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Clicks To Clients

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Oct 3, 2022
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Clicks To Clients
Published 10/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.69 GB | Duration: 3h 33m

Increase your sales by building a list of ideal clients without spending a dime on ads!​

What you'll learn
Attract your ideal clients automatically!
Grow a list that can't wait to BUY Your Offers!
Build a list you OWN that can't be TAKEN AWAY!
Attract QUALITY subscribers!
Do it all without spending a dime on ads!
No tech knowledge needed. We'll cover everything here.
Generate high-quality leads without spending a dime on paid ads (that convert better than Facebook or Twitter!)You can finallyStop worrying about landing new clients!Scale your business quickly and organically!Sell out your program over and over again!Add 100 subscribers to your email list in just one month using simple lead magnets!What's the secret to landing more clients?If you want to sell out your next offer, then you need two things: An amazing offerAn audience filled with ideal clients that are excited and ready to buy your program!The offer isn't too hard to create, but entrepreneurs often have no idea how to build their audience effectively.So what we need to do is to create a system for converting strangers into paying clients!You can create an easy, repeatable system using simple sign-up incentives (lead magnets) to build an audience that perfectly matches your brand and what you're offering.Everything you need to build an automatic client-generating system!Testimonial"I needed help creating a following and generating interest in my program. I had no idea what a lead magnet was, that I needed one. I am brand new to all of this, and I had no idea how to get a mailing list going.I learned to create a lead magnet and set up my mailing list.Robin made everything very easy to understand, and keeping everything free at this time is really important.I think anyone who needs to start from the ground up with easy-to-understand instructions would greatly benefit from this course. - Karrie HardinBy the end of Clicks to Clients, you'll be able to ...Grow a list that can't wait to BUY Your Offers!It's time to build an audience that has the problem you want to solve, trusts you, sees you as the expert in your field,and is just waiting for you to offer them a solution!Build a list you OWN that can't be TAKEN AWAY!Don't build your audience on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube. Platforms like these can change the rules, remove your profile, & delete your entire audience at any time! Build & own a list that's truly yours.Attract QUALITY SubscribersGet attentive prospects that are interested in you and your products. Ones that are committed to your message, are engaged in your creative process and want more of what you and only you can provide.Do it all without spending a dime on adsIn this program, we only cover organic (i.e. FREE) ways to build your list so you don't have to worry about spending tons of money on advertising that may not pay off!Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Should I take this course?If you do not have an email list or have a very small email list and want to grow your list organically so you can sell your program, then yes!!!How much time will the course take?There is about 4 hours worth of lecture in total. At a minimum, each module will take an additional 1-2 hours a week. And the more time you spend on it, the more quickly you'll see results!Is there a refund policy?This course is fully refundable within 30 days of purchase.What are others saying?[Robin] went from beginning to end of how to make an effective lead magnet that brings your target market to your email list. - Julia HellandThis is exactly what I needed for where I am now... Robin simplified everything. It was like having someone take your hand and walk you through the whole process ... I learned how to build an audience and a database of emails. - Tracy O'learyI was struggling with my audience and lead magnets... and I think anyone who wants to develop their courses online should, I would strongly recommend the program. - Lorna Olitch
Section 1: The Method
Lecture 1 Overview
Section 2: Pick The Perfect Topic For Your Lead Magnet!
Lecture 2 How to pick the perfect lead magnet topic!
Section 3: How To Create A Highly Effective Lead Magnet
Lecture 3 Getting Started with Lead Magnets
Lecture 4 Checklists and Canva Basics
Lecture 5 Planners & Schedules
Lecture 6 Charts & Infographics
Lecture 7 Presentations
Lecture 8 Reports, Brochures, Worksheets, Themes
Lecture 9 Lead Magnets that don't use Canva
Lecture 10 Make sure you do this!!!!
Lecture 11 More learnings: How to use testimonials to get more clients
Section 4: Create Your Opt-in Page (i.e. Landing Page)
Lecture 12 Intro
Lecture 13 How to Build A Landing Page - Step By Step
Lecture 14 Why Use An Incognito Window
Lecture 15 Find, Edit, & Duplicate Your Landing Page
Lecture 16 Action Items
Section 5: Building The Thank You Page
Lecture 17 Intro to thank you pages & the 1 page funnel
Lecture 18 The 2 page funnel
Lecture 19 The 3 page funnel
Lecture 20 Group Funnel & Intro to the Next Lesson
Section 6: Delivering the Lead Magnet & Building the Email Sequence
Lecture 21 Part 1
Lecture 22 Powerful Subject Lines
Lecture 23 Body
Lecture 24 Tips & Automations
Lecture 25 The Soap Opera Sequence
Section 7: Promoting Your Lead Magnet!
Lecture 26 Before You Start Promoting!
Lecture 27 Promoting Your Lead Magnet
Lecture 28 Promote with Your Profile
Lecture 29 Turn your FB Profile into a Lead Generating Machine that works while you Sleep
Lecture 30 Promote using Video
Lecture 31 Promote at a Meetup
Course creators,Coaches,Consultants,Digital product sellers,- Who have a killer idea that they want to sell but don't have an audience to sell to!,- Who want to build an audience, full of raving fans, quickly!,- Who want to use organic methods and not spend money on ads!


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Jan 17, 2022
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mitsumi salamat sa pag contribute. Next time always upload your files sa
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