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Abrsm Aural Test For Graded Music Exam Grade 1

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Nov 24, 2022
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Abrsm Aural Test For Graded Music Exam Grade 1
Published 2/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 138.30 MB | Duration: 0h 45m

Train your hearing on pitch, rhythm, time signature, articulations and more - Many exercises to practice Aural​

What you'll learn
Aural skills
Listening to harmony
Clapping to the pulse
Listening to articulation
ABRSM Aural Exam
Listening to dynamics
interest in music
some knowledge of music
Welcome to this course, where you'll learn the different test in the ABRSM Aural Test Grade 1.In this course, I'll go through each test in the aural section of the ABRSM graded music exam. You'll get to know the details of each test, how they are tested, and what candidates are required to do. I'll also give tips and tricks, and go through the music concepts needed for each test.After going through each test, you'll get to practice with examples. After all, aural is all about practicing, and that's what you'll get in this course.In the new ABRSM syllabus, students have a choice of the graded music exam or the performance grade exam. This course is written based on the graded music exam's aural test component. Even if you are taking the performance grade (which does not come with the aural test component), aural training is still an essential part of music learning. It trains you to listen to the nuances of rhythm, melody, harmony, articulation, and more. These training will be useful when you progress in learning your instrument. About the instructor:Hello, I'm RL, and I have played the piano for more than 3 decades, and have many years of experience preparing students for the ABRSM piano practical, piano performance grades, and music theory exam. I have taught many students, and prepared them for their music theory and practical exams over the past decades. This course contains all the tips, and tricks that help them score well for their aural exam. Even if you aren't taking the exam, the practices in this course are great to train your listening.Let me join you in your music journey. See you inside the course!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Why learn aural ?
Section 2: About the Grade 1 Aural Exam
Lecture 3 About the exam
Section 3: Grade 1 | Test A
Lecture 4 About Test A
Lecture 5 Pulse vs Rhythm
Lecture 6 Two or three time?
Lecture 7 What the examiner will tell you at the start of part A
Lecture 8 Practice with the samples
Lecture 9 Sample 1
Lecture 10 Sample 2
Lecture 11 Sample 3
Lecture 12 Answers to Samples 1 to 3
Section 4: Grade 1| Test B
Lecture 13 About test B
Lecture 14 Going through an Example of Test B of the Aural Test
Lecture 15 Try the samples to practice test B
Lecture 16 Sample 1
Lecture 17 Sample 2
Lecture 18 Sample 3
Section 5: Grade 1 |Test C
Lecture 19 About Test C
Lecture 20 Going through an Example of Test C
Lecture 21 Sample 1
Lecture 22 Sample 2
Lecture 23 Sample 3
Lecture 24 Answers to sample 1 to 3
Section 6: Grade 1 |Test D
Lecture 25 About test D
Lecture 26 Loud vs Quiet
Lecture 27 Gradually getting louder vs suddenly getting louder
Lecture 28 Gradually getting quieter vs suddenly getting quieter
Lecture 29 Smooth vs Detached
Lecture 30 Sample 1
Lecture 31 Sample 2
Lecture 32 Sample 3
Lecture 33 Answers to Samples 1 to 3
Anyone who is interested to take the ABRSM Graded Music Exam,Anyone who want to practice aural training,Anyone who wants to improve listening skills,Anyone who wants to practice listening to the nuances of music


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