecture 65 Introduction

Lecture 66 Workfile creation

Lecture 67 Adding steps to login into ACR

Lecture 68 Docker build and push step

Lecture 69 Build failure

Lecture 70 Build succeeded

Lecture 71 SQL Server container preparation

Lecture 72 SQL Server container creation

Lecture 73 Connect to SQL Container and publish database schema

Section 14: Thank You

Lecture 74 Thank You

Beginner and intermediate developers who want to enhance their knowledge of docker using .Net and Angular apps,Beginner and intermediate developers who wish to learn how to apply containers to their projects locally and also to deploy on cloud. This couse is meant for them.

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Jan 17, 2022
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