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Az-900 Mastery: The Complete Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

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Nov 24, 2022
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Az-900 Mastery: The Complete Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
Published 3/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 3.59 GB | Duration: 8h 54m

Gain the Knowledge and Skills You Need to Succeed in Cloud Computing and Pass the AZ-900 Exam​

What you'll learn
Pass the Microsoft AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Exam.
Earn the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals badge.
Understand the basics of cloud computing and the fundamental principles of Microsoft Azure
Understand the security, privacy, compliance, and trust principles.
Understand the basics of Azure networking, storage, compute, monitoring and management,
There are no specific requirements or prerequisites for taking the AZ-900 course
No Azure account or subscription required
Welcome to the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) course, designed to prepare you for the AZ-900 exam and provide you with a fundamental understanding of cloud computing and Microsoft Azure.Cloud computing has become an essential part of modern-day technology, and Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud computing platforms that offer a wide range of services, including computing, storage, networking, and security. The AZ-900 certification is an introductory level certification offered by Microsoft, and this course covers all the essential concepts and topics that you need to know to pass the exam and gain a solid understanding of Microsoft Azure.In this comprehensive course, you will learn the basics of cloud computing and Microsoft Azure, including the fundamentals of cloud computing, core Azure services, Azure pricing and support, security, privacy, compliance, and trust, and Azure management tools. You will also learn how to create and manage Azure resources using the Azure Portal, Azure PowerShell, and Azure CLI.This course is designed to cater to the needs of different types of learners, including business stakeholders, IT professionals, students, and anyone who is interested in understanding cloud computing and its benefits. The course is divided into different sections, and each section covers a specific topic with detailed explanations, examples, and hands-on demonstrations.Here is what you will learn in this course:Understanding cloud computing and the benefits of using Microsoft AzureExploring Azure pricing, support, and service level agreements (SLAs)Understanding Azure security, privacy, compliance, and trustManaging Azure subscriptions, resources, and resource groupsCreating and managing Azure virtual machines, storage accounts, and virtual networksExploring Azure services such as Azure App Service, Azure Functions, and Azure SQL DatabaseUnderstanding Azure identity and access management (IAM) and Azure Active Directory (AD)Exploring Azure management tools such as Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI, and Azure PortalPreparing for the AZ-900 exam and earning your Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification.By the end of this course, you will have a deep understanding of Microsoft Azure and cloud computing, as well as the skills needed to manage and deploy Azure resources for your organization. You'll also be well-prepared to take and pass the AZ-900 exam, earning a valuable certification that can help you advance your career in cloud computing.So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now in the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) course and start your journey to becoming a Microsoft Azure expert!
Section 1: Introduction To AZ-900 Course
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 About This AZ-900 Course
Lecture 3 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900: Skills Measured
Lecture 4 What Is Azure Fundamentals AZ-900
Section 2: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900: Describe Cloud Concepts
Lecture 5 Introduction
Lecture 6 What is Cloud Computing
Lecture 7 The Shared Responsibility Model
Lecture 8 Define Cloud Models: Private, Public and Hybrid
Lecture 9 Azure Arc and VMware Solution
Lecture 10 The Consumption-Based Model: CapEx vs OpEx
Lecture 11 Cloud Pricing Models
Lecture 12 LIVE DEMO: Pricing Calculator
Lecture 13 Free Azure Service
Lecture 14 Summary
Section 3: AZ-900 - The Benefits Of Using Cloud Services
Lecture 15 Introduction
Lecture 16 Advantage Of Cloud Computing
Lecture 17 The Benefits Of High Availability In The Cloud
Lecture 18 The Benefits Of Scalability In The Cloud
Lecture 19 The Benefits Of Elasticity In The Cloud
Lecture 20 The Benefits Of Reliability In The Cloud
Lecture 21 The Benefits Of Predictability In The Cloud
Lecture 22 The Benefits Of Security And Governance In The Cloud
Lecture 23 The Benefits Of Manageability In The Cloud
Lecture 24 Summary
Section 4: AZ-900 - Cloud Service Types
Lecture 25 Introduction
Lecture 26 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Lecture 27 Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Lecture 28 Software as a Service (SaaS).
Lecture 29 Azure Serverless
Lecture 30 Summary
Section 5: Azure Fundamentals AZ-900: Describe Azure Architecture and Services
Lecture 31 Introduction
Lecture 32 The Core Architectural Components Of Azure
