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Criminal Justice For Beginners

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Oct 3, 2022
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Criminal Justice For Beginners
Published 10/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 784.84 MB | Duration: 0h 35m

The History and Structure of the American Criminal Justice System​

What you'll learn
The History of Criminal Justice
3 Core Policing Ideas
9 Policing Principles
Jim Crow Era
The 14 Basic Steps in the Criminal Justice Process
4 Goals of the Criminal Justice System
No prerequisites
The most straightforward overview covering the criminal justice system. This course is an introduction to the American criminal justice system with a view of its historical and institutional context. The course is intended as a starting point for students entering into the subject for the first time. It includes the history, principles, and structure to give students an understanding of how the criminal justice system works.Students will gain an understanding of the sequence of events that leads to the determination of guilt or innocence of an individual alleged to have committed a crime. The course provides an overview of legal processes, law enforcement, courts, corrections, community corrections, and juvenile justice.During the course, students will gain a deeper understanding of why and how offenders are punished, and what the individual and social consequences of punishment are.The class is best followed in the order it is presented to understand the concepts.WHAT YOU WILL LEARN:• THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE FOUNDATION• 3 CORE POLICING IDEAS• THE 9 POLICING PRINCIPLES• JIM CROW ORIGIN• THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE PROCESS IN 14 STEPS• THE 4 GOALS OF THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEMINSTRUCTORDr. Jennifer Matthews, PhDCriminal Justice ConsultantEDUCATION· PhD, Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Administration, Walden University· Master of Law Enforcement Administration, Morris Graduate School of Management· Master of Philosophy, Criminal Justice, Walden University· Bachelor of Criminal Justice, National Louis UniversityDr. Jennifer Matthews has the knowledge and training to train on all aspects of criminal justice.
Section 1: Welcome to Class
Lecture 1 Welcome + Handbook (Downloadable)
Section 2: History of Criminal Justice
Lecture 2 History of Criminal Justice
Section 3: Criminal Justice Foundation
Lecture 3 Criminal Justice Foundation
Lecture 4 3 Core Policing Ideas
Lecture 5 Core Policing Ideas Continued
Lecture 6 9 Policing Principles
Lecture 7 Policing Principles Continued
Lecture 8 Recap
Section 4: Jim Crow Era
Lecture 9 Jim Crow Laws Effects
Lecture 10 Black Codes
Lecture 11 Black Codes Continued
Lecture 12 Recap
Section 5: The 14 Steps in the Criminal Justice System
Lecture 13 Overview 14 Steps
Lecture 14 Overview Steps Indictment
Lecture 15 Overview Steps Arraignment
Lecture 16 Overview Steps Vocabulary
Lecture 17 Overview Steps Trial
Lecture 18 Overview Steps Parole
Lecture 19 Overview Steps Probation
Lecture 20 Overview Steps Recap
Section 6: 4 Goals of the Criminal Justice System
Lecture 21 The 4 Goals of the Criminal Justice System
Lecture 22 Goals Rehabilitation
Lecture 23 Goals Deterrence
Lecture 24 Goals Incapacitation
Lecture 25 Recap
Police Officers,Pre-Law Students,College Students,Anyone interested in how the justice system functions


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Jan 17, 2022
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