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Betting On Eurovision With The Investor Model Strategy

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Nov 24, 2022
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Betting On Eurovision With The Investor Model Strategy
Published 2/2023
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Language: English | Size: 1.20 GB | Duration: 2h 37m

** The Complete Prediction System For Passive Income Presented To You By A Professional Master Investor **​

What you'll learn
Gain an in-depth understanding of the Eurovision Song Contest and the key data metrics that are essential for success
Use qualitative research and quantitative data analysis to objectively make lower risk betting decisions
Learn to use the Eurovision Investor Model to complement your betting strategy
Create your own home business obtaining passive income from a global musical event
Understand betting odds and how to identify which markets on Betfair provide a more solid value betting opportunity
No prior experience watching the Eurovision Song Contest is required
No prerequisite betting experience is necessary
An appreciation for pop music, data analysis and/or sports betting would be helpful but not essential
The WORLD'S FIRST BETTING SYSTEM dedicated entirely to the Eurovision Song Contest. Read on to find out why this betting course is for YOU!#1 Complete course explaining the Eurovision Investor Model Strategy and how to apply solid betting principles for success. Accelerate your learning from a beginner trader to an intermediate trader in a short amount of time.#2 Lifetime access to this course, the Investor Model, and the Eurovision Grand Final Report released 8 hours before the big event! Also you'll have access to the historical Eurovision database from past editions!#3 Regular updated course content. Providing you with in-depth information as the market evolves.#4 This real-life instructor answers EVERY QUESTION. No matter how simple or complex the question is, we'll figure it out together!#5 100% money back guaranteed by Udemy. If you're not happy with this course!#6 Proven instructor results with portfolio tracking from the 2022 Contest onwards. Talk the talk AND walk the walk with real-world results.This course will teach you how to be a successful trader in the Eurovision Song Contest. Learn practical tips you can immediately apply as you progress through the course!In this flagship course you will learn about :1. What the Eurovision Song Contest is all about and how you can profit from it2. Why Eurovision is such a compelling betting opportunity with a worldwide wagering pool of over $50 million USD3. How to gain many strategic advantages over other traders in the betting market4. Identify the key data metrics that are statistically significant towards realising success5. How to analyse the data and implement a betting strategy that you can count on6. Essential action steps to enable a new passive income stream to enrich your life Click the button in the top-right corner and be prepared to get a fresh perspective towards Eurovision betting success!Thank you for your interest and I'll see you in the course!- Dr Michael Gibson -
Section 1: Introduction To Betting On The Eurovision Song Contest
Lecture 1 The Timeline Of The Eurovision Cycle
Lecture 2 Where The Average Punter Gets It Wrong
Lecture 3 Eurovision : A Betting Market Full Of Opportunity
Lecture 4 Understanding Betting Odds With Betfair
Lecture 5 Creating A Winning Edge For Passive Income
Section 2: Trading With The Eurovision Investor Model
Lecture 6 The Eurovision Investor Model : 1. Positioning And The Public Reaction
Lecture 7 The Eurovision Investor Model : 2. Juries, Miscellaneous Factors And Trends
Lecture 8 The Eurovision Investor Model : 3. Bet Sizing And Confidence Intervals
Lecture 9 The Eurovision Investor Model : 4. The Winning Gameplan
Section 3: Betting On Eurovision Course Updates
Lecture 10 Where To Now? Risks, Starter Investor Tips, Updates
Section 4: Grand Final Reports Published Here EIGHT HOURS Before The Eurovision Grand Final
Lecture 11 Eurovision 2022 Grand Final Report
Section 5: Important Resources You'll Need For Eurovision Success
Lecture 12 Resources (Useful Links, Investor Model Template inc Worksheet)
Participants who would like an introduction to the Eurovision Song Contest,Students who would like an introduction to data entry and quantative analysis,Starter investors who would like to learn about betting strategies and how to use Betfair,Seasoned investors who wish to learn about an alternative betting system, learn new insights into Eurovision metrics, and gain more confidence in making critical betting decisions


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Jan 17, 2022
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