Lecture 33 What is Microsoft Azure
Lecture 34 What Does Azure Offer
Lecture 35 LIVE DEMO: Discover Azure Free and Paid Services
Lecture 36 LIVE DEMO: Create FREE Azure Account
Lecture 37 LIVE DEMO: Get 1 FREE Hour Azure Account Without Credit Card
Lecture 38 LIVE DEMO: Tour on Azure Portal
Lecture 39 Azure Physical Infrastructure and Regions
Lecture 40 Availability Zones
Lecture 41 Microsoft Datacenter 3D Tour
Lecture 42 LIVE DEMO: Region Pairs and Geography
Lecture 43 Sovereign Regions
Lecture 44 LIVE DEMO: Azure Global Infrastructure Map
Lecture 45 Azure Resources and Resource Groups
Lecture 46 Azure Subscriptions
Lecture 47 Azure Management Groups
Lecture 48 Summary
Section 6: AZ-900 - Azure Compute and Networking Services
Lecture 49 Introduction
Lecture 50 Azure Virtual Machines and Scale Sets
Lecture 51 Virtual Machine Availability Sets
Lecture 52 Move to The Cloud With VMs
Lecture 53 Azure Virtual Desktop & Azure Containers
Lecture 54 VMs vs Containers: What's The Diff
Lecture 55 Azure Functions
Lecture 56 Azure App Service
Lecture 57 Azure Virtual Networking
Lecture 58 Azure Network Traffic
Section 7: AZ-900 - Create and Manage Azure Virtual Machines
Lecture 59 LIVE DEMO: Discover The Azure Portal
Lecture 60 LIVE DEMO: Create A Virtual Machine Process
Lecture 61 LIVE DEMO: Project Details -Subscription and Resource Group
Lecture 62 LIVE DEMO: Instance Details - Name, Region and Availability
Lecture 63 LIVE DEMO: OS Images
Lecture 64 LIVE DEMO: VM Size
Lecture 65 LIVE DEMO: Administrator Account
Lecture 66 LIVE DEMO: Virtual Machine Disk Setting
Lecture 67 LIVE DEMO: Virtual Machine Network Setting
Lecture 68 LIVE DEMO: Virtual Machine Monitoring and Tags
Lecture 69 LIVE DEMO: Virtual Machine Overview
Lecture 70 LIVE DEMO: Connect to the Virtual Machine Remotely
Section 8: AZ-900 - Create and Manage Azure Resources
Lecture 71 LIVE DEMO: Create Resource Group
Lecture 72 LIVE DEMO: Create Web App
Lecture 73 LIVE DEMO: Create Function App
Lecture 74 LIVE DEMO: Config and Manage Function App
Lecture 75 LIVE DEMO: Create Virtual Network
Lecture 76 LIVE DEMO: Virtual Network Peerings
Lecture 77 LIVE DEMO: Network Security Group NSG
Lecture 78 LIVE DEMO: Network Access
Section 9: AZ-900 - Azure Virtual Networking
Lecture 79 Azure Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Lecture 80 Azure ExpressROUTE
Lecture 81 Azure DNS
Lecture 82 Summary
Section 10: AZ-900 - Azure storage services
Lecture 83 Introduction
Lecture 84 Azure Storage Accounts
Lecture 85 Azure Storage Redundancy
Lecture 86 Azure Blob Storage
Lecture 87 Azure Files
Lecture 88 Azure Queue & Disk Storage
Lecture 89 Azure Data Migration Options
Lecture 90 Azure File Movement Options
Lecture 91 LIVE DEMO: Create Storage Account
Lecture 92 LIVE DEMO: Config Storage Account
Lecture 93 LIVE DEMO: Create Container
Lecture 94 LIVE DEMO: Access to Image From Containers
Lecture 95 LIVE DEMO: LifeCycle Management
Lecture 96 LIVE DEMO: Azure Storage Explorer
Lecture 97 Summary
Section 11: AZ-900 - Azure Identity, Access, and Security
Lecture 98 Introduction
Lecture 99 Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
Lecture 100 Azure Active Directory Domain Services
Lecture 101 Azure Authentication Methods
Lecture 102 Multifactor Authentication
Lecture 103 Azure External Identities
Lecture 104 Azure Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
Lecture 105 Zero Trust Model
Lecture 106 Defense-In-Depth
Lecture 107 Microsoft Defender for Cloud
Lecture 108 Assess, Secure, and Defend
Lecture 109 Summary
Section 12: Azure Fundamentals AZ-900: Describe Azure management and governance
Lecture 110 Introduction
Lecture 111 Cost Management in Azure
Lecture 112 Factors That Can Affect Costs In Azure
Lecture 113 Factors Impact the Operational Expenses (OpEx)
Lecture 114 Resource Type
Lecture 115 LIVE DEMO: Azure Pricing Calculator
Lecture 116 LIVE DEMO: Virtual Machine Pricing
Lecture 117 LIVE DEMO: Disk and Bandwidth Pricing
Lecture 118 LIVE DEMO: Storage Account Pricing
Lecture 119 LIVE DEMO: Azure SQL Database Pricing
Lecture 120 LIVE DEMO: Azure Function Pricing
Lecture 121 LIVE DEMO: Virtual Network Pricing
Lecture 122 LIVE DEMO: Azure Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator
Lecture 123 LIVE DEMO: Azure TCO Adjust Assumptions
Lecture 124 LIVE DEMO: Azure TCO Estimate Cost Saving
Lecture 125 Azure Cost Management Tool
Lecture 126 Create and Manage Azure Tags
Lecture 127 Summary
Section 13: AZ-900 - Features and Tools In Azure For Governance and Compliance
Lecture 128 Introduction
Lecture 129 Azure Blueprints
Lecture 130 Azure Policy
Lecture 131 Policy Assignments
Lecture 132 Azure Resource Locks
Lecture 133 Azure Service Trust Portal
Lecture 134 Summary
Section 14: AZ-900 - Features and Tools for Managing and Deploying Azure Resources
Lecture 135 Introduction
Lecture 136 Tools For Interacting With Azure
Lecture 137 LIVE DEMO: Azure PowerShell & CLI
Lecture 138 Azure Arc
Lecture 139 Azure Resource Manager and Azure ARM Templates
Lecture 140 Summary
Section 15: AZ-900 - Monitoring Tools in Azure
Lecture 141 Introduction
Lecture 142 Azure Advisor
Lecture 143 Azure Service Health
Lecture 144 Azure Monitor
Lecture 145 Summary
Section 16: Conclusion
Lecture 146 Congratulation
Individuals who are new to cloud computing and Microsoft Azure, including business stakeholders, IT professionals, students.,Anyone who is interested in understanding cloud computing and its benefits.


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