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Construction Health And Safety Management

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Nov 24, 2022
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Construction Health And Safety Management
Published 3/2023
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Language: English | Size: 1.25 GB | Duration: 2h 5m

Learn how to manage people's safety on a construction site​

What you'll learn
The principles of construction health and safety management
How to keep people safe on construction sites
How to manage critical risks with controls
Key definitions and terms in safety management
Managing safety during the pre-construction phase
Safety in Design
Risk Assessments
Safe Work Method Statements
Incident Investigations
How to safely manage key construction activities like excavation and cranes
What a lift study is
Basic understanding of construction and infrastructure projects
Construction sites are dangerous and there is a real risk that members of the public and workers are killed while delivering a project. To deliver a project, we need to use cranes to lift heavy objects, dig deep holes and work with hazardous energy sources. As construction managers, it is our ethical responsibility to keep people safe. We need to ensure that both workers and members of the public alike go home safely each day.The only way we can do that is through managing critical risks and ensuring the appropriate controls are in place. This is the essence of construction safety management. We need to work out what risks we face and then make sure that they are managed so that activities can be safely performed.In this course, we are going to teach you the tools and techniques that skilled construction managers use to do that. Our course covers:The basics of construction health and safety managementPlanning and preparing to deliver a project safelyDelivering a project safelyAnd some of the key critical risks on construction sites and how to manage them.Our course is full of practical, real-world techniques and examples so you come away from the course with a real skill set that you can apply on the job.
Section 1: Overview and Context
Lecture 1 Overall Introduction
Lecture 2 How to take the course
Lecture 3 What is Construction Management?
Lecture 4 Why do Construction Projects Fail?
Lecture 5 Who am I and why should you bother listening?
Lecture 6 Who are these courses for?
Section 2: Introduction to Construction Health and Safety Management
Lecture 7 Section 1 - Introduction
Lecture 8 The Construction Industry - Why does health and safety matter?
Lecture 9 The importance of Health and Safety Management
Lecture 10 Key Definitions and Terms
Lecture 11 The Hierarchy of Control
Lecture 12 Cost of Safety
Lecture 13 Health and Safety Requirements
Lecture 14 Health and Safety Management through the Project Lifecycle
Lecture 15 Critical Risks
Lecture 16 Construction Health Management
Lecture 17 Quality and Safety
Lecture 18 Section 1 - Conclusion
Section 3: Section 2 - Planning Health and Safety Management
Lecture 19 Section 2 - Introduction
Lecture 20 Safety Management Plan
Lecture 21 Risk Assessments
Lecture 22 Overall Works Planning and Staging
Lecture 23 Safety in Design
Lecture 24 Procurement and Supply Chain
Lecture 25 Section 2 - Conclusion
Section 4: Section 3 - Implementing Safety Management
Lecture 26 Section 3 - Introduction
Lecture 27 Inductions
Lecture 28 Training and VOC
Lecture 29 Permits
Lecture 30 Safe Work Method Statements
Lecture 31 Job Hazard Analysis
Lecture 32 Pre-Start
Lecture 33 Inspections and Audits
Lecture 34 Reporting and Statistics
Lecture 35 Incident Investigations
Lecture 36 Continuous Improvement
Lecture 37 Section 3 - Conclusion
Section 5: Section 4 - Critical Risks
Lecture 38 Section 4 - Introduction
Lecture 39 Excavation
Lecture 40 Cranes and Lifting
Lecture 41 People and Plant Interactions
Lecture 42 Traffic Management
Lecture 43 Working at Heights
Lecture 44 Section 4 - Conclusion
Section 6: Section 5 - Summary
Lecture 45 Section 5 - Introduction
Lecture 46 Section 1 Review
Lecture 47 Section 2 Review
Lecture 48 Section 3 Review
Lecture 49 Section 4 Review
Lecture 50 Overall Conclusion
Construction Managers,Project Engineers,Construction Workers,Supervisors,Anybody involved in construction projects


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Jan 17, 2022
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