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Discover Algorithms With Minecraft

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Nov 24, 2022
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Discover Algorithms With Minecraft
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.70 GB | Duration: 2h 20m

Learn with your kids (aged 8-14) some of the most famous computer algorithms (Recursion, Sierpinski, Koch, Hilbert, etc)​

What you'll learn
Show your children what algorithms are and why they are very important for the programmers
Teach your children what recursive programs are and how recursion is used in coding
Help your children understand the principle of fractals like the Sierpinsky triangles and carpets, the Koch snoflake and the Lévi C curve
Have fun with your children looking at how Flood Fill algorithms work and are used in computer graphics
Understand with your children the purpose of the Hilbert Curve for the space filling algorithms
No programming experience needed. Learners should have basic experience in playing Minecraft.
A Minecraft License (JAVA version). It can be bought on the Minecraft website for about 30$ US.
A PC running Windows, Linux or Mac
No need to install any additional software. We just use a standard browser and Minecraft (JAVA Version)
The course is intended for purchase by adults. Children and young people under the age of 18 can only use this course if a parent or guardian opens their account, makes all registrations and manages the use of the account.
This is the easiest, quickest and most engaging way for you and your children to learn about computer algorithms. This course does not teach programming. Instead, it shows the inner mechanic of some very famous algorithms. In the course we will begin by explaining what an algorithm is and then we'll move on to undestand algorithms using simple loops, recursion and some interesting fractals such as Sierpinski triangles and carpets, Koch snoflakes and Lévi's C-curve. Finally, we will enter the world of space-filling algorithms and the Hilbert curve.The main purpose of the couse is not to teach programming. For learning coding, please see my other Udemy course: "Coding for kids: learn to code with Minecraft"What kind of experience will the course provide:You and your children will be able to see how some famous computer algorithms work. With Minecraft, learning will be fun and engaging because the lessons are very practical with many examples that can be customised on the fly leaving full freedom for experimentation. The community of active players on our Minecraft server keeps children interested and motivated to finish the course.Good value for money!This course has the same content as our teacher-led course, but is sold at a fraction of the cost. This course is new and constantly improving, so the current price is only in the introductory period and will be increased afterwards.Please check my Udemy website (search for Visualmodder) for special offers and discounts. (Just click on the instructor's profile page and follow the 'Website' link).Kids engagement and easy setupYour children will be highly motivated to take the course with you because it links learning computer algorithms with Minecraft, a game they like and feel comfortable with. Playing with the results of customised algorithms is very engaging and fun.The set-up is very simple. With a simple online web page we can customise the algorithms and run them within the standard Java Minecraft game.Disclaimers:The course is intended for purchase by adults. Children and young people under the age of 18 can only use this course if a parent or guardian opens their account, makes all registrations and manages the use of the account.The course has free access to the Visualmodder platform managed by the computer association of Ticino in Switzerland which is almost always accessible but we cannot guarantee its 100% availability at all times. This is not an official Minecraft product and is not endorsed by or associated with MojangWhat to do next:This course aims to motivate your kids to learn programming and open a door in choosing a future profession. Don't wait to sign up. With this course you can change the future of your children!
Section 1: Getting started
Lecture 1 Quick help for buying Minecraft
Lecture 2 Connect Minecraft to the programming server
Lecture 3 Connect to the programming editor
Lecture 4 Run a welcome program
Section 2: What is an algorithm?
Lecture 5 Theory: The cake algorithm
Lecture 6 Practice: Let's make cakes and potions
Lecture 7 Fun Exercice: Water Breathing Potion algorithm
Lecture 8 Solution: Let's make a water breathing potion
Lecture 9 Theory: Track laying algorithm
Lecture 10 Practice: Customize the track laying algorithm
Section 3: Loops
Lecture 11 Theory: A simple tower algorithm
Lecture 12 Practice: Make a simple tower in Minecraft
Lecture 13 Theory: Advanced towers
Lecture 14 Practice: Make Advanced Towers in Minecraft
Lecture 15 Theory: Amazing towers
Lecture 16 Practice: Make Amazing Towers in Minecraft
Lecture 17 Theory: Falling Blocks Algorithms
Lecture 18 Practice: Falling Blocks
Lecture 19 Extrafun: Customize your falling Image
Section 4: Pyramids
Lecture 20 Theory: The loop algorithm is used to make pyramids
Lecture 21 Practice: Make your own amazing pyramids
Lecture 22 Extrafun: The loop algorithm makes carpets
Section 5: Recursion
Lecture 23 Theory: Recursive algorithms
Lecture 24 Practice: Run the simple recursive algorithms
Lecture 25 Theory: Advanced example with a recursive city
Lecture 26 Practice: Create a recursive city in Minecraft
Section 6: Fractals
Lecture 27 Theory: Introduction to fractals
Lecture 28 Practice: The Sierpinski triangle
Lecture 29 Theory: Extending the triangle to squares
Lecture 30 Practice: The Sierpinski carpet
Lecture 31 Theory: How to make a snowflake
Lecture 32 Practice: Koch's Snowflake
Lecture 33 Theory: Levy's fractal curve
Lecture 34 Practice: Levy's curve
Section 7: Flood filling
Lecture 35 Theory: Fill Algorithms
Lecture 36 Practice: Filling a lake
Lecture 37 Theory: Extending the fill algorithm to 3D
Lecture 38 Practice: Replace blocks with the fill Algorithm
Lecture 39 Theory: Simple maze Algorithm
Lecture 40 Practice: Maze generation in Minecraft
Section 8: Space filling curves
Lecture 41 Theory: Space filling Algorithms
Lecture 42 Practice: Snake and spiral algorithms
Lecture 43 Theory: the famous Hilbert Algorithm
Lecture 44 Practice: Minecart tracks following the Hilbert Algorithm
The course is designed for parents to introduce their children from 10 to 14 years old to the world of computer algorithms in a fun way.,The course is designed to be followed independently by children, but a parent or guardian should manage their udemy account and enrollments.


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Jan 17, 2022
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