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Cognitive Psychology For Everyone

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Nov 24, 2022
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Cognitive Psychology For Everyone
Last updated 2/2018
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 380.55 MB | Duration: 1h 7m

No boring scientific explanation , straight to the point on theory and concept of daily use in cognitive psychology.​

What you'll learn
Learn the fascinating "why" and "how" on human reaction on things that happening around us.

A heart that want to know more about the human psychology

The course "Cognitive Psychology for Everyone" is a great study tool for beginner that want to learn cognitive psychology in a fun and easy to understand way. This course is also ideal for college-level introductory cognitive psychology course , student that want to have a quick revision/refresh on some of the topics or preparing for the course.
This course cover some of the key concepts in the study of cognitive psychology, describe the reason for understanding what it is inside you that makes you do the things you do ,and also example of the cognition daily activity example in almost all 27 lectures.
This is definitely a Cognition Psychology for Everyone!***IS THIS COURSE FOR YOU ?***
in order to maximize your leanining experience , i will recommend you to do the following things before purchasing any of my courses.
1) Read the course description and curriculum carefully , so that you will have an idea on what is this courses really about .
2) Watch the preview lecture . Preview lectures are good checking point for elements such as accents and also presentation style .
3)Read the review . Im not a perfect instructors , so there will be some positive and negative reviews as a reference for you about the course.
4) Talk to me . Feel free to sent me a message ,and ask me any questions regarding my course, and i will get back to you asap i promise .
SO , in the case of if you did purchase one of my courses , and you do not really like it , do not worry!
Udemy is offering a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days . So u do not have anything to loss.
And , if you like my course please give it a 5 stars rating and spread around among your firends and family .
See ya , and take care

Section 1: Learning Tools (NEW!!!)

Lecture 1 Watch This FIRST Before Enrolling !

Lecture 2 Cognitive Psychology Notes In Power Point

Lecture 3 Flash Card Cognitive Psychology For Everyone

Section 2: Cognitive Psychology Introduction

Lecture 4 Cognitive Definition In Psychology

Lecture 5 How Cognitive Help In Our Daily Life?

Lecture 6 Overview of Areas of Application in Cognitive Psychology

Lecture 7 Free List Of Cognitve Psychology/psychology Journal and Article

Lecture 8 Cognitive Psychology careers

Lecture 9 Connect with me

Section 3: How did the Early Philosophers view the mind

Lecture 10 Socrates ,Plato and Aristole

Section 4: The Mystery of Optical Illusion and Visual Illusion.

Lecture 11 Optical and Visual Illusion

Lecture 12 The categories of visual illustration

Lecture 13 Gestalt Law Of perceptual organisation

Lecture 14 Perception Of Size & Distance

Lecture 15 Priming

Lecture 16 Viewer-centred representation

Lecture 17 Object-Centred representation.

Lecture 18 Dual-Code Hypothesis.

Section 5: Human and Animal Language

Lecture 19 The 5 language Properties

Lecture 20 Missing Language Properties In Animal

Section 6: Making Decision and Brain Memory

Lecture 21 The Process of Forgetting

Lecture 22 Disjunctive Search and Conjunctive Search

Lecture 23 False Memory

Lecture 24 Heuristice Desicion Making

Lecture 25 Utility & Consistent and optimal Decisions.

Lecture 26 Expected Utility & Consistent and optimal Decisions.

Lecture 27 Deep Level Information Processing

Lecture 28 Shallow Level of Information Processing

Lecture 29 Top Down Information Processing

Lecture 30 Bottom Up Information Processing

Lecture 31 The Working Memory

Section 7: Bonus! Free Ebook and Research Article

Lecture 32 Cognitive Psychology - Quiz with Answer

Lecture 33 The Magic Eye of Perception by Madalena Grimaldi

Lecture 34 Psychology In Daily Life PDF

Lecture 35 Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience PDF

Lecture 36 21 days to six pack mind set workbook

Anyone that is interested in psychology

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Jan 17, 2022
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