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Art Of Loosing Weight- Weigh Loss In Natural Way - Laughter

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Alpha and Omega
Nov 24, 2022
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Art Of Loosing Weight- Weigh Loss In Natural Way - Laughter
Published 2/2023
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Weight loss, Loose weight naturally​

What you'll learn
Natural way to loose weight
From this course, it will be taught how to keep the body healthy as well as how to stay away from disease.
Apply effective strategies to lose weight long term
Understand the psychology behind successful weight loss
Right diet habit to loose weight

This course is made for all those who want to get rid of excess weight. It includes a bundle of proven and most effective exercises, yoga asanas ,diet management and Laughter Therapy . This course doesn't have any prerequisite, so it is suitable for all levels of people.

Learn How To loose Weight Loss in natural way It introduces you to a new way of living by empowering you with expert weight loss advice and health knowledge that will change your life forever. Apply the principles that I share in this weight loss plan and you will have a lean body for life.In this Course you learn-How laughter therapy helps to reduce weight without side effects-5 Dynamic yoga asanas to loose weight- Diet plan which helps you to reduce weight naturally-Clapping therapy to reduce weight'-Laughter dance therapy helps to reduce weightThis is all practical approach so follow at least 21 days to get better resultsAre you looking for a healthy way to lose weight and to maintain your perfect weight? If so, you will benefit immensely from this course.If you are someone who is committed to getting and staying in shape, then this course is for you.My plan offers you plenty of flexibility in the meal plans. However, follow my weight loss secrets and principles and you will enjoy guaranteed results.The first two weeks kick off with a bang, but if you keep it up, it becomes much easier because your body gets cleaner and stronger. Before you know it, you will look great and be in the best condition that you have ever been.Although this course does include a section that looks at the benefits of exercise, this course is more focused on how healthy food can help you to achieve your weight loss goals.All the best

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction about Course

Lecture 2 Chapter-1 Science of weight loss and 10 unique Laughter yoga Exercise

Lecture 3 Chapter -2 Introduction of obesity, cause and alternative therapy

Lecture 4 Chapter -3 -5 Yoga Asana For Fast Weight Loss

Lecture 5 Chapter-4 Diet Management for weight loss.

Lecture 6 Chapter 5 Laughter Dance Therapy for weight loss

Lecture 7 Clapping Therapy - Weight Loss

Lecture 8 Know Your Trainer

Anyone wanting to learn the truth about weight loss & dieting,Anyone wanting to learn natural way of weight loss,Natural therapy for weight loss

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Alpha and Omega
Jan 17, 2022
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