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Advanced Plot Construction For Screenwriters & Tv Writers

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Nov 24, 2022
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Advanced Plot Construction For Screenwriters & Tv Writers
Published 3/2023
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Language: English | Size: 1.61 GB | Duration: 4h 4m

3-step plot construction tool that Jeff teaches to Hollywood studio experts makes your story structure tight & riveting​

What you'll learn
You'll learn how to engineer your script properly before you write it, making you much more efficient and powerful as a writer and minimizing rewrites.
You'll learn structural technique--how to make your overall story tight and riveting, and to do the same for each act, for each sequence, and for each scene.
You'll learn to build a tight spine for your story by chaining backward from each effect to its cause, thereby separating the necessary from the unnecessary.
You'll learn to create gripping dramatic action by hooking the audience with unresolved conflict in your overall story, each act, each sequence, and each scene.
You'll learn the habits of mind of a trained dramatist so that you'll be able to construct a plot in any genre or in any medium--film, TV, stage, or novel.
This course is for all levels of writers. There is plenty of meat for even serious professionals, but the material can be learned by a beginner and will build excellent habits.
If you love movies, TV series, or theater, then you've got all you need to jump right into this course and learn.
Top Hollywood screenwriting teacher Jeff Kitchen, author of Writing a Great Movie: Key Tools for Successful Screenwriting, whose students have been nominated for multiple Oscars and Emmys, trains you in a powerful 3-step process for plot construction and story development. You will learn by working with Jeff to build a real story Learn how to dramatize your story in any genre, working with reverse cause and effect and riveting conflict to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Engineer your script properly before you write it, making the structure of your overall story tight and dramatic, then do the same for each act, for each sequence, and for each scene, enabling you to write a solid first draft that requires a minimum of rewrites. Jeff trains you how to separate the necessary from the unnecessary, direct the audience sympathy, turn mere narrative into dramatic action, give each scene a clear objective, work from the general to the particular and gradually layer in detail as it's needed, work with audience demand, keep the action moving forward, make your story actable and consistently gripping to the audience, and construct your plot with the habits of mind of a trained dramatist. You'll be trained in the groundbreaking tool called Sequence, Proposition, Plot that Jeff has taught to story executives at all the major Hollywood studios--and they consistently say it's the most advanced plot construction and story development tool in the film industry.
Section 1: Part 1: An Introduction to Sequence, Proposition, Plot
Lecture 1 An introduction to the plot construction tool, Sequence, Proposition, Plot
Section 2: Part 2: Sequence, Proposition, Plot for the Overall Story
Lecture 2 First we apply these three steps to the story as a whole
Section 3: Part 3: Sequence, Proposition, Plot for Act I
Lecture 3 Next we do the same three steps to the first act, building it out a little more.
Section 4: Part 4: Sequence, Proposition, Plot for Act I, Sequence 1
Lecture 4 Building a sequence with Sequence, Proposition, Plot
Section 5: Part 5: Sequence, Proposition, Plot for Act I, Sequence 1, Scene 3
Lecture 5 Building a scene with Sequence, Proposition, Plot
This course is for screenwriters, TV writers, playwrights, novelists, storytellers, and dramatists who want to be able to consistently turn a good story into a dramatic plot that is actable and holds an audience in its grip.,This course is for anyone who needs more technique in how to make the clockwork mechanism of scripts work. Dramatic writing is generally considered the most elusive of all the literary disciplines and this three-step process is one of the top-rated plot construction tools in the world for writers of all kinds.


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Jan 17, 2022
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