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Compressor Principles, Operation And Control

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Oct 3, 2022
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Compressor Principles, Operation And Control
Last updated 8/2022
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Language: English | Size: 611.56 MB | Duration: 1h 36m

See how centrifugal and reciprocating compressors work, understand their operation, main issues and control methods​

What you'll learn
Main differences between pumps and compressors
Main compressor types
When to use more than one stage of a compressor
Performance curves of both dynamic and positive displacement compressors
Surge scenario and best practices to avoid it
Compressor stonewall
Dynamic compressor methods of control
Reciprocating compressor methods of control
Basics of engineering
Compressors are the main equipment used to transfer gases and raise their pressure. They are used in many different applications. You'll see compressors in the oil and gas industry, whether in midstream or in downstream refineries, in petrochemical plants and in many other chemical processing applications. Compressors are relatively expensive compared to other pieces of equipment in a process plant. That's why it is always important to understand their types, how they work, their main issues, and how to overcome them.This course will try to cover the main compressor principles. We shall see how each of these principles works in the case of both centrifugal and reciprocating compressors.We shall see how compressing gases which are compressible differs a lot from pumping incompressible liquids.We shall go through dynamic compressors and their types, then positive displacement compressors and their types. This shall be through comparisons showing the advantages and disadvantages of each type.In this course, We shall see how the compressor curve works and how to plot it against the system curve for both dynamic and positive displacement types. We will see how the compressor and the process system interact with each other and how the compressor responds and interacts with process changes or disturbances. We shall go through compressor surge, its effects, and best practices to avoid it.We shall see different control methods to make sure we are on the required compressor operating point. This shall also include both centrifugal compressors and reciprocating compressors.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Pumping liquids vs compressing gases
Section 2: Compressor main types
Lecture 3 Compressor types
Lecture 4 When to use a dynamic or a positive displacement compressor
Lecture 5 Dynamic compressor types
Lecture 6 Positive Displacement compressor types
Section 3: Compressor scheme
Lecture 7 Using compressor in with more than one stage
Section 4: Performance Curves
Lecture 8 Compressor performance head
Lecture 9 Concept of head in a compressor
Lecture 10 Adiabatic vs Polytropic behavior
Lecture 11 How to calculate compressor head
Lecture 12 Effect of changes in inlet gas conditions on the compressor
Section 5: Main Compressor Operational Issues
Lecture 13 Surge and Stonewall
Lecture 14 How system resistance affects the compressor performance
Lecture 15 Surge scenario
Lecture 16 How to protect the compressor from surge
Lecture 17 Anti-surge Caveats
Lecture 18 Anti surge take off point
Section 6: Dynamic Compressor control
Lecture 19 Inlet guide vane angle adjustment
Lecture 20 Dynamic compressor control methods
Lecture 21 Discharge Throttling
Lecture 22 Suction Throttling
Lecture 23 Controlling speed using variable speed drivers
Section 7: Reciprocating compressor control
Lecture 24 Main reciprocating compressor control methods
Lecture 25 Spill-back or recycle control
Lecture 26 Compressor Cylinder Types
Lecture 27 Step control of a reciprocating compressor
Lecture 28 Variable Speed Control of a reciprocating compressor
Section 8: Bonus Section
Lecture 29 Bonus Lecture
Students in any engineering school,Anyone interested to know more about compressors from operational point of view


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Jan 17, 2022
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