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Aws And Terraform Crash Course - Webserver Iac

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Nov 24, 2022
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Aws And Terraform Crash Course - Webserver Iac
Published 2/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.20 GB | Duration: 2h 54m

Let's get in touch with Terraform and build an IaC for a Webserver​

What you'll learn
How does Terraform work ? We will start from the scratch and create our first Terraform workspace
How to use Variables in Terraform and which datatypes are supported ?
Ressources, Modules and Provider - Terraform has a bunch of Tools in the background and we will take a look on it
Finally - We will create our own Webserver Infrastructure for AWS with Terraform with Security Group, ec2, Target Group and Load Balancer

Basic Developer Skills
Cloud Developer

Hello and welcome to this Course!Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the next BIG THING for Cloud Developer and Terraform is the Standard for everyone who wants to create maintainable, mutable and scalable Infrastructures written as Code. The complexity of huge due to the fact, that Terraform can interact with different Providers, like AWS or Google Cloud. As a Beginner you need to understand the Basics and Concept of IaC and therefore I created this Course for YOU!We will create an example for AWS with:ec2 InstanceLoad BalancerSecurity GroupTarget GroupS3 BucketThis example will help you to understand the concept of Terraform, like:WorkspaceDeploy and Destroy ResourcesModulesProviderVariablesThis course is the perfect "Weekend Course" for everybody, who wants to learn how Terraform works.RequirementsFor this course we have some requirements. We will use the AWS Cloud, therefore you need Access to AWS to create Resources with Credentials (ACCESS_KEY and SECRET_KEY) with Permissions to create Resources in AWS. This course is not an AWS Course, therefore we will not take a deep look into AWS Services, we will focus on creating and destroying Resources in AWS with Terraform IaC.After this Course you will understand the Concept of IaC via Terraform. If you have any question regarding this course, just let me know.Have fun and enjoy the Terraform journey

Section 1: Intro

Lecture 1 What is IaC ?

Lecture 2 Setup your Machine

Lecture 3 Terraform Provider Overview

Section 2: Terraform Workflow

Lecture 4 Simple IaC Example

Lecture 5 Terraform init - Load the Provider Plugin

Lecture 6 Terraform - Create a Resource

Lecture 7 Terraform plan - Check your deploy

Lecture 8 Terraform apply - Deploy your IaC

Lecture 9 Terraform apply changes

Lecture 10 Terraform import - Import existing Resources

Lecture 11 Terraform destroy - Remove Resources from AWS

Section 3: Variables in Terraform

Lecture 12 Intro

Lecture 13 Strings

Lecture 14 Numbers

Lecture 15 Boolean

Lecture 16 List

Lecture 17 Map

Lecture 18 Tuples

Lecture 19 Input

Lecture 20 Output

Section 4: Variables Deep Dive

Lecture 21 How Terraform loads variables

Lecture 22 Draft Project for Playground

Lecture 23 tfvars File

Lecture 24 auto.tfvars

Lecture 25 cli Variables

Lecture 26 set ENV Variables (TF_VARS)

Section 5: Building a Dummy IaC

Lecture 27 Our Workspace

Lecture 28 Dryrun for our Workspace

Lecture 29 Create a S3 Bucket

Lecture 30 Combine Resources

Lecture 31 Work with dependencies

Lecture 32 Cleanup and create Modules

Lecture 33 AWS S3 Check

Lecture 34 Module based S3 Bucket

Lecture 35 Create an EC2 Instance

Lecture 36 Working with Data Source

Lecture 37 Check the ec2 Deploy

Lecture 38 ReCap

Section 6: Terraform Workspaces

Lecture 39 Intro

Lecture 40 Workspaces - Create and switch

Lecture 41 Terraform with Workspaces

Lecture 42 Validation in Terraform

Lecture 43 Terraform format

Lecture 44 Terraform State

Section 7: Modules in Terraform

Lecture 45 Dummy Project Draft

Lecture 46 Rebuild with Modules

Lecture 47 Import your Module

Lecture 48 Initialize your Module

Lecture 49 Work with Variables

Lecture 50 Terraform Modules

Section 8: Webserver IaC

Lecture 51 Intro

Lecture 52 Create the Workspace

Lecture 53 Create a Security Group

Lecture 54 Check the Security Group

Lecture 55 Create an ec2 Instance

Lecture 56 Check ec2 Instance

Lecture 57 Create a Load Balancer

Lecture 58 Check the Load Balancer

Lecture 59 Attach Load Balancer to Target Group

Section 9: Outro

Lecture 60 ReCap

DevOps,Cloud Engineer,Cloud Developer

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KatzSec DevOps

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Jan 17, 2022
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