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Blockchain Fundamental Certification Guide

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Nov 24, 2022
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Blockchain Fundamental Certification Guide
Published 3/2023
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Language: English | Size: 561.03 MB | Duration: 0h 35m

start of your journey to become a blockchain developer.​

What you'll learn
BlockChain Fundamental Certification guide
You will become a solidity developer
You can create nft marketplace
complete blockchain developer guide
Basic programming skills required
Welcome to the start of your journey to become a blockchain developer. The things you can build on the blockchain are endless. You can create your own NFTs, Tokens, and even your own metaverse. For this course we will be focused on the Ethereum blockchain. We aren't going to go into too much nitty gritty details since our goal is to give you a high level overview of what it is like developing in this emerging ecosystem.For all the hype around NFT's, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies it This adds an extra layer of security and prevents the double spend problem. It is important to know that it also creates immutability meaning once something is posted to the blockchain it cannot be undone.We are so excited to see what you build ?Why the blockchain?Problems the Blockchain Aims to SolveThe Block in BlockchainThe hash function in BlockchainBlockchain The NetworkEvolution of Blockchain || History of Blockchain || Explained For BeginnersIt has been almost fourteen years since Bitcoin introduced the world to blockchain technology. Its whitepaper presented the blockchain as an alternative to peer-to-peer payments. Since then, blockchain technology has grown into something with the potential for much more. We have explained here the evolution of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.In this video we have tried to find the answers for the following questions:How was blockchain developed?Is blockchain an evolving technology?What was the first blockchain?When did the blockchain start?Who invented the first blockchain?What technologies led to evolution of blockchain?Why blockchain is the future?What will replace blockchain?What's the future of blockchain?Who is the owner of blockchain?What are the different types of blockchain?Who owns a blockchain?Which came first blockchain or bitcoin?How blockchain works step by step?What is the longest running blockchain?What is the biggest blockchain company?How many blockchain platforms are there?What is the difference between Bitcoin and blockchain?What are the main components of blockchain?What are the benefits of blockchain?What is the importance of blockchain?What is the most popular blockchain?Which language is used in blockchain?Which is the best blockchain?What is the fastest blockchain?Can bitcoin work without blockchain?Is there a competitor to blockchain?What is the scope of blockchain?What is the conclusion of blockchain?Is blockchain a wallet?Where is blockchain data stored?Can I make my own blockchain?What are the 4 types of Blockchains?What are the three major types of Blockchains?What technology is used in blockchain?What country owns the most Bitcoin?Do all cryptocurrencies use blockchain?Who holds the most Bitcoin?Is blockchain a cryptocurrency?What was the price of 1 Bitcoin in 2009?Who created NFT?What is the concept of blockchain?What is blockchain simple explanation?What is blockchain in real life?
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Blockchain and web3
Lecture 3 Types of blockchain
Section 2: Understand the blockchain
Lecture 4 Welcome to the start of your journey to become a blockchain developer.
Lecture 5 Problems the Blockchain Aims to Solve
Lecture 6 The Block in Blockchain
Lecture 7 What's a Hash?
Lecture 8 The Chain in Blockchain
Lecture 9 Blockchain The Network
Section 3: Introduction to Cryptography
Lecture 10 Introduction to Crptography


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Jan 17, 2022
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