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Customer Success | How To Understand Your Customers

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Alpha and Omega
Oct 3, 2022
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Customer Success | How To Understand Your Customers
Last updated 12/2017
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Language: English | Size: 665.11 MB | Duration: 0h 49m

Turn Listening into Fantastic Results​

What you'll learn
The objective of this course is to equip you with the knowledge to better understand your customers. Upon course completion, you will have a deeper knowledge to help move your organization - and career path - forward.
There are no special requirements for any additional software or other materials for this course.
If you want to deliver the fantastic results your company needs in today's crazy marketplace, it's time to start listening to your customers like never before.
Listening is the where you start; it's the beginning of deeper understanding. Understanding your customers provides you with clear insight. And this clear insight will help you solve the real problems they need to solve. But, it's not always easy to understand today's customers because they can be hard to figure out.
So you've got to go deeper and become an "Insight Miner." This course will show you how to begin.
In this course, you are going to learn some critical pieces to the customer puzzle
The three little words that will change your relationships with customers foreverWhy you must grasp The Four Spinning Plates of business How to close the growing "experience gap" between your company and your customersHow the Customer Engagement Pyramid is an essential building block to successWhat customer insight really is and isn'tHow "Big Data" is different than "Big Insight"How to create winning propositions the will turn reluctant prospects into loyal customers
Plus, you''' get four case studies about companies that have made Customer Understanding a big part of their success (plus, one that wasn't listening and paid a steep price):
NetflixSherwin WilliamsAndre RieuChateauform
You've got to understand your customers now more than ever because someone, somewhere is already listening to them to try to steal them away. There's no time to waste so get started today.
Section 1: Listening is the Beginning of Understanding
Lecture 1 Introduction: Stop, Look, and Listen
Lecture 2 Four Spinning Plates
Lecture 3 Why Listen to Your Customers?
Lecture 4 Case Study: Netflix
Lecture 5 The Customer Engagement Pyramid
Lecture 6 Case Study: Sherwin Williams
Section 2: Understanding Comes Through Insight
Lecture 7 Customer Insight
Lecture 8 Customer Mining
Lecture 9 Big Insight
Lecture 10 Case Study: Chateauform'
Lecture 11 Creating Propositions
Section 3: Turning Insight into Action
Lecture 12 Case Study: Andre Rieu
Lecture 13 Wrap Up
If you work with customers and are interested in the topics of marketing, market research, sales, customer service, and strategy, this course is for you. It will help you have a deeper understanding of today's changing and more demanding customer.


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Jan 17, 2022
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