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Coaching And Mentoring Techniques

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Oct 3, 2022
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Coaching And Mentoring Techniques
Published 10/2022
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Language: English | Size: 787.07 MB | Duration: 2h 13m

This course provides HR leaders with the practices and skills needed to engage employees​

What you'll learn
Get the right advice to achieve your goals and move up the corporate ladder
Mentoring helps organizations to engage employees in a disciplined review of their performance and overall talent
Learn the skills, knowledge and tools to help you develop your own style of coaching and mentoring
This course provides HR leaders with the practices & skills needed
Basic knowledge of your organizational processes. A fair understanding of what kind of advice you would need to achieve your goals.
No prior knowledge is required.
The modern world requires human species to change, and this requirement needs to be the major transformation in human consciousness, and the way humans think, behave and relate to each other "more than the human world" ( Dr Abram). This is true in the organizational setup when coaches and mentors are required not only to expand their individual and collective capacity for responding to the current requisite needs of the company, but also to increase the human capacity for fulfilling the increased demands of tomorrow. However, there is a critical relationship between the coaches or mentors and the team members, and often the conversation between the two ends up getting worse, which could be due to the differences in their expectations and lack of the control on one's emotions. A leader has to display his capability as the coach, but at the same time he ought to be mentoring and it is vice-a-versa. After all, the main purpose of coaching and mentoring is to increase the knowledge and skills as per the organizational setup but it all depends upon the way it is delivered, making it critically imperative to understand the difference between the two terms.Explore the purposes of coaching and mentoring and recognize how they differ. Identify the ways coaching and mentoring contribute to corporate performance. Discover the best practices and actions to integrate coaching and mentoring into your organization successfully.Coaching means imparting necessary skills, training, guidance or any other instructions to subordinates or juniors which could help them perform at their best and accomplish the task. The Coach has to assist the person to learn the requisite skills, attitude and behaviour for performing the work successfully and within the set parameters. All the tasks are precisely described with essential details, clear focus and in specific timelines while mentoring goes much beyond the conventional work structure to focus on the individual's emotional and behavioral aspects. During the mentoring process, the interaction could be more philosophical, psychological and emotional with the individual as the whole criteria are taken into the perspective. Current need of the organization is the deciding factor to check whether to coach a particular person while during mentoring, employees' needs are looked after.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring Techniques
Section 2: Coaching
Lecture 2 What is Coaching
Lecture 3 History of Coaching
Lecture 4 Types of Coaching
Lecture 5 Coaching Techniques
Section 3: Mentoring
Lecture 6 What is Mentoring
Lecture 7 History of Mentoring
Lecture 8 Types of Mentoring
Lecture 9 Mentoring Techniques
Lecture 10 Mentoring Techniques Continue
Lecture 11 Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring
Lecture 12 Relevance of Both
Lecture 13 Successful Coach
Lecture 14 Successful Mentor
Lecture 15 Which Technique to Follow
Section 4: Conclusion
Lecture 16 Conclusion
Coaches/Mentors/Trainers Human Resource Managers Team Leaders Supervisors Managers MBA Students


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Jan 17, 2022
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